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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Everyone, First post so please be gentle.... .... just wanted to see what others thought - I have been trying to rebuild my credit following some debt issues 20 years ago. I saw the website advertised on the TV and thought I would take a look. The site is great , advising me on credit cards that could help me with rebuilding my credit. I am currently in a great job with regular income so this seemed ideal. I applied for 2 credit cards as suggested and was accepted with fairly low credit limit. I have been using these cards and paying them (not just the minimum payment) and all going well. I then received an email from the site that I regularly receive every few weeks informing me of my current credit score and to my joy the credit score had increased - within the email was an opportunity to continue increasing my score my applying for another card- I entered details and was told 90% chance - so clicked continue and filled out application online similar as before. Message popped up saying further info was required and company of credit card would contact me. 5 days later I received a letter saying that the card I applied for was declined as I had taken out a credit card only 9 months ago from the same "parent" company - this search was now to be shown on my credit file as a negative ! Now, I realise that applying for multiple cards is a bad thing for credit scoring, however I felt a bit cheated as I was only following Clearscores own email stating I should apply to continue rebuilding my credit !! Their suggestion has now ended with a negative mark on their scoring system ! I just feel a disclaimer should have been present for me to see (not hidden in layers of small print) when I applied stating that even though we have recommended this card to rebuld your credit , applications to this credit card provider may be adverse ifyou already have one of their cards.... ...Am I being reasonable or not ? Happy to hear whether you agree or disagree with me Thanks in advance Kev
  2. My Clearscore report has updated today and I have noticed that a marker is placed if a minimum payment is made on one of my credit cards. Is this information given to banks etc if they perform a credit search and does it have a negative effect on how I am scored?
  3. Hi I have today registered with the new FREE Credit Reference Agency "ClearScore (Equifax)" and have some problems with it I have a few debts (okay a lot) with companies but the report shows that there are no open accounts apart from my current Bank Accounts Under the "Closed" accounts there are all of the debts that I owe. After looking at them all I noted that nearly all of then have not reported since October 2013 and the the two Lowlife ones since 2014. This does not tally with Noddle where every month it is reported the same balances, same defaults but under the current month even though no payments have been made One example is a well known Spanish bank who are reporting to Noddle a default each month, balance does not move as nothing gets paid but with Clearscore nothing reported since 2013 I also note that what has been reported is under my old UK address as I am know an expat and have been since May 2013. At the time of emigrating I wrote and told all my creditors of my new address so there is no get out for them in that way As I am no longer resident in the UK and not resident in the European Dictatorship I have two questions ... 1 ... Would Clearscore be in breach of the data protection act by allowing me to register 2 ... Are Clearscore responsible for ensuring that they have the correct data I ask question 2 for the reason that Noddle has my address correctly on all creditors. Thanks in advance
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