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  1. Hi Brass, no - that definitely wasnt the issue as they admitted to amount was only missing the £235. I'm just confused - if they didnt leave a note, then what proof do i have they had come to my property? Thanks
  2. I paid Marston directly online, I have a receipt for that, and yes, included the £75 in that figure. I've now received a response from the bailiff when I questioned if he visited - "There is an enforcement fee charged and logged with a visit on the 08/11/2019 at 06:20 hrs. I don't know if a letter was left or not. A second visit was logged yesterday morning at 06:31 when your vehicle was spotted parked a cross the road from your address. You can access the full log of all these visits with GPS coordinates from Marston Group. In order to get access to this you have to file a Data Subject Access Request with Marston Group. I will be on XXXXXXX around 09:30 am tomorrow and I can show you what it is recorded on the system. Regards, Marstons" I really dont want to pay and then have to claim back with a small claims court if necessary (although have done that and received £1000 in compensation) Thoughts?
  3. Yes, i received the letter and £75 compliance in the post. That gave me until the 8th to sort out an arrangement. I didnt as was away for the weekend. I got a text from the enforcement agent to say i really need to get this sorted, and I paid yesterday. Today I received a note from him through the door to say the enforcement fee is outstanding. His text says ' On the 8/11 the case passed to an enforcement stage and the statutory fee of £235 was added making the balance £513 as of Friday 8/11. I've contacted you yesterday in order to avoid getting the car clamped etc...: He text me as i've had some dealings with him years ago, so i guess he was helping me out (although only to make sure he got paid..) Their office seem to imply their is satellite confirmation that he came to my property, but 100% no letter received through the door.
  4. Hi - thanks for your help! I had a parking ticket that went to Marstons to be settled by the 7th November, I thought it was the 17th I went online to pay it yesterday (so 1 working day later) and they had added the further £235 Enforcement fee? There had been no visits or letters from them - is this charge legal without them actually doing anything further? Thanks, Jason
  5. Sorry I haven't updated, I spent most of the afternoon on the phone! it turns out that the bailiff I was dealing with, who was refusing to go into further details about the payment arrangement I had apparently made, was lying through his teeth. I had originally spoken to another bailiff, prior to it going on hold, and had simply said that it's going on hold, let's see what happens later. He had then just postponed everything, with NO payment arrangement in place. I called this bailiff, and he confirmed that to be the case. I then called Mr New Aggressive Bailiff who again huffed and puffed, refused to listen and put the phone down - but then had to agree that I was right! It's now back with the original bailiff, and an arrangement in place. No apology of course. I have now raised a formal complaint against Mr New Aggressive Bailiff, and am claiming costs for every phone call and email I've had to make, and for the stress I've had over the last week - I literally have been up at night thinking there is going to be a knock at my door at 6am from this bully who I cannot even have a reasonable conversation with. He refused to speak to me properly, and Equita were no help of course. If Equita do not respond within 14 days, I'll go the small claims court. I've done it before, and won. I will not be bullied into submission by somebody who clearly just revels in the abuse of power he has. I'll keep you all posted! Thanks, Mr J
  6. Hi - sorry this is a separate but partly related to the other post i raised, but I need to know - I had originally made a payment arrangement on one of my outstanding charges, made the first payment, but then the case got put on hold by TFL. Equita are telling me that despite it being on hold, I should have made the second payment, and it's now a broken arrangement, and full force of the bailiff upon me. Is that right? Surely if a new case is on hold completely and doesn't require payment during that time, one that has been part paid is also on hold? Is there a legal precedent that I can actually prove to Equita? Again, this is relating to an imminent visit. Thanks, Jude
  7. Thanks - I've been taking precautions for a few weeks, I've been stung before. Problem is, Equita wont talk to me because they say all info is with the bailiff, so I cannot even get a manager to call me back! I'll await further technical expertise! Jude
  8. Hi - thank you for your help in advance! Let me summarise where i'm at, and please let me know if procedure has or hasnt been followed in this situation, it's time critical. - 4 congestion charge penalties (all being contested due to failure of TFL to register my car) - 2 had already gone to enforcement, 2 I'd received the Order for Recovery, but had not yet gone to enforcement - I had already made an arrangement with one of them to pay half, which i had done to Equita - All 4 were put on hold in August following a TE7 & TE9 declaration, this was back in August - I kept phoning Equita to confirm things were on hold, last conversation was 2 weeks ago, they confirmed that 'it looks like 2 have been cancelled completely, and 2 are on hold' - I received no further correspondence until a text on 12th October from a bailiff saying he was coming round to my property at 4pm the next day - I was abroad, so nothing happened, spoke to him yesterday - He said they were taken off hold on 5th October, he's been ordered to recover them all, and because there is a broken arrangement on one, he has to take everything, no further arrangements - I called TFL who advised they were taken off hold on the 11th October - I cannot have a normal conversation with this Bailiff, he's extremely rude, and says he's coming tomorrow to collect everything, or remove goods - I have since checked and I received an email from TEC on Sunday 1st October (went to junk), with no specific PCN numbers, just saying that the appeals have been rejected, and I have 14 days to file an N244 if I want to take it further So my questions are - Does Equita have to send me notice that the appeal has been rejected? Does TEC have to send a letter? As 2 of the PCNs were at Order for Recovery stage when they went on hold, would it not stay at that stage for a time, prior to going to enforcement? Is the 14 day period to file an N244 calendar or working days? How do I get a reason for the TE7 & TE9 being refused? Does a bailiff have to offer an payment arrangement option? Thank you so much! Jude
  9. Hi - i'd be very interested in hearing the views of some of the forum regarding an issue i've been looking into for around 2 years. It involves a piece of land that used to be free to park in, but a few years ago was changed to a Met Parking enforced zone, free, but for 2 hours. The legality of how it was originally voted for is sketchy, but a supposed consultation with 5 local shops suggested it was a good idea - no residents were consulted, and with parking terrible on the main roads, this has meant sometimes there is no option but to park and leave the car there, resulting in tickets. Over the last 2 years i have tried to find out the name of the contact at Barnet Council who organised the consultation, and who runs the contract with Met Parking. Nobody has been able to give that to me, not even with a FOI request, and in fact there was originally a debate over who the land belonged to. The Council insisted it was Barnet Homes, whilst Barnet Homes said it wasnt them. It took myself to show the land registry documentation and the council's asset register to prove it was the councils. Met Parking refuse to offer any help as to who their contact is, and I have now escalated it because i have over £1000 of parking tickets piling up. I can only assume that the contract was instigated by an individual within the council, possibly on receipt of backhanders possibly not (no liable there), who may have now left, and nobody has a clue what the story is. My premise is that the original consultation was totally inadequate, and it should have been made a residents car park, but at the moment I am waiting for the Head of the Council to revert with help if he can, other than that I'm at a loss. I'm happy to talk through the information I have with somebody, as i said, it's an interesting one, and I'm sure one of you would love to get your teeth into Thanks, Jude
  10. Hi - I received a parking ticket that wasn't paid, and one thing led to another - it went to Task Enforcement, who sent a letter telling me I needed to pay. I called to ask if i could pay in instalments, they said i need to pay it all - so said I would pay by the end of October. As it happens, my work had an issue with their PAYE, and it didn't go through on time, and I didn't pay - my fault entirely. I thought they'd send me a reminder, and forgot about it. QI received nothing from Task - until a phone call from my wife to say my car had been clamped, on Friday morning. I was then told because it was a broken arrangement, they didnt need to send me any further letters, they can come straight away, and demand full payment, plus bailiff costs. The charge was £75 Compliance, and £235 Enforcement, plus the initial ticket. The other thing to add is my wife is 9 months pregnant - and she uses that car. It is registered to me though. Question 1 - can they come with no warning for a broken arrangement? I didnt even think about breaking it - just one of those delaying tactics i guess, and you expect a reminder letter first. Question 2- can they charge for compliance and enforcement without visiting my house or dropping another letter - and go straight to charge both upon clamping my car? Question 3 - does the fact my wife is pregnant change the charge they can levy? I have obviously paid this, but would like some money back if i can! Thanks, Jude
  11. Hi - I had a visit from a bailiff at 6.15am, he had clamped by car and was apparently going to take it - I've asked for help on a different thread about the case. It was an Equita bailiff. Question is - can he actually turn up at 6.15? I've read different things online, this was for an outstanding congestion charge, it woke my wife and kids up as he knocked prettty hard on the door - I am certain that it can't be a reasonable time and nobody can justify that it is? Any advice please? If it's wrong I will be seeking damages for stress to my wife and children (which i've successfully done before). Thanks, Jude
  12. Sorry - forgot to say that when he knocked he said that he'd clamped my car. There was defintely no van anywhere near it though. Thanks, Jude
  13. Hi - wonder ifanybody can give me some advice. I had a congestioncharge penalty that i was disputing, and CCLondon took it off hold without meknowing. A slightly separate point. I received a letteron Friday 18th January, from Equita, telling me I owed them £200.44 and warranthad ben issued etc.. and i needed to pay. I was unable to call on Friday so wasplanning on calling Monday. Monday at 6.15 am,I, and my wife and 4 kids were woken by a bailiff demanding £573. As I was halfasleep I paid this, and questioned the breakdown, he said he'd drop one round. The breakdown hegave me was - £200.44 – initial debt £11.20 – first letter £57 – first visit £195 – enforcement attendance with intent to remove £60 – visit £1.50 additional charge I know - something is missing too, I dont know what. Now, given that theletter was dated the 15th January, and received on the 18th January, how is itpossible to rack up the additional bill over the weekend? And is that £195 alegitimate charge for 'enforcement'? I'm about to write a letter to Equita, so all advice gratefully received. Jude
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