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Found 17 results

  1. Hi, I am looking for some guidance. My partner who has a private hire cab stopped outside a restaurant and went in looking for a customer (not realising that it was in fact a loading bay). Came out to find a ticket on the car. The PCN states that the offence code is 02 'Parked or loading/unloading in a restricted street where waiting and loading/unloading restrictions are in force'. This is under s78 civil enforcement of parking contraventions under the traffic management act 2004. The time the contravention was observed was only 1 minute. I am just wondering i
  2. Hello I would like to make a claim against several private hire companies in London on behalf of myself and other drivers and am looking for advice, after Uber lost their case and 19 drivers won their case me being one of the dr leighday.co.uk/News/News...-Tribunal-find judiciary.gov.uk/wp-cont...s-20161028.pdf Should i issue county court claim against the other private hire companies ( many drivers will qualify for reduced or no county court fees as their hourly pay is so low) or issue claim in employment tribunal? Thanks for any advice. I would prefer to use the
  3. Need info on regarding a PCN on shared use taxi rank. On TSM chapter 5 7.43, it states that LA will need special authorisation from Dft on use of diagram 650.1 (no stopping except taxis). But the new TSGRD 2016 which came on force since april this year, there's a para stating: Confused with the wording but is it to say that LA will not need authorisation from Dft? Thinking of contesting the PCN as it's a non-prescribed sign (650.1) but noticed the new changes. Caught out in Aldershot station road. Pay parking until 7PM and taxi rank from 8PM . Original TSM chapter 5 wor
  4. I booked a coach journey with Terravision from Manchester to Liverpool Airport. Pickup Manchester: 14:40 Arrives Liverpool Airport: 15:30 We were informed at around 14:50/55 that the coach would be 55 minutes late and that all buses throughout the day were actually around 30 minutes late. What annoyed us is if they were aware in advance that buses were running late all day long, then why weren't we informed? or a notice placed in the waiting area? so we could seek alliterative transport such as another bus company/ train and so on. This left us no alternative but to order
  5. Hi i'm a taxi driver and was on the lookout for a new 8 seater cab with wheelchair access as my current vehicle was ready for the knackers yard and after shopping about decided to use a company call cab direct. I ordered a peugeot eurobus with them on 27/7/2015 on finance and paid £1000 pound deposit. I felt after speaking with salesman on the phone that things were a little rushed by him and he didnt quite explain things but i assumed with them being suppliers to the taxi trade and after looking at the pictures of vehicles on their wesite that they would know what they were doing. W
  6. Hi, I started my own taxi company approx. 1 year ago and I am a one man band, very recently I reversed into a fence when I was dropping off a fare. I went to see the owner of the property, who was a lady, and I offered to replace the damaged fence panel. The lady said, o.k., that's fine, it was probably rotten anyway. I went back the following day to get the fence panel measurements (2 pieces of wood 6" x 71"), but later that evening I received an email from someone else claiming to be the owner of the property saying that he can't shut his gate
  7. Hello. I used to use Uber shortly after it launched in Manchester, but have found that their service recently has gone downhill and is less good value (nearly always get surge pricing and the drivers are often late or rude). I've been onto their website to deactivate my account and remove my payment information - but have found there is no option to do so. I can add as many credit/debit cards as I like, but once they're on uber's system there's no way to remove them, despite Uber's help pages claiming otherwise! I've tried this on multiple devices/web browsers, all with the same result.
  8. Hello. I used to use Uber (the private hire - taxi equivalent service) shortly after it launched in Manchester, but have found that their service recently has gone downhill and is less good value (nearly always get surge pricing and the drivers are often late or rude). I've been onto their website to deactivate my account and remove my payment information - but have found there is no option to do so. I can add as many credit/debit cards as I like, but once they're on uber's system there's no way to remove them, despite Uber's help pages claiming otherwise! I've tried this on multip
  9. Hi All, We had booked with my wife on Wednesday night a taxi to drive us from Putney to Southend airport on Thursday morning. My wife said on the phone that we had a plane to catch at 11:15 and that we wanted to have plenty of time (because we are travelling with a little 8 months old baby) so we asked to be there at 10am for safety. The taxi company told us to be ready at 8am, the fare would be 75£ The driver picked us on time and got stuck in a lot of traffic in london area At some point we asked him if his GPS was right, stating that we would approximatively be at the airport ar
  10. I received a court summons for unpaid car tax. I am so stupid! I got the car end of October and I was meant to pay for car tax, but kept forgetting. Anyway the car broke in November and has had lots of issues that I have taken it to places to get looked at and haven't taxes or sorn it. I did receive a letter in November for a fine, but I was so stressed out I completely forgot about it until today. I understands am guilty and will plea this, but I am worried about if I would go to prison or how much the fine could be. Can I do anything to prevent this going to court if I paid the initial
  11. Sent to me in an email.... We were dressed and ready to go out for a Dinner & Theatre evening. We turned on a 'night light', turned the answering machine on, covered our pet budgie and put the cat in the back garden. We phoned the local Taxi company and requested a taxi. The taxi arrived and we opened the front door to leave the house. As we walked out the door, the cat we had put out in the yard scooted back into the house. We didn't want the cat shut in the house because she always tries to get at the budgie. My wife walked on out to the taxi,
  12. Hi all, Yesterday I booked a taxi to take me to the train station and specified the time for it to arrive. The taxi arrived 15minutes late and as a result I had to watch my train pull away from the platform when the taxi arrived. This resulted in me having to buy a new ticket, close to £100. The taxi company have described the situation as 'unfortunate' but do not accept responsibility. I was told the taxi would arrive at the time I had requested and in my mind entered an agreement. The train fare is substantial enough for me to feel I should go to Small Claims. Am I right
  13. Hi all, earlier today I got a parking ticket for £70 whilst I was parked on a Taxi Rank, strange, seeing that I drive a taxi, the Council Parking Warden said that because I was not in my Taxi,( I had nipped out for a pee) he could give me a ticket. The sign next to the Taxi Rank says "No stopping except Taxis at anytime" it does not mention anything about the Taxi needing to be attended. I know that I am supposed to be by my Taxi and available for hire if I am on a Rank, but that is a matter for the licensing officer and not a parking offence I hope. Has anybody got experience of this, or know
  14. Hi there, i discovered this forum and just need advice re buying a duff taxi. vehicle is 2 months old, faulty steering box, which being a safety issue, vosa inolved, vehicle off the road, and tfl suspended 313 taxi drivers licence plates. My questions are: if a manufacturer goes broke and i have 4yrs of finance left to pay on vehicle, can i legally back the vehicle, informing the finance company, blackhorse, that the vehicle is not fit for purpose, so cancel aggreement?. this being a last resort!...And can i request a suspension of monthly payments until vehicle i
  15. Hi I recently applied for a taxi badge licence , I passed the medical and the theory , but when it came to sending over my badge I received a letter starting I need to go to a tribunal and explain my criminal record and driving fines and penalties. At the tribunal I explained about my speeding fine an SP30 and an IN10 which came up to 9 points and my criminal convictions one of which I was 17 , I am now 28! They sent me out of the room and only took 3 mins to decide I shouldn't have the license and that I was an unfit and untrustworthy candidate to hold the licence of which I feel cheated
  16. The areas of focus will include: A taskforce to tackle tax evasion among buy-to-let landlords will focus on East Anglia, London, Leeds, York, Leicester, Nottingham, Lincoln, Durham and Sunderland and is expected to recover £17million; A crackdown on taxi firms in Nottingham, Yorkshire, Leicestershire and Derbyshire, expected to recover more than £2million; Targeting London’s indoor and outdoor market traders to recover £1.85million; A focus on restaurants in the Midlands to recover £2.5m. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/news/article-2152701/Taxman-target-buy
  17. I had stopped in a taxi rank in London whilst I was waiting for someone, although I did not know it was one. In my defence, I have always seen cars parked there (in fact there were 2 at that moment and in the 5 years I have lived in the area I have never seen a taxi there) and as I was approaching the box was faded, the signage was a few metres further up (and it was night time), so I really had no idea. I stopped behind another car. Whilst I was waiting a black taxi pulled up next to me and angrily shouted "oi, move!". I obviously had no idea why he shouted and to be honest got a littl
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