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  1. Hi DJ Braders Definitely do the SAR and get the FOS to look into it. I personally have found NRAM not very good with paperwork, and they are very careful now in doing income and expenditure only over the phone. We have been in a long dispute with NRAM and they did in fact make an error on our account - they did not use a capital payment we made to clear some earlier arrears accrued when we also tried to negotiate an interest only agreement. Their interest only agreement processes change year on year and they are not good at keeping paperwork. Luckily I found paperwork at this end to prove we had actually agreed a part and part repayment. I can't PM anyone as I have not made 15 posts yet but do believe NRAM's practices are not fit for purpose. I have full documentation of my long running dispute with them and the only way I reached a resolution with them was to bombard their Chief Executive with emails. I believe there is a wider story to their practice and if you read some recent newspaper articles, you might piece together their motivations.
  2. In 2002, we took out a mortgage with Northern Rock and whilst, my husband and I were both working paid our monthly capital repayment quite happily. In 2009, after our mortgage had been ported to NRAM, we applied for a temporary interest only period when I had my daughter. We renewed this on a yearly basis and but experienced a few glitches in 2010 which accrued us a small amount of arrears. In 2012, we made a capital repayment of around £32,000 and asked for this to be used against the arrears. Except it wasn't...In 2012, we also renegotiated an interest only period and due to human error on our part, and having made a verbal and written agreement with NRAM, forgot to send some forms back with our signatures on it. And then the proverbial hit the fan... In October 2013, when we were refused an extension of our interest only agreement out of the blue, we realised that we were £3700 in arrears. And our credit rating was shot to pieces. We started to investigate what had happened and interestingly, NRAM had not allocated our capital repayment from 2012 towards earlier arrears. And now our account has been registered as delinquent with a legacy of 6 years, making remortgaging impossible. And so I went to town with NRAM. I registered a complaint in October 2013 and despite involving the FOS who did uphold part of our complaint but not the second part I believe unfairly, it is still not resolved. NRAM have been instructed by the FOS to report their mistake to the credit agencies, but we are still showing a delinquent account on our credit files which is giving us a one star rating. I cannot tell you the trials and tribulations we have been through to get to this point. I have involved not only the FOS but our local MP. Their systems are completely labyrinthine, mismanaged and corrupt. In dealing with my complaint I have spoken to 40 different staff members. The only way I have had any kind of redress with them was by involving their Chief Executive's office. We have spent 9 months getting a result that should have been resolved in one month and as a consequence of this, I have set up an action group on Facebook. If you would like to club with me and some others affected by NRAMs corrupt system, then please contact me. I believe there is a wider story to tell about NRAM and think the wider public need to know about it. It has been described by other posters, but I think this now needs cohesion from those affected to see it through. Our credit rating is shot to pieces by an error on NRAM's part and they see no need to feel concerned about this. Even yesterday, I received 4 pieces of documentation from them that made no sense and conflicted with each other. If we are getting this, what other mistakes have been made by them, what lives have been ruined by their mismanagement?
  3. I can also help too, I have a well documented case with NRAM, which I took to the FOS. I can't PM as this is my first post so please PM me as I can't post my email. Thanks, Victoria
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