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  1. why Northampton there is nothing on the form about northampton the only place identified is the the county court money claim centre which says its in salford Tel No 03001231372 or the solicitors which is howard cohen in leeds
  2. hello all looking for some help regarding a letter my wife received at our previous address which has been passed to us. its a notice of application for attachment of earnings order with a case number the judgement is Hoist portfolio holding 2 ltd the letter/form says that a judgement has been made against the wife for £1800. shes not even sure what its for as we have received no correspondance regarding this. can anyone help direct me as to what we need to do next i have a feeling that whatever it relates tro is at least 6 years old and as such statute barred but what i
  3. this may sound stupid but i have no idea i just seem to have forgotten about it ill take a punt and say at least 4 years ago, the last time i talked i said i was having difficulties and they basically locked the card so i couldnt use it ( which was Ok by me)
  4. letter on the mat from M&S stating that " we have asigned Arrow Global ltd to take ownership of your account from 21st Jan 2016" and some other stuff about westcott will manage the account also included is a notice of assignment stating the original agreeement was 26th April 2007 ( i have no idea if this is correct as its that long ago) i havent received anything from M&S for years and to be honest id forgotten about it. all help appreciated
  5. Long story short relationship breakdown Unable to meet payments Offered a set sum which I paid every month included income and expenditure received no reply Passed to Robinson way
  6. The letter from them States it's about a Halifax account I should imagine the debt is on my credit file I accept the debt just annoyed that Halifax have ignored my requests to sort it out amicably and sent straight to a dca
  7. As title suggests I have hit financial hardship and have written to my creditors with a breakdown of my financial in and out goings Mint have accepted a reduced payment but Halifax have ignored the request and have sent it straight to a debt collection agency. Robinson Way a. Can they do this ? B. Should they have at least replied explaining why they are unable to accept my offer C. Should I tell the debt agency to do one and only deal with Halifax All thanks for any responses
  8. Yes the first letter was sent via recorded delivery yes they have contacted me before to which i sent the first letter Phew!! that lot just went over my head:confused:
  9. i have just received a letter from Credit Security Limited saying hey have tried to contact me and unless they receive payment and a payment proposal by noon on the 10th of May a claim will be prepared for issue at Aylsbury court for the debt. i sent a letter by recorded delivery ( general debt letter template ) previously in March saying i knew nothing of the debt ( which i dont ) and have had no reply since. what is my next port of call ? also if it does go to court can i apply for it to be heard in my home town rather than travel down to aylsbury
  10. Following on from my previous thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/202380-help-cabot-asking-unknown.html ( thanks to everyone that helped me ) Cabot have now find another alleged account that they say is my wifes. yet again it is for a Vanquis classic card ( how many can one person take out :?) but this time after they have rung numerous times we have told them to contact us via mail. we have now received 4 letters in 2 days:D Letter 1 welcomes me to Cabot ( i never wanted to enter:D ) and says the wife owes £306.05 letter 2
  11. council car park and car is registered in wifes name and at our address
  12. whew ive only been a member for one day and this is my second thread. basically me and the wife both work for the council and when on work business we are given stickers to let us park in certain parking spaces in Sheffield. the wife has used this particular car park for years but was given a ticket when she rung to complain she was told that they had been changed and we were no longer allowed to park there ( fair enough down to our department to tell us these things ). so the next day she parked in another car park guess what this had been changed another ticket. well we
  13. well ive copied the letter but made some adjustments to counter the fact that the wife made some payments is this ok i've highlighted what has been altered. should i also send a letter asking for the CCA just to back myself up ?
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