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  1. I know - but it's the downright lying that gets me. I've paid part of the first fine, it's now been put on hold as TEC have got involved - but for them to say this and not give me proof somebody has been to my property is just wrong. I think I'll go down the small claims court, as this has really stressed me out - it's causing me a lot of grief.
  2. Ok, so a quick update - turns out TEC had missed one of the documents I put through, which it was it wasn't actioned. Either way, I continued with the access request, as I did not receive any letter through the door confirming a visit. I've now received the following back from Marston - which doesn't surprise me, but seriously, what now?! I want footage proving he actually came to my house, and put a letter through my door, or at least knocked. This is downright ridiculous. Any help please! 15 September 2020 Dear XXXX Re: Data Subje
  3. The TEC cancelled it - but that was last Wednesday, it clearly hadn't got to the council yet. And of course Marston won't reason with you at all. And when they clamp the car and I need to get to work, not much choice I have! I'm awaiting video evidence, the reply from TEC and the council, and then will confirm my next steps. Everybody in the council is still working from home all over the country (the parking team are in Scotland!) so tricky to speak to somebody who has any influence. But I dont give up. First thing is video evidence, and if he didn't actually come to
  4. I can't wait for the video evidence. It's amazing how many visits they claim to make without leaving evidence. I guarantee it will be obscured or something. If they haven't visited, or can't prove it, it's straight to the small claims court for fraud.
  5. No - I didnt? I didn't pay it. It's been on hold and fighting with the council over lack of responses - went to Marston, filed with TEC, Marston came today, clamped the car, said a visit had happened on Monday!
  6. Sorry - fresh visit on Bank Holiday, resulting in the (correct) additional £235 fees. But no evidence of that visit. Car clamped this morning, no extra fees for the clamp. But as I said, fighting the whole thing as it seems TEC didnt get the message back to the Council. My beef is with a visit on bank holiday, and charging fees for that. (and then nothing left at the visit)
  7. Not anymore, car got clamped this morning, so had to pay it all. I'd been fighting this, it went to TEC, cancelled, but doesnt look like the council updated Marston in time. Plus - a supposed visit happened on Monday bank holiday, for which I've asked for video evidence. Either way, it's now a case of clawing it all back through the courts if necessary, which i've had to do previously.
  8. Hi - I had a visit from Marston on Bank Holiday (when I say visit, they say they came, I've received no letters, so awaiting the camera footage) - but I was out all day with my family. They of course counted this as a first visit, and increased my charge by £235. It's for a parking charge - can they come on a Bank Holiday? I thought Sundays & Bank holidays were sacred. Please advise Jude
  9. Hi Brass, no - that definitely wasnt the issue as they admitted to amount was only missing the £235. I'm just confused - if they didnt leave a note, then what proof do i have they had come to my property? Thanks
  10. Do they not need to leave a note? I've had experience where they say they've been and havent.
  11. I paid Marston directly online, I have a receipt for that, and yes, included the £75 in that figure. I've now received a response from the bailiff when I questioned if he visited - "There is an enforcement fee charged and logged with a visit on the 08/11/2019 at 06:20 hrs. I don't know if a letter was left or not. A second visit was logged yesterday morning at 06:31 when your vehicle was spotted parked a cross the road from your address. You can access the full log of all these visits with GPS coordinates from Marston Group. I
  12. Yes, i received the letter and £75 compliance in the post. That gave me until the 8th to sort out an arrangement. I didnt as was away for the weekend. I got a text from the enforcement agent to say i really need to get this sorted, and I paid yesterday. Today I received a note from him through the door to say the enforcement fee is outstanding. His text says ' On the 8/11 the case passed to an enforcement stage and the statutory fee of £235 was added making the balance £513 as of Friday 8/11. I've contacted you yesterday in order to avoid get
  13. Hi - thanks for your help! I had a parking ticket that went to Marstons to be settled by the 7th November, I thought it was the 17th I went online to pay it yesterday (so 1 working day later) and they had added the further £235 Enforcement fee? There had been no visits or letters from them - is this charge legal without them actually doing anything further? Thanks, Jason
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