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Found 12 results

  1. They used to be Blemain, now are 'Together'. I am always behind with my mortgage. I am on a very low self employed income and it is erratic. So always end up having to pay three or four months arrears when they threaten me with an eviction. They have an court order due to persistent late payments. My circumstances have changed since I lived at the house...my gf who is also on the Deeds split up. She pays the mortgage, I pay the second mortgage with Together which is about £500 a month. I can never do one of those things with income and outgoings because is so erratic and I dont even live there. But I pay it every few months when I can so she doesn't lose her home, and at some point maybe we can sell it. But, because of all the charges and extra interest etc the amount I owe after paying it for about 10 years is about £10k more than I borrowed! Yet am Paying £6k a year! Total amount is about £60k and its a high interest rate because that is all I could get at the time. So virtually everything I earn bar about £100 a week pays that. And as I only get money erratically and then £2-3k every three months or so on average, I can never get in front just keep paying off the arrears and my living and some debts. So I am very depressed about it and cant see a way forward, except that one day we may be able to sell it. But there is no equity in it atm, and I am losing £6k a year really while the market is stagnant and yet actually reducing nothing its gone up over £10k. Problems started when the banks called my business o/d and loan in as then I had no way of budgeting to cope with the erratic income. I am effectively homeless, and cant even get tax credits because of my circumstances, and living between a few sets of friends and a new girlfriend. She has a tiny flat so I cant store anything there, and cant stay at all when her son is there...no room to swing a cat. All my stuff is with friends in my 'rooms' there, and I have nowhere to sit and do my books which are a few years behind and no doubt I am being chased for that too on money I haven't earned but fines for late books. I am in a total mess and cant see what to do. What can I do? Are these charges even legal? I am told they are not? I want to sort this out first as it will be one thing off my mind if I can stop them doing that. Then I have to face the HMRC and explain why I haven't done my books for several years afterwards.
  2. I thought this little bit of history was interesting Read more : - http://cag.tw/22rr
  3. Disabled people 'left behind in society', report finds READ MORE HERE: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-39458672
  4. Hi I'm new to forums. I dropped an air passenger off at Liverpool Airport's "Express Drop Off" zone, in a car park that I could not avoid as it was on the end of a No Stopping road. I was stopped for 30 seconds. When I went to the barrier to leave they demanded £2 and went on about a contract and a sign on the road which I had not seen and more .... after about 20 minutes I snapped the barrier by pushing it out of the way and went to leave in my car. The car park called the Police who asked very similar questions about a contract. Now I've investigated and found PoFA S54 and do not like the idea that a person can detain me on the grounds that they demand that I have agreed to a contract of which I am unware. Oh my defence for snapping the barrier is that I was trying to prevent a crime. No further action. So I've begun the Practice Directions pre-action letters and get a reply from the car park supervisor. They have a ParkMark accreditation, but don't bother to display T&Cs, as required. No T&Cs = no contract, not just for me but to anyone. They detained me for 45 until cops let me go. I asked the cop if he was recording his trying to coerce me into agreeing to a contract. He was. Snapping the barrier was proportionate and reasonable in the circumstances cos I felt trapped. Does anyone know where they got the right to detain me from cos it ain't S54(3) PoFA 2012? No one should be confused into accepting a nonsense contract, that is not on offer, by hostile, sneering people claiming that a sign on a 40 m.p.h. road which is only in view for 3 seconds as it flies past means you've agreed a contract and pay up to leave. Already found, item 24 Sch 1 unfair terms, signage is substandard and does not conform to BPA, Fraud by false representation and abuse of position. Thanks in advance. I know I'm a nuisance but I don't want other people barracked like I was.
  5. My mate that is a copper asked me a really strange question regarding this subject. He had stopped a vehicle in this case no VED (tax) that had its owner listed at a mail box. The owner said he was homeless and living in the car. Unfortunately for this driver there was a warrant out for their arrest for non-payment of fines. (traffic offences) unfortunately he was arrested and put before the Courts the next day. As for hiding his home address behind the mailbox we discovered that under the DVLA rules you have to register a vehicle at a residential address. The rules for this are in the DVLA site if you care to look for them try looking for how to fill in your application form page four. In EU law these are covered in Article 7 of the second European Directive on driving licences (91/439/EEC), see here for more details >> http://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/PDF/?uri=CELEX:31991L0439&from=EN More information regarding the subject of DVLA enforcement can be found here >> https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/403028/Vehicle_Enforcement_Policy__revised_.pdf Document published – February 2015 Review date – August 2015 This is also an interesting subject for enforcement of various Court orders and the like. Also that by hiding behind the mailbox the debtor tried their best to keep their home address secret. It failed on this occasion. Finally there are the offences relating to not providing your correct address on your license and V5. Both of these carry a large penalty. As you can see you are making much more trouble for yourself in trying to hide where you live, if you have an EA that has a warrant for lets say a PCN. They can still clamp the vehicle anyways. Then you have the same issues if you have outstanding fines and try to leave the country by normal means the Police and BA can detain you as well. See the article by the BBC some time ago here >> http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-28056950 More information on proving your identity and residence regarding licenses and or a V5 form can be found here >> https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-registration/new-registrations One of the many questions regarding hiding behind a mailbox is that of enforcement and trying to hide goods that maybe subject to being controlled by an EA. Your thoughts please...
  6. Hi, I hope somebody on here can steer us in the right direction before we lose our minds. My daughter was involved in a little pile up. A car two in front of her slammed on its brakes for no reason and the car in front of her bumped into it slightly. My daughter stopped and didn't hit anything but the car behind her didn't stop in time and hit her and the car behind that didn't stop in time and hit the car behind my daughter which caused that car to then hit my daughter's car even harder a second time. My daughter called the police because the car at the front and the one behind her quickly got out and checked their cars and drove off - refusing to be involved with the process. It turns out that the car at the front is putting in a PI claim. Police are now investigating them. The car that hit my daughter's from behind was a new car but turns out the driver hadn't insured it. She gave her first name and mobile number only both of which were genuine. She and her passenger were in a hurry to get away from the scene - either because she wasn't insured or there was something illegal in the car?? She then tried to avoid all consequences of the accident and even tried to sue to guy who hit her car even though he was insured but that's between him and her. She gave false addresses to the police when they contacted her and to the insurers when they contacted her. Turns out she's a law student. My daughter tracked her down using google and also found her new Facebook account which she's using under a different surname. She's definitely dodgy but we're not sure how other than her lies. Accident Exchange are watching her street to find out when she's around so they can confront her. My daughter has informed the police of all this info but they are frustrated in that the accident was in Surrey Police area but this woman lives in Met Police area and Surrey Police cannot just go to her house and arrest her. My daughter's problems started when her insurers - Sheilas Wheels - and the guy at the very end's insurers - LV - all started disputing liability. Several engineers called out and all give a ball park figure repairs about the same price. So SW decide to write off the car, and yet it's still ongoing with disputes here and there and claims for this and that and so on. Accident Exchange are involved and have got my daughter a replacement car as the one offered was no good for her needs which involve taking two baby seats in and out on a regular basis using the ISOfix system. SW have not replaced the car seats and have told my daughter to do so and present the receipts - well my daughter doesn't have £300 sitting around to spend on car seats, so the babies are still using the original ones. Her baby son aged one was in the car when she was hit but they don't care because there's no obvious sign of injury. My daughter got whiplash - genuine not just an excuse for a claim. Yet it looks like instead of repairing her car they are going to pay out almost what she would have sold it for, less excesses and so on. The accident was end July and her policy renewed in Sept. No renewal paperwork was received that we are aware of and now they are saying they will take approx. £1000 insurance fee from any pay out as this was the current year's insurance fee. Yet she didn't have a car since July. Does anyone have any advice on how to proceed with this? My daughter has been screaming down the phone to them again today, and is now saying that they must repair it (she can sell it for more than what they are offering to pay). She doesn't have motor legal protection, and I don't think they would have included it in the renewal. I have motor legal protection on my policy as standard but not sure I can use it for her (I'm with Co-Op). Help! please. thank you
  7. Hey everyone, been looking around the forums and various threads but still a little confused and hoping for some clarification. My Brighthouse account has gone beyond a week as we're really struggling at the moment financially. When i contact them next week i know they will demand 2 weeks payments plus their usual late fees to every item which i know we definately cannot afford. Am i right in thinking i can tell them i only want to pay arrears from my HP items and not DLC/OS? I'm also looking to completely remove OSC/DLC and have already written up the letter found here which just needs sending off to head office and delivering in store but my question is, if i dont have suitable contents cover for my home, do i have to keep DLC? Speaking of the above, after checking a few threads, it seems i can claim back the OSC i have already paid for all my agreements? If so, is there a letter template for requesting this course of action? I've found the spreadsheet for Compound Interest Calculator but i'm unsure on how to fully use this sheet in claiming back OSC. Thank you in advance
  8. hi. im pregnant and have recently been in hospital due to a stomach infection, during this time i fell behind with bills, very.co.uk being one of them. they have now added two £12 charges to my account for a debt collection letter and missed payment fee, and now want the total of £333.62 by december 27th. i have rang and apologised and explained my situation and offered them £40 which is the most i can pay but they are refusing? im thinking of borrowing the money to pay them but deep down i know thats a bad idea. im really stressing now ive ran into so many problems recently and am having a horrific pregnancy, please help!
  9. My family member has goods out on BH and now owes the just over £30 a week!! they told me today that BH have been calling out and threatening to get in to house to take goods back. I have told them to SAR as they have many DLC/OC on the accounts, im wondering if they stop payment and make a token payment to them as they are now financially struggling as they have lost their job i know BH will throw a tantrum the store manager is prone to calling police out to customers who don't make payments and of course because police are not trained they just say please pay or allow them to take the goods, i personally think it there way of getting in the house.
  10. Hi, my first post here! I have accounts with Very, Isme, Littlewoods and KandCo. The Very account is the highest overall debt and I have fallen behind over the last 3 months due to changes in circumstances. When I first started using the accounts, I had my budget planned out 12 months in advance, and was easily able to make the payments once the end of the BNPL arrived but due to circumstances way beyond my control I can no longer afford such payments. I have continued to make partial payments, but the latest Very statement calls for an amount which is way more than I can afford and this will be the 3rd month that I have made a smaller than required payment. The Isme, Littlewoods and KandCo are all up to date and I am able to meet the payments on those accounts, and have not made any purchases in the last 3 months on any of them and do not intend to make any further purchases on any of them. My main question is, if I write to Very offering to make reduced payments, will this have an effect on the other 3 accounts? If anyone has any advice on how I should proceed - wording for a letter etc I would be most grateful. Also I opened all the accounts online and don't recall signing anything and sending it back? Thanks in advance
  11. I was hit from behind by a van a few months back. I pulled over, and as did he. The guy stepped out of the van and was being very aggressive towards me and so i gave up asking for his details and just left. His van was damaged mostly all around from where i could see (i didn't see the back of it). In my rush and frustration i neglected to get the licence plate - mistake 1. I just thought that the damage was mainly to my car, and obviously it was his fault and he didn't want to pay. I didn't think it was worth getting into an argument about with someone who obviously was not going to be reasonable. A couple of weeks after I had a visit from a police officer asking about it all and wanted to take a statement from me. When we got to the station i explained what had happened and asked him why I had to give a statement. He told me that the van driver had come in to log the accident and told them that I was at fault and that he had a witness. I explained that the damage is on the back of my car as i was hit from behind, and that there was one man in the van when it happened, no one else came to the side of the road when he came out shouting etc... The Police officer said that not reporting the accident is a crime. He understood that it wasn't my intention not to report it but just that i didn't know i could. I didn't think anyone could help with things like that, no one was injured or there wasn't anything to report like an emergency, now I know that i was wrong to think like that - mistake 2. He said not to worry about it and that they are just following procedure and I may hear back but I may not hear any more. I suppose I want to ask if there is anything really to be concerned about here. I have just received a date to go to the magistrates court. I have contacted a solicitor for advice and am awaiting a appointment date and time, I don't know whether i just need to take advice or if i need a lawyer to go with me. Also in the months that have passed I have fixed the back bumper of my car (before the letter came through) as the parking sensors were not working right. I took a number of pictures of the damage on my phone a few days after my car was hit and still have those. Is there anything i should do or think about doing? Sorry i know I sound clueless, I don't really have anyone to ask and have only been driving for 2-3years. It says on the letter that I may get points, a fine and even a ban. I just don't see how someone can lie so much and take it this far via the police, and now to magistrates court. Any help or advice will be appreciated. Thanks.
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