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  1. hello, hoping someone can help and point me in the right direction. In hindsight I wish i had done some reaesrch beforehand and found this site 10 years ago as now i wouldnt be in the mess that i am in so in 2008 i was in desperate need of funds. I approached a broker who introduced me to lancashire mortgages. initially i went for a bog standard mortgage but due to my circumstances and being self employed it was turned down at the initial stages. they did however offer me a secured loan. i should have seen it then that it was a trap. i took out a secured loan in augu
  2. Received my bumper pack from my SAR request and contains about 500 pages of stuff plus a CD, after going through this lot I now put the info onto the CISheet which shows total charges of £3806 plus £5013 of compound interest equalling £8820. Ocean Finance charged £1000 for setting this all up which I guess is their secret commission Plus there is another £2000 in legal fee's not added to the account but held in limbo and to be charged at the end of the loan term. My question is do we proceed like we used to when claiming back bank charges and is this the correct letter to use?
  3. Hi all, I have a mortgage that started with Lancashire mortgages, this was taken over byTogether a couple of years back. I had taken the mortgage out on a block of flats for £200k plus the £4k costs added by Lancashire mortgages. No accounts were required and just a copy of a valuation I had paid for was used. My story is that after a few missed payments due to financial difficulties and Lancashire Mortgages trying to repossess I found the money to repay the outrageous charges and get back on track. Today I received a letter telling me that I now owe £61,000 in outstanding f
  4. Am currently involved in situation with a loan from Together whereby they have served default notice and appointed LPA Receivers - who are trying to push towards auction of commercial property that loan is secured on, which obviously we do not want to do. Both the Lender and the LPA are not helpful in any way and the LPA is not acting on behalf of the Borrower given that the arrears is £1,600 and the figure the LPA-R wants is just short of £4k, and the Lender is charging another £2k for appointing him! Statement of account lists various charges such as 'Property Company Management Ch
  5. Hi A few years ago we took out a bridging loan with Lancashire Mortgage Corporation/now Together. In the documents sent to us was an "Offer Letter" which confirmed the amount to be borrowed ,rates of interest etc but NO mention of any renewal fees of 5% of the total loan. In fact in the letter it states "Exit Fee-£0". Very misleading. It was however mentioned in the Bridging Loan Agreement and this was missed by us, solicitors and broker (allegedly) !!!! We are taking legal action against the solicitors and broker but this company Together are completely out of con
  6. Hi everyone, I'm new on the CAG Forum but was directed here by the good folks at MSE. I have long suffered at the hands of Blemain/Together. I foolishly applied for a second charge loan over a decade ago. It has been the (most expensive) bane of my life ever since. I recently received a letter from Together stating that my original loan has now past its term. It says, As you will be aware, your account with us has now reached the end of the original contractual term. As your monthly repayments have not been sufficient to fully repay the balance, the
  7. A review of past fees and charges, and you are entitled to a refund. The amount is about a few hundred. I believe my relative had a massively unfair relationship with them. Curious if anyone else has got this letter recently and what it means...annd what you've done about it.
  8. Hi, I have a secured loan that I got via Ocean Finance which turned out to be Blemain (now Together). Amount £15k Term 180 Months Taken out Jan 2007 End of term Feb 2022 I have always paid , no issues or missed. Only change by me was a monthly payment date due to change of employer and salary into account. I phoned the other month to change this again to a suitable date and was told I had to pay off arrears from previous change of date years ago??!! They adjusted my monthly payment to cover the shortfall about £2.53 per month difference? I didn't change the d
  9. They used to be Blemain, now are 'Together'. I am always behind with my mortgage. I am on a very low self employed income and it is erratic. So always end up having to pay three or four months arrears when they threaten me with an eviction. They have an court order due to persistent late payments. My circumstances have changed since I lived at the house...my gf who is also on the Deeds split up. She pays the mortgage, I pay the second mortgage with Together which is about £500 a month. I can never do one of those things with income and outgoings because is so erratic and I dont eve
  10. hi all took out a loan with Blemain on 25/09/07 ,is due to finish 25/09/2017 £11k loan ,interest charge £11,316.77 plus brokers fee £1375 and acceptance fee £310 all together £24,001,77 agreement states 120 monthly payments of £200.02 interest rate 14.40% variable totals £24,002,40 have never missed a monthly payment , only receive a yearly statement , going on their calculations there will be a shortfall of at least £5,000 ,have received the occasional letter that they will charge the account for not issueing them with a copy of buildings insurance
  11. Would very much appreciate some guidance in putting together an appeal for county court. Mainly in terms of putting paperwork together. All. help would be greatly appreciated. Martin
  12. I took out a Blemain finance loan back in 2005 for £16.913.00 , secured against my property (it was actually a refinancing of a previous loan with First National Home Finance) . I sold my property in Jan 2012, both the mortgage and the Blemain loan were paid off. The interest on the loan was 12.2% The final redemption payment to Blemain was for £23,253.36 in Jan 2016 and this was paid in full. I got the SAR from them i have a break down off all the charges. Through out the loan I did have money problems, looking at the breakdown of my account there is
  13. I need to make this enquiry for my friend, a woman in her mid-50s with multiple sclerosis who is hoping to set up home with her partner who is himself able and in work. My friend was a teacher and has tried to get back into teaching only to find that both the illness and the post-Gove era are thwarting her attempts. Her last week of classes made her symptoms unmanageable and she withdrew from the post with some pretty abusive-sounding treatment from the headmistress. My friend currently gets contribution-based ESA of about £70, though a letter she got this week says it will go down to £60
  14. Hi everyone, not been on the forum for a long time, mainly due to the help and advice I received at the time! I have a quick question, but first a bit of history. 6 years ago my wife was made redundant. She was earning a great salary at the time, so we were hit quite hard. Had to make arrangements with all creditors, most of whom hit us with defaults from every angle!! We have a Together mortgage with NRAM. The secured element has always been kept up to date, but 3 years ago we made an arrangement to make reduced payments. Should have been paying £140, but been paying £40. Th
  15. Hi, I have one of the infamous NRAM Together mortgages with the separate unsecured loan, now a few years back following a relationship breakup I was struggling to pay the mortgage on my own so came to an agreement to pay the full mortgage amount but drop the unsecured element to a token payment of a couple of pounds a month. Now fast forward to today I'm still paying the token amount but NRAM haven't ever defaulted the unsecured loan and just report it to the CRA as sustained arrears, I've been working hard to clean up my Credit record following mess from the split
  16. Hi, I need a bit of advice. I have obtained a secured loan against a property for the purpose of sorting out my credit score and also primarily for home improvements. They have requested balances of all my creditors and a lot of them defaulted in 2010 as the recession knocked me. I sent them these balances and then someone on here mentioned to CCA all the creditors. The loan completed and I ended up with 20k+ worth of cheques and the balance in my account. I phoned them and asked if they will amend the cheques which they agreed to. Then when I wanted to do it they resisted and I had to
  17. Hi, I am wanting some advice on how to deal with Concentrix (the privatised part of the HMRC) with regards to a accusation that my mum is living with someone. Background Information: I am a full time carer for my mum and so live in the same household along with my adult brother and 2 under 10 year old sisters. My mum has a boyfriend who lives and works 200 miles away from us and visits most weekends and holidays, but he does in no way financially support us. I have lasting financial power of attorney for my mother. This accusation is likely another aggressive action from my mum'
  18. More than 40,000 British borrowers are in line to get thousands of pounds in compensation after the High Court ruled against former bank Northern Rock in a test case over the wording in past loan documents. The court judgment said about £258m could be paid out in compensation by taxpayers, as the government now owns the part of the bank that made the loans. The amount is more than Northern Rock’s highest estimates. The payments will go to 41,000 former Northern Rock customers - at an average of £6,300 each - and are likely to prompt other banks and the regulator
  19. Hi I currently have a together mortgage with NRAM, got this back in 2006. I took this mortgage on with my now ex girlfriend. For the last 4 years I've been trying to get her off the mortgage and she is happy for this to be done. I have 3 defaults on credit cards, which are due to expire in 2016, when I asked NRAM to do a change of parties, they want to do a affordability check, which then stalls due to the defaults. They won't even go any further with the application as soon as they hear the word default. I have paid the mortgage without any misse
  20. Hi all, this is my first post. I had a compliance officer visit today to look into my claim to see if I am living as part of a couple. I would like some advice on a few things. I claim ESA (transferred from longterm IB last January) income based and get DLA middle care and lower rate mobility with that being reviewed as I have gotten worse over the last year (it was awarded for 5 years in May last year). I do not live alone, I live with my carer and this has been since 2011. My carer gets income support for looking after me and obviously carers allowance. We both get separate h
  21. Hi Given the recent press releases from NRAM re the incorrect statements on their mortgages and unsecured elements would there be any case to revisit a repossession that has taken place between 2008-2014. The error relates to the unsecured element but any refund of interest may wipe out any arrears that led to the repossession. If anyone has any thoughts would be great. Thanks
  22. My Northern Rock/NRAM mortgage has been reviewed. Letter 1 says they have overcharged me, and have knocked £940 off the unsecured part of the Together Loan. Letter 2 says I have underpaid the unsecured part of my Together Loan, and they want £153.15. 1) I have never missed a payment. 2) WTF?
  23. Hi All, Thanks for having me on here, quite a long one this I'm afraid, I'm after some advice as to what my options are.... Firstly i purchased a house in 2005 with an ex partner, we used a independent mortgage advisor who managed to secure us a northern rock together mortgage, the house price at the time was £104k, all was well, we were on a repayment mortgage, all going fine, then we hit turbulence in the relationship! in 2007 we split and i decided with the house market still increasing it would be a good idea to buy her out, the house was valued at 130K and she wanted a settleme
  24. My husband got (miss) sold one of the Together Mortgages circa 2006. The total lone was £96000 which consisted of a Mortgage of £77750 and the remainder on an unsecured loan. We are currently looking to remortgage from interest only and start paying the property off. We haven't been able to get a straight answer from NRAM on a couple of things: The flat cost £86000, so some of the unsecured loan went towards the mortgage portion of the house. Does this now mean that part of our flat is owned (mortgaged to) NRAM and another part to another company? Or does this mean that we actu
  25. Hi , i am looking for advice regarding a debt i am being chased for. Back in 2006, i took out the together mortgage with northern rock. Part of this was an unsecured loan. To cut a long story short,by 2007, i couldn't afford it any more and i left the house and the debt behind and tried to get on with my life. I realise now that what i was actually doing was burying my head in the sand! I heard nothing more about it until today when i received a letter from "drydensfairfax solicitors" saying i was still liable for the unsecured loan element.(£20881.52) From reading through
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