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  1. Hi. Well I do worry, and I do think it profoundly unfair. I have no confidence in a system that allows such. On top of all my other worries, being called a criminal for being poor, is not helpful.
  2. my only option appears to be to travel hundreds of miles, on money I haven't got, to plead for something on a basis I can't prove, to be arrested when they say no because I cant afford to pay it. I guess I will be better off just waiting for them to catch up with me atm. I didn't see your second response Uncle B. Could they just arrest me there though? I feel so nervous I have never done anything wrong in my life. £1500 for dropping a cigarette butt. Seems excessive. Meanwhile criminals get off with a caution? What kind of justice is that?)
  3. Yes it was the other side of the country. I never go there and its a fortune to get there. can I email them or something? And no. I have no paperwork that is the problem. Not for the court or fine or anything... and not for my income which is meagre. I didn't even get the fixed penalty fine unless my brother sent it back return to sender because it was a few days after we had a big fight.
  4. They used to be Blemain, now are 'Together'. I am always behind with my mortgage. I am on a very low self employed income and it is erratic. So always end up having to pay three or four months arrears when they threaten me with an eviction. They have an court order due to persistent late payments. My circumstances have changed since I lived at the house...my gf who is also on the Deeds split up. She pays the mortgage, I pay the second mortgage with Together which is about £500 a month. I can never do one of those things with income and outgoings because is so erratic and I dont eve
  5. Can anyone help on this issue. About 3 years ago I put a cigarette out when unexpectedly being called into a shopping centre. I shouldn't have, and I got caught by council enforcer. At the time, I was going through a very difficult break up, and was homeless as a result effectively. I am self employed on a low income, and could not claim tax credits as the previous relationship I was in meant my name is still on the deeds effectively its my home to the tax credits people they said I was still living there, even though I wasn't. Hadn't for 7 years. I had s
  6. Hello and thank you for responding. I was kept in the dark as to the nature of this policy being mis sold; apart from the basic reason which was that as a low earner the sum of life cover was inappropriate as I had no dependents. I had some policies with Lincoln Assurance and some with MI group. They were in force for at least ten years as I recall. I don't know if it included back dated interest. I had the payments in two installments. One I wrote a cheque for then it bounced so I paid cash - but significantly to the financial advisor not the claims guy. Then the second cheque
  7. I am being taken to Court to pay an exhorbitant fee which I object to paying. I was approached by my so called 'financial advisor' a year or so ago and told he had misold me life assurance policies.The good news was he could working with a person who specialises in getting these back get the money back for me. They said they would charge twenty five per cent. I was told that the combination of the two working together would be the only way I could secure this. So I proceeded, and was paid back monies. However, I wrote a cheque for the fee which was very hefty - several thousands of pounds
  8. Thanks. I did claim some back a couple of years ago but thought it was on hold for now?
  9. Problem is with benefits is they are almost impossible to get if you are self employed. If you aren't seeking work you can't get them; and I don't want to let my business go after 25 years doing it. It is distressing, as the very people who have caused people hardship by ridiculous bank charges and stuff (paid £6k in the last two years) are the very people who the government help whereas small businesses are going to the wall. There is no help for small business; its all gordon brown myths.
  10. thank you Squidward. I should have explained I have tried to come to an arrangement but they say I must pay a minimum of £200 each month on top of the £500 and they will still go to court for an order over the property just in case I default. The person at the call centre was very intimidating. My mortgage company on the other hand (Birmingham Midshires) has been charming and say I don't have to pay a bean in arrears until october when they will review to see if I can afford a little bit.
  11. I have been referred to this forum by a friend but to be honest it is overwhelming. I wonder if anyone can help me specifically. I am self employed and took out a loan for £50k secured against my house in August 2007 as that is the year anyone who is self employed will tell you the recession really started. I have fallen behind by four months as it has bitten harder. The repayments are £500 a month. I managed to pay £500 this month but they say it will not prevent the court date of 3rd July for reposession of my house. What should I do? Obviously due to the recession my inc
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