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  1. update by myself the monthly payments of £200.02 were calculated at 19.9% over 10 years ,it would appear the 14.40% interest charge is in addition to the original ie: making it a whopping 34.3 % in total,surely illegal ,how on earth do they get away with it
  2. hi all took out a loan with Blemain on 25/09/07 ,is due to finish 25/09/2017 £11k loan ,interest charge £11,316.77 plus brokers fee £1375 and acceptance fee £310 all together £24,001,77 agreement states 120 monthly payments of £200.02 interest rate 14.40% variable totals £24,002,40 have never missed a monthly payment , only receive a yearly statement , going on their calculations there will be a shortfall of at least £5,000 ,have received the occasional letter that they will charge the account for not issueing them with a copy of buildings insurance straight away, admin fee is always £30.00 and insurance charge is a contingency one , which they never say the cost and does NOT appear on the yearly statement, all that appears on the yearly statement is interest charge 14.40% , They do however state they charge interest on what they consider to be late charges ,insurance charge being one of them ,mmmmmmmmmm £5,000 of extra charges over the loan period, me thinks they make rules up as they go along so in short guys last payment this month , there will be at least a £5,000 shortfall , so what do i do, the debits should stop anyway ,but they will contact me about the ridiculous shortfall , who do i contact about this ,am getting in a right state about this kindest regards Robert
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