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Found 10 results

  1. A teacher who drove into an airport worker following a row over a new £3 drop-off charge has been spared jail after a judge said he agreed the levy was an "absolute disgrace". Graham Benbow, 55, flew into a rage at Manchester Airport when he was told he would have to pay a fee for dropping off a passenger at a departure terminal. An airport official tried to stop Benbow from driving his Mazda through an open barrier but ended up on the car's bonnet before he was carried along a road for several hundred yards, Manchester's Minshull Street Crown Court heard. Benbow, a psychology teacher at Altrincham Grammar School, went over a roundabout before he stopped for police. The unnamed worker was uninjured in the incident but said he "genuinely believed he could die from falling off the bonnet." https://uk.news.yahoo.com/judge-calls-airport-apos-drop-172437507.html
  2. Well it seems like Provident are having issues. Being investigated for irresponsible lending and losing a lot of money on shares. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4814606/800-000-families-face-crisis-sub-prime-loan-firm-tanks.html
  3. ....after being caught prowling trains to film up commuters’ skirts. Oh dear, oh dear https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/3133778/british-parking-association-quits-film-up-skirts-patrick-troy/
  4. I am aware that people have problems with this company who now call themselves "together Money". Mine is a sorry tale, back in 2006 I ran into problems with my main mortgage lender as I was out of work. I started to get eviction letters so panicked and went to Ocean Finance for assistance, they pointed me at Blemain. I borrowed 13k, this was to clear any arrears and hopefully leave me a few pounds. I barely received a penny, the arrears were cleared but I was charged an arrangement fee and a brokerage fee which amounted to nearly £1000. On reflection I should have also been concerned when Ocean told me to change the reason why I wanted a loan to "home improvements". That said I was in a panic and just wanted some peace. Some hope of that with these people, we have had constant disagreements over additional charges. On one occasion I found that they had amended a direct debit without warning to include charges for buildings insurance. They were sent my policy documents on three occasions and have never refunded the money. Right now they have an eviction order against me for £800, they resort to this every time there is an issue. I have tried to get help but as the loan is over 6 years old the FCA wont get involved. My problem is that a loan of 13k repayable over 15 years with no change in monthly payments is extortion, I have repaid the loan with interest but they still want £180 each month until 2021. Is there anywhere I can go to fight this please.
  5. I'm having on going issues with NRAM, it's been going on for over a year now and it's still not resolved, there is no communications between staff and departments, no one knows what they are doing, I have spoken over 45 differently members of staff, wrote over 2 dozen letters to them and still it's goes on. I have had the complaint upheld with by the FOS, NRAM even sent me £250, but have still failed to deal with the complaint. Every time I call them they say we will raise it as a complaint, currently I'm on my 8th compliant now and still no resolution, I have emailed the CEO and nothing happened with that, had one reply to acknowledge the email and that's it. They were told to deal with the credit reference agency because of the damage they did to my credit rating, they failed to do that even when the FOS told them too. I'm no further forward over a year on, it appears there a law to themselves, they employ and bunch of clueless unprofessional, uneducated incompetent fools who can not communicate with human beings. What can I do next?
  6. Hi CAG users. This is my first post. I'd like to make everyone aware of my bad experience with M&S since they have been so unhelpful and unappologetic about their terrible service. I had ordered flowers from their website for my fiance. They were due to be delivered the night before our wedding. That night, 6 minutes before the deadline for delivery, I received a text from m&s confirming that the flowers had arrived. I later called my fiance to see if she liked the flowers. She hadn't received any. On the morning of my wedding I checked my email to get the order number so I could call to see what had gone wrong. I had also received an email confirming delivery. I called the helpline with my complaint. Their cutomer service woman told me the flowers had been delivered. I assured her they had definately not. She then put me on hold so she could look into it. When she came back she told me that the flowers had been delivered but the recipient had rejected them because of damage. I then informed her that the recipient was my wife to be and that she had not received any flowers damaged or otherwise. She then offered me a £10 discount as a gesture of good will if I wanted to reorder them but I would have to pay again as my refund would take 3 to 5 working days. No further explaination was given. Needless to say I declined. I was so mad that I immediately wrote a review of my experience on their website. They claim they invite customer feedback of how they found the service provided by m&s, both good and bad. They rejected my review without giving an exact reason. I have now received an email stating that the refund is for a billing error! To say I am outraged is an understatement. Now I've thought about it more it sounds a lot like an attempted fraud. If I had not checked that the flowers had arrived m&s would've taken my money for goods and services not supplied as advertised and I would have been none the wiser. The fact that they lied about what had happened is very worrying. I think this begs the question how many times has this happened to other people who have not checked if their flowers were delivered, and simply accepted that they must've been because of the text and email claiming they have. If you've ever used them I would ask you to check that they supplied the service they claimed to. I would urge anyone else not to use them as they cannot be trusted. I have received no appology from m&s. They have tried to cover this up but I have written to citezens advice and would ask if anyone has any suggestions as to what to do next. The offer of a refund does not make everything ok!
  7. I come home the other day and find a letter from Lloyds telling me I have gone into red. First reaction is wtf! Letter shows an OD of about 3 times the OD limit they had set to my a/c automatically without me ever asking for it. Having a better look I realised that a credit card I am using had mistakenly carried out a direct debit payment on my account twice. The fee is small because I caught the issue early. But to focus on the actual issue, I never authorised Lloyds to give me any overdraft, let alone an "Unplanned Overdraft". I have 0 debt, 0 loans and never used any overdraft with them whatsoever, so I ring them up... I spoke to an operator on the phone who was useless and kept repeating like a tape player about the fees, trying to convince me the issue is with the other party etc. I told them they are operating a debit a/c as a credit card which I never asked for. My understanding is that the point of having a debit card is to spend as much as you have, not a penny more. Even worse, if there is an overdraft "limit" (approved or not) it is there for a reason. I told them the transaction should be blocked, whether payment is made or not is a problem between me and the third party, since I may not have sufficient funds. I had them put the manager on the phone eventually who supported that, they have to abide to the Direct Debit scheme guarantee and have to proceed with the transaction (as to full-fill my obligation to the third party) and, they are not able to know it has gone in the red until it does! I respond like "ok, silly example, according to Lloyds some idiot decides to DD me for £1m. So Lloyds will OD me for one million plus fees for every single day while I may have no clue about this transaction and the OD goes on?" The bank now suggests I have to go after the credit card company to pay the fees. On further argument they claimed they have a "policy" to honour the fee (if the CC don't pay for it) once per 12 months, but I should consider saving that option for a genuine fraud case in the future. I can't help but consider this to be the genuine fraud, making thousands of pounds in overnight deposits from my accounts while they expect me to pay fees for an OD they generated themselves. What will happen if I am on holidays and I don't even notice...
  8. Anybody got any advice because COMET have done nothing in 6 weeks after I reported a fault with a coffee machine that has a 5 year warranty. Their customer care is appalling, they make promises and nothing happens, they don't answer emails. I will think very carefully about every buying from them again. What's the point of a warranty if they just hope you'll go away.
  9. Title refers to another post in 2011 clearly nothing changed in 2012! I took my 18 month old Panasonic NN-CF778SBPQ combination oven/microwave back to Comet when its inverter failed. This meant that although the oven still worked fine, the microwave didn't work at all. No problem because although the part was expensive, I had wisely (or so I thought!) taken out Comet's extended warranty. The store advised me on Friday August 24 that the repair could take up to 28 days, but was unlikely to do so. A good job I thought as maybe some people might be using this oven as their main means of cooking! 28 days seemed a very long time for a product that might well have a daily use. There was no sign at all of a quick repair, so I calculated out 28 "working days" (just to be sure) and found that it was due back by the 4 October. I tried to call the store, but of course you need to call an 0844 number at high rate per minute, then wait 20+ minutes to connect, in order to chase up Comet's bad service. I got a promise that someone would call me. They did to say the part wasn't yet in stock and would take a week (I could have sourced it myself from the net on a 24 hour delivery with ease). I waited - nothing. So I decided to avoid phone costs that merely added insult to injury, and email them instead. This time I was told that whoever said 28 days was mistaken because they only agree to a 'reasonable amount of time' for repairs. Is it me or is over six weeks 'unreasonable'? Days later, I then received a random phone message from either the store or Comet central to say the part was delayed (again?) and would now not be ready until Monday the 15th October. Needless to say I have heard nothing. My microwave is not old at 18 months. In fact the microwave aspect of it has hardly been used at all, it was bought mainly to use as a second oven. I am unsure what to do next. Comet seem to have absolutely no concept of what customer service actually means. Most definitely will not be buying either goods or warranties from them again.
  10. Hi all, this query is out of my comfort zone (I try to help in the bailiff forum) The person who has contacted me has a shop, like most businesses they felt the recession and that led to overdue electricity bills. They phoned Eon way back in February and all they got was someone 'speaking over them' who clearly had no intention of listening or being of any help.(call was recorded) At that time they asked for a repayment plan but got told to write in with their proposals, they did that but again never got a reply but from the date of that letter they have made substantial weekly payments of between £50-£100 a week to reduce the debt and I think they now owe about £1100. Recently I heard about another shopkeeper in exactly the same position who attended the Court and before the matter was heard the application was withdrawn.....two days later he got a letter dated a week before the Court date to tell him a warrant had been granted and they were coming on xx date to disconnect?? I think that says a lot about the arrogance of these people. The bottom line for the person here, is eon have applied for warrant to disconnect the shops supply (lots of fridges and freezers full of stock I am told) despite the payments being made. It is due to be heard on Friday and I have told them to attend that hearing and show the magistrates they are paying and of course a copy of the letter and if necessary let them listen to that awful person from the phone call. Does anyone have further advice please???? WD
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