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  1. Hi all, I recently CCAed all my creditors in order to try and sort out my finances finally. I have been paying £1 token payments to each, having defaulted on all over 6 years ago. I have moved house a few times since and have lost track of what has happened to them all. having sent a CCA request to Robinson Way, who I originally dealt with for a Halifax debt, I received a strange reply, returning my £1 PO, and saying that "the account is closed on our files, please contact our principal". This was written on a very unprofessional piece of paper that looked more like a memo than a letter! Has anyone got any advise as to how I should proceed with this? The 12+2 days are definitely over. As Robinson Way were dealing with this, is it still their responsibility to respond to my CCA request? Thanks AM
  2. I sent my ESA50 long with doctors letters and specialists letters to Glasgow ASC, Wolverhampton address on the 02 of May.... Called centre for health and disability assessments. They told me as of yesterday 22/05, DWP requested that my file be withdrawn from their services and returned to them... MY nervous are shattered now. Has anyone got experience of this happening or a possible reason, Naturally i'm trying to get through to DWP but it's taking me ages. Got my worried now.... Thanks
  3. Hi, I have a secured loan that I got via Ocean Finance which turned out to be Blemain (now Together). Amount £15k Term 180 Months Taken out Jan 2007 End of term Feb 2022 I have always paid , no issues or missed. Only change by me was a monthly payment date due to change of employer and salary into account. I phoned the other month to change this again to a suitable date and was told I had to pay off arrears from previous change of date years ago??!! They adjusted my monthly payment to cover the shortfall about £2.53 per month difference? I didn't change the date this time either and stuck with it as per years gone by. That is it no other issues at all. Happily ticking along I think great just 4 years to go, however I had my statement today from them and it says in bold my current monthly payments will not cover the loan at end of term I have paid exactly what was set out by the loan provider from start, its a 15 year loan end of surely. I have paid £219.35 for 128 months and £221.98 for last 4 months and my balance is still £9105.11 which seems a lot as I only have 48 months left to go. Never have I been contacted by them. What is going on ? Any help as this has knocked me for six.
  4. In simple terms when my housemate moved out the water bill wasnt paid for maybe 6 months then when it was not enough to clear the arrears. Not through avoidance more confusion and as soon as I realised I upped the weekly amount to cover the arrears asap. To my horror then a month ago I get an equifax alert showing red 4s and delinquent date for that last few months. I figured no point dwelling on it and knew it was about a week from being caught up but was still annoyed as ive spent a few years tidying my history up a bit. To be clear they were not even on my credit record before this. yesterday another alert to say it had been removed. Does this make sense?, I was under the impression it would now be on there for 6 years. I guess i'm just wondering if this is a mistake and its likely to reappear or if this is how utility companies do it ie only add while in arrears?. I'm sure there are others that have been in a similar situation so would be useful to know.
  5. Hi, I have read allot of threads and can see how bad this company is. I signed up to the Xercise 4 Less Burnley gym online 14/01/17 I didn't have any money in my bank on the 28th as i get paid last working day of the month (2 days short) "Your first payment will be collected on or just after 28 January 2017 for an amount of £9.99 which consists of a joining fee of £0.00 and the first monthly payment of £9.99." I accept that I will have to pay the £25 admin charge + £9.99 even if I haven't even been at the gym 1 month yet! With this type of gym and now seeing what they are like I want out of the contract even if its £9.99 I have moved locations and live with my partner in manchester and go home the odd weekend (was going to use that gym when I was at home). Could I get out of the membership? the fact is that if I change my address via my bank and sent it in, that will be final, membership closed? I don't want debt collector letters coming to my partners address you see.
  6. Is something happening that we do not know about. Three people i know have said,one in Yorkshire and 2 in Lancashire who do not communicate with each other have heard strange unexplained noises from the sky. A loud humming,whining noise. Rumbling,not storms in the distance.Not tinnitus,going on for ages.A mixture of sounds. Are we chasing UFOS about perhaps.You cannot pinpoint it,it is everywhere it seems. I had better leave it there or else you may send the people with white coats to my house. Just wondering.
  7. i have worked for this company for 16 years,this is the 1st written contract ive had,i do want to leave,i am pressured to sign a contract with these following clauses : Hours of work you normally work 40 hours each week.The company reserves the right to alter working hours as necessary.as at date of issue the company is operating on a "short time" basis.you have been made aware of this and acknowledge notification and agreement. sickness Absence the company may require you to undergo a medical examination by a medical practitioner nominated by us at any stage of your employment,and to authorise such a medical practitioner to prepare a medical report detailing the results of the examination,which you agree may be disclosed to the company.the company will bear the cost of such a medical examination.such and examination will only be requested by the company where it is reasonable to do so. changes to terms and conditions of employment the company may amend,vary or terminate the terms and conditions in this document and such change will be notified to you personally in writing or ,when generally applied ,by notice. severability The various provisions of this agreement are severable,and if any provision or identifiable part thereof is held to be invalid or unenforceable by any court of competent jurisdiction then such a invalidity or unenforceability shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions or identifiable parts. governing law and jurisdiction. in my eyes this is a zero hours contract which i have never agreed to,the medical clause seems draconian ,the changes to terms and conditions is this a unfair term ? and the severability clause is there because they know the contract is poor, thanks for you replies
  8. It seems that Brighthouse or a company sending spam emails claiming to be them are using my email address. I've reported my own email to Hotmail for phishing and "my friend's been hacked and nothing's being done. I've changed my password and sign in each time but today I got one claiming to be from Brighthouse. Obviously having reported it, Hotmail have deleted the original but I took a screenshot first. Do BH know that companies are using their name in this way and has anyone else seen one? I'll happily forward my screenshot to any admins but at the moment it has my full name and email address on it so I'm wary. I'm lost on this one.
  9. Received a computer generated letter from Halifax stating that as my monthly S/O to pay my rent had been returned they were going to add to their extortionate profit pocket and charge me £10 for doing sweet nothing. So I looked at the online banking, to see that my S/O had been set up to pay four weekly? Strange as I had set it up to pay on the 25th of every month, I had never seen this 'four week' option in the drop down menu before. So I changed it to pay on the 25th of the month thereafter, thinking it may well have been a genuine mistake on my part? (fat fingers!) Then looked at the letter, which claims it tried to pay on the 19th of the month, so checked my on-line statement, which showed it had in fact been paid on the 25th, and a little further down it showed the 19th failed payment. A bit peeved, but in the grand scheme of things a tenner is nothing compared to ten years ago when I owed considerably more than that! Checked my on-line statement again the day after, and lo and behold, the standing order date had changed AGAIN! to the 26th of the month, and there was no record of the failed payment on the 19th?? Done the obvious and changed the PW, but it can only be an issue with the bank, as they're surely the only ones with the facility to change the bank statement?
  10. I have a bit of a strange problem with Wright Hassall and was hoping to get some advice. in Oct 2014 WH started chasing an old debt (aprox 5 years old) I ignored their letters, on 24/11/14 I had a blue claim form in the post from the court. I wrote to WH and told them I thought the debt was over 6 years old and that they were statue barred from chasing it. They didnt reply within the 2 weeks that i gave them for a reply I decided to defend the claim from the court. On 30/11/14 the court wrote and acknowledged receipt of the defence. On 27/1/15 I had 2 letters from WH, one offered a discount if I paid up asap, the other said they were proceeding with the claim because my last payment had been on 30/4/10 and it wasnt statue barred for being out of time. On 28/1/15 I had a letter from the court saying WH were proceeding with the claim and it was suitable for the small claims track, and mediation. I replied to this, first of all querying if WHs letter had been received by them in time (WH had 28 days after I submitted the defence to issue a reply but they didnt do so until 27/1/15), secondly I said I didnt want mediation if the court agreed that the claim wasnt statue barred then they should just issue a CCJ. The claim was then transferred from one court to another a couple of times on 11/3/15 the court asked me to provide an income/expenditure statement which I sent to them on 24/3/15. On 24/4/15 the court told me there would be a hearing on 13/5/15 on 11/5/15 WH copied me in on a statement of their costs which they were sending to the court for £715!! I didnt hear anything else from either the court or WH 18/9/15 WH wrote to me and said that a CCJ was entered on 13/5/15 and that if I wasnt able to pay the amount off in full straight away, they were prepared to negotiate a suitable monthly repayment. They have given me 30 days to get back to them, if I dont they are threatening attachement of earnings, charging order agaist the house, or bailiff action. what I'm after is your thoughts and suggestions on what I should do next. Do I ask WH for a copy of the CCJ order which was supposedly issued by the court but I never had a copy of? Do I ask the court for a copy of it and risk them investigating if one was never issued? Do I do nothing and wait to see what WH do next? The things that seem strange to me about this case are, 1) I wasnt sent a copy of any CCJ order that was issued on 13/5/15 2) If a CCJ was issued, wouldnt that have said how much my monthly payments would be, rather than leaving it open to negotiation with WH? 3) Why has it taken WH 5 months before they have started chasing me up for payments? Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give. Gary
  11. Just recieved letter: "A payment of arrears of Inc related ESA amt to £41.38 has been calc from 12 Nov to 15. This paymt has not been sent as we are holding details of poss overpaymt. Arrears paymts due will be sent back as soon as poss and will tell why any money has been held back. Please cont us after 5 days etc." I'm still on assessment phase and will attend med next week.
  12. been on a dmp for 8 years now, biggest debt is a 20k loan with natwest which got passed to eversheds everything been fine (as far as fine can been with debt!) until the dmp company got in touch to say that from january, eversheds were no longer accepting monthly payments as they don't have a record of the debt anymore?! had no letters off them so dmp are wanting to find out whats happened to it did manage to reclaim ppi from them about 3 years ago for 3k which came from rbs, but atm don't know if this is good or bad news?!
  13. Hi, a couple of times I've been called (on 'private number') by men claiming to be from HMRC and they quickly qualify it by saying they're from a certain address. They usually have a forceful tone (which immediately puts me on cautionary mode) and claim have sent an email (and clarify the email address) and say that I've done nothing about it. Because the email doesn't come. Ostensibly it's about a REFUND. A wonderful refund! Lots of cash! How COULD I not have returned their non-existent paperwork! Am I bonkers? They know my address and certain details... I assume many do, due to the internet. Once it worried me as they knew I was at work (working sounds behind me) so if they were [problem]mers, could have quickly sussed house was empty (which it wasn't and they would've had charming surprise, if burglars) But either way does anyone know what people like this seek to gain? Besides hooking up with men on the phone?
  14. I received a strange email supposedly from Lowells with a Zip file attached, asking me to open the document, here are the brief details - (the document in the zip file was a screen saver...haven't opened it up). Weird or what? As far as I know anything they have is likely to be nigh on statute barred - if not already well statute barred - and the last run in with them was over a PDL which had been repaid...they did back off then (I still have their confirmation that they won't chase). Here is a snippet from the header of the email... I have the original if somebody wants to check it out. From - Thu Dec 04 19:54:31 2014 X-Account-Key: account1 X-UIDL: ALRhUtQAAAKFVICOmQfzKJcieJI X-Mozilla-Status: 0001 X-Mozilla-Status2: 00000000 X-Mozilla-Keys: X-Apparently-To:(me at my normal email); Thu, 04 Dec 2014 16:40:57 +0000 Received-SPF: none (domain of lowellgroup.co.uk does not designate permitted sender hosts) X-YMailISG: 6vlMSrYWLDsUXiRKKrtq5wxaZLx0B6p6_GwdUqEimSYS195Y
  15. Hi I was not sure where to post this or if it will be able to be answered but here goes. In October 2014 i bought a beautiful German Shepherd pup ( Male ) KC registered with KC registered name chosen by the breeder. When I bought him the breeder informed me that I must sign a contract stating that I could not allow him to bread Using his KC registered name without express permission of the breaders as they could not vouch for the females genetic credential IE she may be a bad breeding match as German Shepherds are renowned for hip displacia. My dogs parents have excellent hip scores meaning less likelihood of him being effected with the problem. Whilst I am not looking to bread him anyway you never know someone may come to me with a good breeding dog good credentials and I may wish to pick a new pup from that litter. So the question is what is the legal stand point of the breeders should he breed a new litter and would that stop the owner of the female registering the pups If my dogs KC name was being prevented? Just a general question will be interesting to see if anyone can answer it. Cheers Bill
  16. Hi all Sadly my mother in law passed away in December my wife her only child is dealing with the estate. Unfortunately we've found she had run up large debts with catalogues and a huge credit card balance (£4,000 for someone on benefits!) It gets complicated as my wife's aunt died in October and the mother in law was dealing with her Estate and as such had her life insurance paid into her account and unfortunately she died before settling that Estate. she had a credit card with her bank and the bank are claiming all the money in her account to pay the credit card off. As there won't be enough money to pay every creditor what they're owed can the bank legally lay claim to everything? I thought we'd gather everything together then work out a % to offer creditors if the bank holds onto the current account money there will be less money for other creditors. I have CCA'd everyone and not one has sent the info back times up on weds. Any advice would be great thank you
  17. Has anyone else noticed the MOJ link to the 'new' National Standards cannot be found on the MOJ site anymore: http://aka.justice.gov.uk/downloads/courts/enforcement-officers/taking-control-of-goods-national-standards.pdf They can be found here (third link down): https://www.gov.uk/search?q=bailiffs Is there a reason for this, or is it just a technical blip?
  18. I am currently on ESA after getting through the dreaded Atos inquisition last year. I received a letter from Atos asking me to attend an appointment for anther assessment at the begining of december. I telephoned them and asked for arrangements for the interview to be recorded. They then cancelled my appointment for which a week later i received my new appointment date. That is just before christmas. I have just received another letter from Atos. This time telling me they have now cancelled that appointment which was to be recorded and no reference is made for another appointment in the letter intrigued??.
  19. I posted a new thread at approx 16:45. the title was court fee. when it showed up in the forum it was listed as 15:45 and the content has changed. What has happened?
  20. Hi folks, relatively new here & this is my first post - not sure what direction to take. Got a Cap1 card in 2008 and all went well for a while. Late 2012/early 2013 my work took a downturn & money became very tight. Got in touch with Cap1 & agreed reduced payments. By mid 2013, I got a job offer, wrote to Cap1 to tell them the good news and telling them that I was due to start work soon (I had been keeping them up to date each month when I sent payment). Cap1 responded by issuing a default - net result, job offer withdrawn (it was in the financial industry). One thing led to another, next thing I started getting calls etc from Fredricksons. Sent a CCA letter & advised that all communication must be in writing etc. Case was bounced back to Cap1 & Fredericksons disappeared never to return. I finally got a letter back from Cap1, I had applied online & they sent me a print out of the agreement with my name typed in where the signature should be. They stated that they would not enter into further correspondence regarding copies etc as they had complied with S78. Everything then went quiet, no contact from anyone, no indication of who I should pay, when or how much - nothing!! The end of this week, I have received the opening letter from Lowells Portfolio, they have bought the debt (£4054) & I should contact them to arrange payment etc. At this stage, my financial position still has not recovered, I am working but on a zero hours basis and am receiving tax credits & housing benefits, some of my priority bills are also still a little behind. To date, I have not sent a SAR letter to either Cap1 or Lowell, I'm not even sure if that is the way to go. Has anyone got any suggestions how I can cut Lowells short before it gets too heavy, I am not afraid of fighting and getting down and dirty if necessary but I could do with concentrating on work at the moment as I have a chance of a regular full time position. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  21. I have recently discovered my mum has paid off various debts of mine without my knowledge. The predominant two are Santander current account and Post Office credit card. I know my mum can barely afford this. My question is, is there any way I can recall the numerous payments as I (the person in debt), didn't make the payments? I'd like to get the money back for my mum. Obviously if I can't, I will repay her but that will take about a year and if there's a way for me to sort it direct with the firms themselves, that would be ideal. Thank you.
  22. Hi guys having some strange behaviour by Link Financial for a BC debt that is 3 years old. the time line is as follows Default issued by BC 2011 NOA issued by BC 2013 Link financial now are the renta cop, I am helping a friend with this and know the rules, so I gathered all of the paperwork and delved in to this debt, not much paperwork tbh. Next stage was to send CCA off to Link. Link return Po as incorrectly filed out, (was to BC) CCA was addressed to BC in a separate letter link say they will not send off CCA or PO to BC Link are acting obo of a different DCA called IDS I think (off the top of my head) Since BC state I must correspond with their agents in all matters I Will wait till Link send me back the PO and re-issue it to BC and start the 12 day clock again Unless the original time continues from my failed CCA request. The debt from BC is full of charges and a is CC debt. I have requested the CCA to see if they have a copy then take it from there. Once the CCA is back then I will be doing a SAR to get the statements to reclaim. So the advice is can the DCA refuse to forward on the CCA request and wil the time clock be restarted Thx MM
  23. Hi all Need a bit of advice please and I'll try and be as brief as possible. Had an issue for the last 5 years almost with a M&S card I have CCA them and they cannot show me a legal agreement despite many threats of court action and several DCA chasing me. A weird thing happened about 18 month ago when it disappeared from my credit file for about 3 month and then re-appeared under the DCA Merlin who were the ones chasing at this point. I would now like this permanently removed from my Credit File but it now looks like its only existed for 18 months so what should I do 1. Write to Marlin and ask them to explain why this debt looks like its only 18 month old when I have several letters going back years or 2. Sent the SB letter to M&S ? (also can somebody link me to the SB letter please.) As always any advice very very gratefully received S
  24. As far as I understand it, your credit file goes back 6 years yet my credit file shows history on certain credit agreements going back to 2005. On top of that, despite having just the one default and some missed payments for a mobile phone contract in 2008 (when I was in dispute with the company) my credit score overview says "you are currently not making all of your payments on time and are several months late in making some/all payments" even though I am making full payments. My default ends in 3 months and I've been a good boy for over 5 1/2 years now. And a couple of credit agreements that were listed - including perfect repayment history loans - have mysteriously vanished despite only being paid off this past 6 months or so. How come? Finally, can I get some clarification on how long I'll be affected by an expired default? I assumed the 6 year blacklist was the punishment and when it goes I will be free but when I went to a mortgage advisor expecting to get the all clear to look for mortgages when my default expires, he said that lenders look over the past 3 years and will see that I was served a default in that time and will black list me. That turns a 6 year credit blacklist into a 9 year blacklist. Is he right?????
  25. Hi, I applied for a loan with next credit over the weekend and I could swear it was declined, but I got a message on monday saying the money was ready for payout, and on checking my bank account the money was there. Am I going crazy or has anyone else experienced this? I've checked my emails and I dont have any of the pre-contract stuff, I never delete these. On tuesday I recieved an email from Adept Credit Solutions saying they had been instructed to collect my repayment on behalf of Next Credit on the due date, that's a bit strange isn't it? why would they instruct someone to collect the repayment for them? and only a day into the loan. I cant see anything on their website regarding this. Are Nextcredit also part of the speedcredit/toothfairy/MCO mob?. I didn't realise at the time I applied, but it's the same text number (82055) for each company, and the websites are very similar in content. I already have an outstanding loan with toothfairy, perhaps that was why my loan with Next Credit was immediatley passed to a DCA? Is it also possible that my application was declined but a system or human error caused my application to still be processed?
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