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  1. Hi DJ Braders Definitely do the SAR and get the FOS to look into it. I personally have found NRAM not very good with paperwork, and they are very careful now in doing income and expenditure only over the phone. We have been in a long dispute with NRAM and they did in fact make an error on our account - they did not use a capital payment we made to clear some earlier arrears accrued when we also tried to negotiate an interest only agreement. Their interest only agreement processes change year on year and they are not good at keeping paperwork. Luckily I found paperwork at this end to p
  2. In 2002, we took out a mortgage with Northern Rock and whilst, my husband and I were both working paid our monthly capital repayment quite happily. In 2009, after our mortgage had been ported to NRAM, we applied for a temporary interest only period when I had my daughter. We renewed this on a yearly basis and but experienced a few glitches in 2010 which accrued us a small amount of arrears. In 2012, we made a capital repayment of around £32,000 and asked for this to be used against the arrears. Except it wasn't...In 2012, we also renegotiated an interest only period and due to human error
  3. I can also help too, I have a well documented case with NRAM, which I took to the FOS. I can't PM as this is my first post so please PM me as I can't post my email. Thanks, Victoria
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