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  1. I have just received a county court summons for an old capital one credit card. I'm pretty sure no CCA exists for this debt - certainly all I ever remember signing was one of the postcard style application forms Cap1 were using at the time. So I intend to defend on that basis. Who do I send the demand for a CCA copy to? Cap1, the debt collectors named as the claimant on the claim form, or the solicitor named on the claim form. Also, it's possible that this debt is statute barred, the default on my credit file is 5 years and 5 months old, is there any way to find out when I last made a payment on this account? TIA Mat
  2. Hello guys, So this morning I had a letter through the post stating the following: PARKING CHARGE - NOTICE TO KEEPER Vehicle Registration: redacted Vehicle Make / Model: redacted Site Name: Ferry Meadows Period of Parking: Sunday 11 Jun 2017 18:06:52 to Sunday 11 Jun 2017 19:16:24 Reason for Issue: None Payment of Parking Amount of Charge: £50.00 reduced to £25.00 if paid within 14 days Driver Liability The driver of the above vehicle is liable for a Parking Charge in the above amount which, at the date of this notice, remains unpaid in full. The charge having been incurred for the reason as stated above and liability for the same having been brought to the attention of the driver by clear signage in and around the site at the time of parking. Register Keeper At the time of this notice the creditor does not know both the name of the driver and a current address for service for the driver and as the registered keeper of the vehicle YOU ARE NOW INVITED TO (i) Pay the unpaid Parking Charge; or (ii) If you were not the driver of the vehicle, to notify us of the name of the driver and a current address for service for the driver AND pass this Notice on to the driver Appeal In the event that you wish to dispute liability for this Parking Charge, within 21 days, (beginning with the day after that on which this notice is given, please provide your full name and address, vehicle registration number and the Parking Reference at the top of this Notice providing your full reasons. Appeals should be sent to (insert email) or by post to Appeals Dept, Unit F the Court, Kestrel Road, Manchester, M17 1SF Appeal decisions should be provided within 28 days. In the event that your appeal is unsuccessful then we will provide you with appropriate details enabling you to lodge an appeal to an Independent Appeals Service. Details of the appeal procedure can be found at www the IPC info Payment Payment should be made at parkwithease co uk, or by sending a cheque to the address above quoting your reference Cheques SHOULD BE MADE PAYABLE TO PARK WITH EASE Today after receiving the notice, I returned to look for the signs, on leaving there is 3, however very small. and often just a P with a £ under it. There is also no signs showing that its CCTV monitored. The time I was there is also incorrect, at the time it states is actually when my car was parked on my drive. - After checking I don't know if this is true. I thought this was issued in July. Looks like I am going to get 2 tickets coming! I would appreciate if someone will let me know what my rights are and if I should appeal. On a side note, if I do decide to pay, there website is not HTTPS protected and who does cheques anymore, so will probably have to call them anyway. Thanks, Tom
  3. Hi Everyone, First post so please be gentle.... .... just wanted to see what others thought - I have been trying to rebuild my credit following some debt issues 20 years ago. I saw the website advertised on the TV and thought I would take a look. The site is great , advising me on credit cards that could help me with rebuilding my credit. I am currently in a great job with regular income so this seemed ideal. I applied for 2 credit cards as suggested and was accepted with fairly low credit limit. I have been using these cards and paying them (not just the minimum payment) and all going well. I then received an email from the site that I regularly receive every few weeks informing me of my current credit score and to my joy the credit score had increased - within the email was an opportunity to continue increasing my score my applying for another card- I entered details and was told 90% chance - so clicked continue and filled out application online similar as before. Message popped up saying further info was required and company of credit card would contact me. 5 days later I received a letter saying that the card I applied for was declined as I had taken out a credit card only 9 months ago from the same "parent" company - this search was now to be shown on my credit file as a negative ! Now, I realise that applying for multiple cards is a bad thing for credit scoring, however I felt a bit cheated as I was only following Clearscores own email stating I should apply to continue rebuilding my credit !! Their suggestion has now ended with a negative mark on their scoring system ! I just feel a disclaimer should have been present for me to see (not hidden in layers of small print) when I applied stating that even though we have recommended this card to rebuld your credit , applications to this credit card provider may be adverse ifyou already have one of their cards.... ...Am I being reasonable or not ? Happy to hear whether you agree or disagree with me Thanks in advance Kev
  4. Hi, a couple of years ago i took out a loan with Sainsburys bank for 13k the arrangement was to pay 111 pounds per month off, which at the time i had no problems with as i was earning 3500pm ( sorry cant seem to find pound sign on keyboard set to American for some unknown reason cant get it off lol) as i was working offshore. Unfortunately i was one of the many who got laid off, i informed them straight away what had happened and i said i would pay a small amount off when i can as i started with an agency which only paid bare minimum, to cut an extremely long story short, i have sort of hidden myself away avoiding the debt, which i know i shouldn't do, but i just cant seem to get into a standard way of life with my wages, one thing leads to another and i then have no money sometimes even paying my rent is a struggle. I dont want this debt hanging over me and debt collectors calling me every 5 mins, which was actually happening, but now i changed my number, its not a case of wont pay its a case of sorting it out so i can pay, i have just now been taken on full time in a new job, ok the money is not great but at least i can afford to pay my rent now. Would like some advice from someone on how i go about trying to sort this out, without the company finding out where i live now and sending round the blood hounds to my door ...any adivce would be much appreciated, there is allot more to the story but i would bore you to much so kept it short lol.. . thanks
  5. Hi everyone! I fell into arrears with my Very account simply because those BNPL charges hit rather costly, which in turn made my monthly installments reach a whopping 200+ per month. I politely contacted them around a year ago and after many back and forth telephone calls and emails managed to agree a year payment plan of £70. I haven't missed a payment since setting this up, this morning I received two letters on through my door. The first being one demanding a payment in full of a staggering £489 arrears payment followed by the same for the foreseeable future. The second was a letter telling me my payment reached them a day late, how and why this happened I don;t know, as I pay this every month at my local post office on the exact same day, and this has never arisen before now! I'm both letters arrived on the same day, so even if I had the spare almost £500 floating around I wouldn't have had time to correct the problem at hand. I'm really not keen on calling them, as every time I have done in the past they are very rude and rather obnoxious with me, and I find myself getting passed from pillar to post with little to no resolution being offered at the end of it for my efforts. What can I do legally and what are my rights to correct this matter? As all I want to do is make them a sensible offer and get this debt paid up without the threats and nasty letters arriving through my door. My wife wittles frequently about this matter and I would like to help sort this out. Thanks in advance for any help you may have, It's all very much appreciated.
  6. The December solstice happens at the same instant for all of us, everywhere on Earth. This year the solstice occurs on Wednesday December 21st at 10:44 GMT (Universal time). The winter solstice happens every year when the Sun reaches its most southerly declination of -23.5 degrees. In other words, when the North Pole is tilted furthest – 23.5 degrees – away from the Sun, delivering the fewest hours of sunlight of the year. The Winter Solstice is the most important day of the year at Stonehenge and a truly magical time to be there. It's an ad hoc celebration that brings together England's New Age Tribes (neo-druids, neo-pagans, Wiccans) with ordinary families, tourists, travelers and party people - 100's of them! For many the impulse to arrive at Stonehenge in time for the Solstice is a little like all those people drawn to the strange rock in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. It's akin to a spiritual experience. Anyone who has witnessed the crowd become silent as the sky begins to brighten can attest to that. Do you have a strange urge,are you feeling drawn to do something a little strange tomorrow. Well can you believe it,the winter solstice is nearly here,another exciting day,when you can let your hair down. Do a little dance perhaps,dress up or visit Stonehenge even and really celebrate. Everything you need to know,including video. And a countdown clock. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/0/winter-solstice-2016-shortest-day-year-time/
  7. Hi - i'd be very interested in hearing the views of some of the forum regarding an issue i've been looking into for around 2 years. It involves a piece of land that used to be free to park in, but a few years ago was changed to a Met Parking enforced zone, free, but for 2 hours. The legality of how it was originally voted for is sketchy, but a supposed consultation with 5 local shops suggested it was a good idea - no residents were consulted, and with parking terrible on the main roads, this has meant sometimes there is no option but to park and leave the car there, resulting in tickets. Over the last 2 years i have tried to find out the name of the contact at Barnet Council who organised the consultation, and who runs the contract with Met Parking. Nobody has been able to give that to me, not even with a FOI request, and in fact there was originally a debate over who the land belonged to. The Council insisted it was Barnet Homes, whilst Barnet Homes said it wasnt them. It took myself to show the land registry documentation and the council's asset register to prove it was the councils. Met Parking refuse to offer any help as to who their contact is, and I have now escalated it because i have over £1000 of parking tickets piling up. I can only assume that the contract was instigated by an individual within the council, possibly on receipt of backhanders possibly not (no liable there), who may have now left, and nobody has a clue what the story is. My premise is that the original consultation was totally inadequate, and it should have been made a residents car park, but at the moment I am waiting for the Head of the Council to revert with help if he can, other than that I'm at a loss. I'm happy to talk through the information I have with somebody, as i said, it's an interesting one, and I'm sure one of you would love to get your teeth into Thanks, Jude
  8. Hi All, I'd really appreciate some advise please, I'm in court next week for a set aside hearing. It's in relation to a Cap 1 cc claim for just over 1k, the court papers were sent to my old address so I never received them, I'm certain I gave my new address to all concerned back in 2007/8 but cannot prove it. I don't think it's statute barred but I can't find when I last made a payment. I sent a SAR to Cabot and have received it back on a CD, there is no default notice or credit agreement on the CD, I've read that they are not obliged to send these with a SAR in their response to my request they state "We may not hold information such as your credit agreement or statements on file. In order to obtain this information, we recommend you contact the original lender. However, in the event that the original lenders have supplied us with this information, the documents will be included with your SAR. I guess my question is can I use this in my application to set aside the judgement and CCJ, as just relying on the fact the papers were sent to my old address may not help me get a set aside? Many thanks
  9. Hi guys, hope everyone is well. Been on this site a few times and think it is a superb tool and helps us against the bully boy company's out there who try and feed on hardship and vulnerability. Hopefully I can add some advice or help in the future. I have a question of my own if anyone can help. Today I had a doorstep visit from a company called Fidelite. They asked who I was so I asked who he was and his face was a picture. I never gave him my name and told him politely to jog on. He is chasing a loan debt that I took out in 2004 and haven't paid or acknowledged the debt since at least 2006. I am sure the debt is now stat barred. Question is did I do the right thing. Regards and thanks in advance. Staffy.
  10. Hello 1st post and I hope I'm posting in correct forum. if not could Mods please move post. The wife of a friend of mine has walked out a couple of weeks ago. Shes has walked away and left everything in limbo. Friend phoned the bank and arranged an appointment where they froze the joint account , opened a new account in his name only so he can have his wages paid in, pay bills / dd/so and mortgage etc Wife had a gym membership, He phoned the gym to tell them she had left, bank acc closed and they told him he was liable , so he set up new direct debit from new account and was going to pay. 1st payment from new account already been paid. Is he liable, can he cancel. any letter templates available Ideas or advice appreciated Many Thanks
  11. Mirror Online wants to publish the electoral spending returns of every one of this Government's 330 MPs - so you can hold them to account on their spending We aim to publish online the electoral spending returns of every one of this Government's 330 MPs for the country to judge whether they were entirely truthful about their spending. The Mirror was the first to break the story in March that more than two dozen Tory MPs benefited from battlebuses packed with Tory activists but failed to declare any of the costs. Much more on the link. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/part-daily-mirror-peoples-electoral-8041095#ICID=sharebar_twitter
  12. hello all looking for some help regarding a letter my wife received at our previous address which has been passed to us. its a notice of application for attachment of earnings order with a case number the judgement is Hoist portfolio holding 2 ltd the letter/form says that a judgement has been made against the wife for £1800. shes not even sure what its for as we have received no correspondance regarding this. can anyone help direct me as to what we need to do next i have a feeling that whatever it relates tro is at least 6 years old and as such statute barred but what i sthe process for these things. cheers in advance for any help
  13. Gick

    Dirty little secret

    You might like to watch this video. https://casehub.com/cases/dvlas-dirty-little-secret
  14. Hi, I'll just explain the situation. Mother in law used to live with us. Mother in law had a catalogue debt at our address. She moved and Cabot have sent collection letters to her new adddress. Debt seems excessively high. Mother in law is a typical doddering old lady and doesnt understand what is going on. Debt was with cabot and she was paying it, they sent it to fredricksons at which point we found out about it and realise the amount is almost double what she owed. We send Freds a request for credit agreement and statement of account. Freds send it back to Cabot as they were only acting as agents of cabot and cannot supply the documents. At this point we with mother in laws permission send cabot a letter stating we are going to administer her account for her and all post it to be sent to us in her name at our address (the address she originally set up the account at). Mother in law signed a declaration on this letter giving us permission to act in her name. Cabot have not answered this declaration, of note Fredricksons did use us as her contact address. We sent Cabot a long letter explaining that the amount on the account is disputed, that we wish to see a statement and credit agreement, also that all contact is to be via letter in mother in laws name at our address. We also stated as Freds had been unable to supply docs that the account was in dispute. (Cabot received the demand for docs on 25th Feb recorded) Cabot are STILL sending Mother in law demands, means forms to fill in and general debt collection letters to her address, they refuse to deal with us as her reps and seem to be ignoring the requests for docs and disputes etc. Mother in law getting very upset at letters, she has even tried ringing them (obviously we told her not to do that any more) Is there any regulations we can use to force Cabot to deal with us in her name? What is the next step to take with regards to them not supplying docs? Do we complain to financial ombudsman? It seems to me they know we are playing by the rules they cannot follow so they are instead bullying Mother in law who they see as a weak link.
  15. Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but I wanted a little help about this apparent debt I have from a company called JUICE PLUS who have passed on the debt to OCC(Options Credit Consultants). The back story: A friend was selling JUICE PLUS weight loss packs and I thought I'd try one out, the deal was £20 for a month of supplies which are given all in one go. And it was a locked in 3 month contract. However I never used the stuff, my friend had been fired for a ridiculous reason, I pursued Juice Plus asking them to cancel the contract and never ever received a reply. I received one letter for them stating I owe them £60 (Even though I paid £20 upfront). I replied to them via email saying that unless I receive a breakdown of the cost of it in writing and why they never replied to my first enquiry then I will not be paying and I'm happy to return the goods unopened. They never replied. ..two weeks later I received a letter from OCC, who said I had now owed £65. I replied via email, stating that JUICE PLUS had never proven I'd taken out a contract (Which I had asked them in the email I sent) nor have they sent me a breakdown or even tried to resolve the issue with myself. They never replied.... I now receive this letter (I've written it below the bottom post as I cannot post links to photos for some reason) Now I've NEVER received a letter in my life stating immediate court action, and I have a general understanding that most of the time this would be a scare tactic to make you pay. I've only ever received letters asking to pay now or etc etc but never a letter like this. But what worries me is the statutory interest at 8% a day which has no end date would leave myself in a hell of a debt. Also noting they also saying I will be responsible for the court fees and also that they will get a levy execution on my property, which for me is great because I don't own anything and I've always had my parents keep receipts of everything in the house so it's their property not mine. Just wanted some advice on what to do next, I have a short temper and was literally going to call them and give them a mouth full but, I was hoping for some advice, as that is probably the smartest thing to do. Thanks
  16. Hi all, i have been getting letter from cabots for the last 12 weeks (oct/nov 2015) now i have one from restons solicitors seeking immediate payment because cabot have now acquired the rights to the account on the 28th sep 15 (£900 cc) etc, this has to be paid by the 1st feb 16 or they have instruction from cabots to issue a county court claim. So the next thing i check is my credit record with noddle this is what i found: Name Mr bla bla Address bla Date of birth bla Account type Credit Card Account number ****10500000000000 Account start date 20/08/2004 Opening balance £ 1,105 Repayment frequency Monthly Date of default 08/02/2010 Default balance £ 1,105 i have 3 defaults oct,nov and dec 2015 all from cabot. After digging a bit i found that the last payment to capital one out of my bank account was 16 sep 2009 and i am sure that was the LAST now does this tally with the default on noddle @ 08/02/2010. Any help would be fantastic as i stopped working again in 2009 from a form of motor neurone disease ive had since i was 16 and i really thought my inlaws had paid all my debt off for me in 2009, so this was a real shock for me, just as a side note i moved in 2011 and never has a letter untill oct 2015. Many thank al.
  17. Hi, I've got an odd problem here, hope I can get some advice. 3 years ago the crown court ordered me to pay £500 towards court fees, I agreed to pay and they gave me a telephone number to phone to make payment. At the time I was receiving J.S.A whilst looking for work (benefit payments while unemployed.) When I phoned the number they told me that seen as I was on J.S.A they will only deduct £100 a month from my J.S.A every month effective from my next payment. I agreed and that was the end of that, or so I thought. 6 months went by and I was offered a job abroad teaching English, I agreed to take it and got ready to leave and seen as I was moving I canceled my benefit payments etc. I moved right away however a good year after the move I got a phone call from a friend who had gone around to my old flat to pick up my mail telling me I had received a bunch of bailiff letters stating that I ow well over £2,000 pounds to some bailiff company due to non-payment of the £500 to the court. Now I know I agreed for the £500 to be deduced from my J.S.A whilst I was there and I know I was on J.S.A long enough (6 months) for the full payments to have been deducted but clearly something went wrong so I checked my online bank statements and the full J.S.A payments where paid into my account with no deductions. Now I don't mind simply paying the £500 right away, I was just going to phone the court house and give them my credit card details to deduct the £500 however I found out by doing some basic googling that because the bailiff company has taken over I will have to pay them the full amount, and only after the bailiffs fees are paid the courts fees will be paid, which I refuse to do. I haven't phoned the bailiff company or the court just yet, I thought I'd ask here first just to make sure I take the right steps at tackling this as I know bailiffs are very crafty with wording and I wouldn't want to deal with them incorrectly. Any suggestions on how to go about this? I really don't want to owe any money to the courts I'm pretty sure that's a serious offense. Thanks!
  18. Hello Firstly, what a great site this is. You significantly helped a friend of mine, who was in a mass amount of debt due to a failed marriage and a life-changing illness. I truly believe you saved her life! My complaint is in relation to Xercise4Less. My husband and I cancelled our gym membership by written notice (within their stipulated 30 day time frame I may add) as we have hit some financial difficulties and also we are not using the gym as much as we should as we are utilising our local park in the summer months. This was on the 27th May (direct debit payments come out of our account on the 25th of every month). Anyway, to cut a long story short, I panicked! I read some reviews on various websites that stated that Harlands (the company that collect Xercise4Less' direct debits) continued to take people's gym payments despite them cancelling moons ago! As a result, both my husband and I have received administration charges. My husband owed £40 and I owed £30 (no idea why they were different when we joined at the same time and cancelled at the same time). Panicked, we have paid up as whilst we thought they were unfair charges, we didn't want anyone banging our door down, especially as we are already stressed due to financial worries. I have since read that an industry body has stamped down on these unfair admin charges and I was wondering whether anyone could tell me who I should complain to. I have just written emails to Xercise4Less asking for an explanation, but I am not hopeful, so I was wondering whether anyone knew what the next step may be or whether I should just let this go and let it be a lesson learnt! Any past experience or advise would be greatly appreciated. P.S. Also, I don't know whether this is worth mentioning or not, but I will go ahead anyway. This solely relates to my husband's cancellation. My husband and I sent letters of cancellation on 27th May and we were told they were received on 1st June. On the 1st June, my Xercise4less branch called my husband and stated that if he rang the head office and paid £9.99 there and then, then he would not be liable for charges. My husband explained that he wouldn't have any spare cash until Friday. As promised, he rang on the Friday and explained that he wanted to pay the £9.99 to clear the account. This was accepted and his bank details were taken. It was only after he mentioned that I (his wife) had been charged considerably more to cancel the membership, did the advisor on the end of the call said "Sorry, I have taken £39.99, what did you think I had taken?". I quite clearly heard my husband state £9.99 at the beginning of the call, so I have no idea how the advisor didn't. The advisor refused to accept this, so we immediately rang our bank, who said they would contact Xercise4Less and request a refund, but I am not hopeful that Xercise4Less would accept this! I can't get over how Xercise4Less think it is fair to charge £20 per failed direct debit payment! Surely, a letter does not cost £20 of anyone's time! Also, the advisors at the head office are the rudest and incomprehensible advisors I have ever encountered. They talk over you at 100 mph and just shout you down. It's atrocious.
  19. Hi All, We had booked with my wife on Wednesday night a taxi to drive us from Putney to Southend airport on Thursday morning. My wife said on the phone that we had a plane to catch at 11:15 and that we wanted to have plenty of time (because we are travelling with a little 8 months old baby) so we asked to be there at 10am for safety. The taxi company told us to be ready at 8am, the fare would be 75£ The driver picked us on time and got stuck in a lot of traffic in london area At some point we asked him if his GPS was right, stating that we would approximatively be at the airport around 11am He said in an unclear manner that it was impossible to do this drive in 2hours time in the morning, that the taxi company must have got it wrong,that usually it costs more than 75£ for such a drive so we get what we are paying for ???? And finally that he is not the one to schedule pickup times After discovering that we would miss our flight and there was no other flights that day in Southend we had to tell him to stop and told him to stop us by Liverpool street instead to take a train to Standsted airport to catch another plane He did the change, charged us 20£ for the drive (cancelling the 75£ for the initial drive which never happened) and we booked new plane tickets for the family Result: one holliday lost + 340£ for the new tickets I have tried to call the taxi company many times these last days, they always say that the manager will call me back but he never does...I guess they just think I will firget about it but we feel we have lost a lot of money unfairly. We don't drive in London and have no idea of the time it takes to go to Southend airport,why did the company which makes a business out of these airport drives didn't tell us to leave earlier ?? Another strange thing: when I first called the company to say there was a problem , they said that the pickup time on their system was 7:10 am which would have been fine ! Do you think I can claim for a compensation or bring the case to court? Thanks for the help! ; ) Jerome
  20. A meeting was called by the management last Monday. Some of the staff were told their hours were being changed. This is a council workplace and nobody is losing any hours BUT some of us are being asked to start later / finish later. We have been given 10 days notice of a change of hours. I raised the question about the short notice and i was referred to a meeting that was held 2 months ago. When this was raised previously we were given the impression by the outgoing manager that these plans had been dropped. We have now been told we have to be flexible and there is no more conversation to be had on the subject. In my head i think you had to have 3 months notice. I would appreciate any input / views of others. Thank you.
  21. been on a dmp for 8 years now, biggest debt is a 20k loan with natwest which got passed to eversheds everything been fine (as far as fine can been with debt!) until the dmp company got in touch to say that from january, eversheds were no longer accepting monthly payments as they don't have a record of the debt anymore?! had no letters off them so dmp are wanting to find out whats happened to it did manage to reclaim ppi from them about 3 years ago for 3k which came from rbs, but atm don't know if this is good or bad news?!
  22. Hello all. Have now been self employed since May of 2014 and am coming up to the end of the tax year (April). I have been using the gov.uk site and HMRC to try and get some answers as trying to get through to the tax offices for advice takes forever. As a SE person with a home business I use 1 room of my property exclusively for the business. There are tax allowances for doing this and what you can claim (rent) appears to be associated with the floor area of the property or the number of rooms in the property. My problem is that there appears to be no guidelines as to what is counted as a room and what is not or how to calculate floor space of the property that is taken into consideration. . The property I am in consists of 4 bedrooms (1 is the workspace) 1 large lounge/living room 1 kitchen, 1 bathroom, a hall way (narrow), a landing (narrow), a very small toilet (upstairs) and a back porch(v.small) My question is What is the total number of rooms that I should use so as to be able to calculate the percentage of rent/usage allowance I should use when filling in my returns. Thanks for any replies.
  23. hi, am new to this site and would like some advice about how much i should be offering to littlewoods & very which i owe around £8000 once bnpl & charges are added, i am on benefits with 3 children & struggling to make ends meet at the mo ....& just dont no which way to turn, i have been struggling every month to pay them £204 which is taking me more & more overdrawn with my bank... ..thankyou in advance!!!!! hi, thankyou very much for the speedy replie, how do i go about offering them £1pcm do i need to put this in writing !!! thanks! ok, thanks dx, will send letter off today, what do i do if they say there passing it over to a debt collection agencie, will also start process about reclaiming charges!!! but as im only paying £1pcm they are just gunna add more & more charges thanks!! is there any template letters on here which could help me write up the correct sort of letter i need to send them!!!!!thanks again thanks, dx maybe be able to enjoy a good xmas with my kids now without the need to worry!!! very wont take offer of 5 pound pcm and say they are passing the debt over to nationwide debt recovery on the 15th, at wits end now just dont no what to do for the best thanks, but they say its being passed to dca on the 15th any advice on how to deal with these companys and what can they do just dont no which way to turn with this anymore, thanks thanks for the advice, but what can these dca do and how should i deal with them thanks once again. thanks, but keep thinking bailiffs are going to turn up at the door. thanks, for all the advice is there any sort of letter i could send to stop all the the rubbish im about to get from the nationwide debt recovery thanks. ok thanks ill try this and see how it goes just dint wont bailiffs banging on the door, these companys make me sick the way they treat you, always paid full amount on time but now i can no longer do that through not being able to work due to ill health, with 3 young children to look after they are slowly grinding me down thanks again for the advice on this. recieved letter from ndr this morning demanding payment, but yet very has still sent monthly statement out and took the £5 which i am paying every month but who do i pay now ndr or carry on making £5pcm to very ? or is ther any sort of letter i can send to ndr just dont no what to do.........thanks Hi could some one give me any idea if my partner will be able to claim working tax credits , I claim ESA contribution base have 3 children and get child tax and my partner works 27 hours per week will she be able to claim working tax or does my benefit affect it thanks any info would be fantastic Ok thanks Hi all hope someone can help , would like to no if there is anyway I can get very to stop adding interest to my account so that I can begin to start seeing the balance come down instead of going up and up any help on this would be great thanks Hi could anybody tell me how I could possible get very to stop adding intrest to my account so I can start to see the balance coming down instead of getting higher and higher any help would be really great with this as I just don't no what to do thankyou Hi all, Any help much appreciated. My little woods acct has now been sold to cap quest. I owe £5013.76 majority of this is interest and charges I am not disputing I owe them money but not wanting to pay all the interest and charges . I spoke to cap quest this morning and they are asking me what exactly I'm disputing as they will go back to little woods and tell them this as I have no involvement with little woods anymore. capquest are going back to little woods to get all my statements from 2008 (when acct was opened). I am disputing the fact that 1 month they would put interest on then they wouldn't and now my acct has spiraled out of control due to this matter. I want to know if they send me my statements out back from 2008 but don't send them all back do I have to pay all the debt even if there's statements missing or have no signature against them. Re: littlewoods & very!!! Hi all, Any help much appreciated. My little woods acct has now been sold to cap quest. I owe £5013.76 majority of this is interest and charges I am not disputing I owe them money but not wanting to pay all the interest and charges . I spoke to cap quest this morning and they are asking me what exactly I'm disputing as they will go back to little woods and tell them this as I have no involvement with little woods anymore. capquest are going back to little woods to get all my statements from 2008 (when acct was opened). I am disputing the fact that 1 month they would put interest on then they wouldn't and now my acct has spiraled out of control due to this matter. I want to know if they send me my statements out back from 2008 but don't send them all back do I have to pay all the debt even if there's statements missing or have no signature against them. Also is there anyway I can get some of the interest to of the acct. Regards mark. Hi thanks for your help DX100uk I have started a new thread.
  24. I have 4 defaults that are sitting on my credit file with lowell. 2 are very old, one is due to come off in jan, another march or april. the 2 that are remaining are a bit newer, if i pay these off will it make my credit file better. Am i able to pay off 2 Defaults and leave the other 2 to rot off the file?
  25. Just a little bit of advice needed if possible please. The short version is: We were overpaid tax credits. We were advised in October, the chaser came maybe mid November, and after trying to call through to sort out a repayment plan numerous times and being unable to ever connect during my lunch time(s), I wrote directly offering to repay back at a rate I was originally overpaid. Having only been a couple of weeks ago, I wasn't unduly worried about not receiving a reply, but instead have now received (hopefully attached) a letter from Rossendales instead. This came yesterday (4 December), and they have started ringing today (according to my partner). I have no problem paying the money back, but just wanted to know what kind of repayment Rossendales were likely to accept. (I am thinking around £150-£180 per month on £1800 debt). And yes, I know, I should have sorted this directly with Tax Credits after receiving the initial notice in October, but a few pointers would be helpful about what I might expect, because I/we certainly haven't got the money to repay all in one go. Thanks.
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