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  1. Thanks for the quick replays guy, two question does the Date of default 08/02/2010 sound right if my last payment to them was 16 sep 2009 seems a long time to make a default after the last payment 4+months, i have checked again and the only payment to them i can find is 16 sep 09. If it is statute barred can i get the oct,nov and dec 2015 cabot defaults removed ? because its just under 6 years between them. Once again thanks for any help. Cheers al.
  2. Hi all, i have been getting letter from cabots for the last 12 weeks (oct/nov 2015) now i have one from restons solicitors seeking immediate payment because cabot have now acquired the rights to the account on the 28th sep 15 (£900 cc) etc, this has to be paid by the 1st feb 16 or they have instruction from cabots to issue a county court claim. So the next thing i check is my credit record with noddle this is what i found: Name Mr bla bla Address bla Date of birth bla Account type Credit Card Account number ****10500000000000 Account start date 20/08/2004 Opening balance £ 1,105 Repayment frequency Monthly Date of default 08/02/2010 Default balance £ 1,105 i have 3 defaults oct,nov and dec 2015 all from cabot. After digging a bit i found that the last payment to capital one out of my bank account was 16 sep 2009 and i am sure that was the LAST now does this tally with the default on noddle @ 08/02/2010. Any help would be fantastic as i stopped working again in 2009 from a form of motor neurone disease ive had since i was 16 and i really thought my inlaws had paid all my debt off for me in 2009, so this was a real shock for me, just as a side note i moved in 2011 and never has a letter untill oct 2015. Many thank al.
  3. Hi all just a quick update, sent my prelim off on the 15th Feb for just over 5k, had a letter today from mr higley saying: Dear bigal Your complaint regarding charges has been passed to me and I am sorry we have been unable to reach an agreement with you. I am sorry that we have not yet been able to respond to you and would ask that you bear with us in the meantime. We are currently investigating and will respond to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience to date. Has anyone else had this letter? Anyway will be sending LBA on Tuesday no matter what. Cheers all
  4. I’ve had the same thing happen to me, I can not believe how much of a Mickey take this all is, I am so glad people are now standing up to this treatment . Good luck on your claim ricardodiaz , I have just started mine over 6 years bloody £5131.
  5. Hi all, had my second lot of statements today from my main account, I started to work out all the charges, took out all the adv gold fees and ended up with £5370 in unfair charges I just could not believe natwest has taken that amount in the last few years. So prelim will be going off tomorrow , wish me luck. Just a quick one, could someone look at the post above and give me some advise on my other natwest account. Cheers all.
  6. Hi all, just a quick update I have had one lot of statements for my first account, I have got £707 in unfair charges up until the 30/11/2005 when I had to stop working and all money stopped going into the account. Right the only problem ive got is a charge of £28 is still being applied to my account every month. I have come to an arrangement with them to pay off £70 a month but this charge still seems to crop up, i have now got my account down from -£750 to -£450 (I had a £300 overdraft) now the only reason it got to -£750 is because of this £28 charge, firstly I understand that at the moment the -£450 is not my money but in a few month when I get the balance back to £0 then it would be (if that makes sense) how do I go about claiming on this ? ( the £707 is when I was still paying my wages in the bank). Hope someone can help me on this ( if you understand what I am saying). Just a quick point no adv gold on this account. Thanks for any help upfront.
  7. Will do oldbear, was just looking at the court bundle , once again thanks for all for the support.
  8. Yeah oldbear i have seen the post about benefits and was going to take a look into that side of things, the last 4 weeks ive had about £150 taken out in charges, i've really been working hard on keeping my money up but what with xmas & and other things its been hard (2 kids etc). I did give natwest a call about giving the charges back to me, but no joy. That was it for me i had been thinking about reclaiming since july 06 time but never done anything, once i got off the phone last week i was so mad and here i am on this great forum.
  9. Hi all, I sent my subject access request yesterday (04-02-07) reg post, will keep everyone posted every step of the way.
  10. Thanks for the quick response nattie, that address would be: Mr Alex Lyons Data Protection Manager Retail Regulatory Risk 2nd Floor Business House B GOGARBUREN P.O.Box 1000 EDINBURGH EH12 1HQ Thanks for the help al.
  11. Hi all, before I start with some questions I would just like to say a thank you to the people who have put this site together and all the posters that have helped people over the last few years, I think its fantastic that people still want to help each other ( power to the people) J. Right my name is al and I am going to reclaim my charged for the last 6 year on 2 of my natwest accounts, I am disabled and have been since the age of 16, I have got to the point that I have had to give up work, so with this time I have read as much as I can take in every day since I joined this forum and I have just a few questions so I can get my claim started. Question 1: what address do I send my subject access request I have natwest, 135 bishopsgate, London, EC2M 3UR. Is this correct? Question 2: Can I send for info on both my account with just the one payment, I think I can but this is just a check up. Question 3: This ones for the future, I get DLA, income support, incapacity benefit and my wife gets carers allowance for me, will this mean that I will not have to pay the £30 to £120 small claims costs when I take natwest to court. I thank you all in advance for any info, I will start this thread al V natwest and will post on every thing that happens from start to finish.
  12. Hi all, I would like to say what a great site this is and how helpful everyone seems to be. My name is al and I am hoping to reclaim some of those rip off charges that the natwest bank has been making me pay for the last few years.
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