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  1. Many Thanks to both of you. If he needs any more help over the coming months I know where to come.
  2. Thanks Dx100uk he's just sent me a scan of the direct debit confirmation letter he received yesterday naming her not him and showing dd coming out of new personal account.
  3. Can YF confirm :- 1. This was not a joint m/ship for them both. Just her 2. His ex was the named member. Yes but not ex yet, but moved out and living with someone else 3. She signed the m/ship agreement and DD mandate, not him. Yes she signed not him, he has signed nothing 4. Who was the gym admin company. harlands as Dx100uk says I just want to be clear before we advise him to reclaim the DD payment.
  4. Morning Slick Thanks once again for your help Spoke with my Pal The bank said they would move ALL direct debits that were from Joint account to the new account but told my mate that he needed to speak to gym about the gym membership DD and then cancel it if he could. He phoned the actual gym and was given another Telephone Number to ring which I'm guessing was the Gym Admin. ( I will find out who later hopefully) He rang them and was told he wasnt allowed cancel and he had to continue paying it even though his wife was no longer at hime and teh joint acc was frozen, If he did cancel his credit rating and the entire household would be affected. debt leters etc etc would go to his house and affect him
  5. Morning Slick I will find out this info for definite later on today when I see him
  6. Just been on phone he signed no dd or gym forms either before or at the bank, Nothing
  7. Hello Slick Thank you for taking the time to help. 1. Please confirm what gym this is about. Spectrum Leisure 2. Was the gym fee being paid from the joint a/c. Yes until my friend went to his bank and had the joint acc frozen by the bank manager. while there he set up a new Back acc in his name only for direct debits. Bank manager said to set up all exiting DD and to phone GYm and explain situation he did this and was told he would have to pay or his credit rating would be damaged and letters etc would go to his house. He was scared about this and decided just to pay. 3. Who signed the gym m/ship form and/or DD mandate. As far as I know she signed both but I cant get through on phone to confirm, will confirm as soon as I know If YF paid a DD when he did not have to, he may be able to have it refunded but answer my Q's first please
  8. Thanks dx100uk So even though he has made a payment from new bank account. there are no divorce proceedings started, they still have a joint mortgage and had a joint bank account he definitely is not liable? so all and any debt in her name alone incurred while living at the joint residence cannot affect his credit score etc only hers? does he need to send a letter to the credit reference agencies or anything, someone told him about a letter of disassociation or something like that Many Thanks again
  9. Hello 1st post and I hope I'm posting in correct forum. if not could Mods please move post. The wife of a friend of mine has walked out a couple of weeks ago. Shes has walked away and left everything in limbo. Friend phoned the bank and arranged an appointment where they froze the joint account , opened a new account in his name only so he can have his wages paid in, pay bills / dd/so and mortgage etc Wife had a gym membership, He phoned the gym to tell them she had left, bank acc closed and they told him he was liable , so he set up new direct debit from new account and was going to pay. 1st payment from new account already been paid. Is he liable, can he cancel. any letter templates available Ideas or advice appreciated Many Thanks
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