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  1. I don't have my statements etc, not sure how much is due so will set the ball rolling with the template letter and seperatley request a list of transactions for the PPI and use the online calculator to do the math
  2. i have my original application form which is stamped approved with an account number on etc. This should be enough to start with I think. I will send a template letter in and take things from there. Thanks for the address
  3. Hi, I am looking into mis-sold PPI on an old Northern Rock Together mortgage and credit card, for which i was advised that if i did not take the PPI, then the mortgage was unlikely to be approved. I know Northern Rock are gone, who do i send the letter to?
  4. thanks, I will do. Need to did out all my old stuff too for the other creditors too!! I have no mortgage details however, will see if i had the PPI on that as well.
  5. i don't have all the documents but could SAR them. Is it worth contacting anyway and putting a claim in without the figures whilst awaiting a sar, to see what they say? Are CO-OP paying out easy?
  6. Hi, Bit of a story but advice required. In 2001 I took out a mortgage and credit card under the Norther Rock Together deal, this was joint with my ex-wife. We split and divorced in 2004 and have had no contact since. I then hit financial difficulties culminating in entering an IVA in 2011. On recently checking my old agreements, I found that one of my creditors - Northern Rock had PPI on the agreement. Yes, I did sign the agreement originally with PPI ticked however, this was completed through an independant agent whom I cannot recall who stated we needed PPI to get the deal as
  7. i have been down the credit agreement route previously and not had much success, gave up waiting for the agreements to come through depite the reminder letters (only Barclaycard sent one, which was dated 12 years after i opened the account). The issue i have is i have been on dmp previously, owing to hardship i have had to make token payments recently, dont have much ppi to claim, only charges, which would reduce the amount but only by a grand or two. I'm not suitable for IVA, and i know people say don't pay them until they prove the debt, however, i am bound by job to discharge all lawfull
  8. not sure what you mean DX100. I am trying to repay debts i owe without incurring more charges / interest, however, cannot afford the normal monthly repayments and wish to be debt free, so plan on offering what i can afford. They continue to charge for late repayments even though i am with payplan, (usually where there is a bank holiday in the month) and i am still charged increased interest each month. I have made repayments each month for 6 years and am not wanting to challenge the validity of the debt, simply reduce it / pay it off asap with what i can afford. If i claim for charges /
  9. hi, thanks for all the adviceve been with payplan for 6 years so may start up the repayments again, if i can afford it for next month and then take it from there on my own! Or, go to CCCS, just want to feel in control and ensure no mistakes or requests are forgotton from the creditors!
  10. thanks for the reply, I have I/E from a recent IVA proposal, it is current so i can use this!
  11. Hi, following a dmp with a free company since 2006, i bit the bullet and made an attempt at applying for an iva. it was not finalised as it was apparent that my partners debts were too much and she was not wanting to enter an IVA so they stated i was funding her repayments by paying all the rent on my address when she should have been contributing too! (She is on a low wage and her income goes into the house too and her debts). I have looked at the situation and feel a dmp is the way to go again, personal debts of £16k (originally £30k, £18k paid off since 2006 and £6k added in that time
  12. Hi, thanks for this advice. I think the plan is for her to visit the office and then straight over to CAB. It strikes me strange they could not trace her when she is on the electoral roll following a move in 2007 and also there has been no correspondance received in 4 years min until this letter. I will follow your advice and see how far that gets her, i anticipate a bit of a battle! thanks again
  13. Hi, my partner has just received a letter from the local council advising that they will be applying for a warrant for her to go to prison following non payment of council tax in 2005 and 2006. This is the first i have known about this. The letter states attempts have been made to contact them however no post has been received, recorded delivery or otherwise, they have moved within the same town and paid council tax since this time in full. I am a bit worried. They were a single parent at the time and admitted missing payments but not all of them. They have 7 days from the date of the letter (
  14. No worries, thanks for the help and advice, will send letter off first thing tomorrow
  15. Hi, i am doing this however, would also like to stop this at source too, if that is possible? I have a feeling that without this it will be a debt that bounces around for years and periodically i will get new debt collection agencies trying to get the money too
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