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  1. Thanks DX, Can I not ignore the bailiffs all together for a few more years then contact the court after the 6 year period? I'm sure by then I won't be forced to pay them anything and that way I can just pay the 500 owed straight to the court? Thanks again!
  2. Is it a good idea to contact the bailiff company? I thought I'd avoid them at all costs but from what I read on the internet if I even paid the court directly, the money gets sent to the bailiff company first. Hmm.
  3. However I am half way across the world How do I do the above? Also thinking about it, it was only a phone call that probably lasted 5 minutes, how do I prove what was said? I just went through the folder I kept all the paperwork in and I couldn't find any letters in there regarding an agreement for the £100 monthly repayments. I may actually come back for a few weeks later next month to visit friends and family etc, how would I go about this whilst I'm there? I doubt I can sort it out that quick. Plus wouldn't that just give the bailiffs an excuse to chase me around? Thanks!
  4. Hi, I've got an odd problem here, hope I can get some advice. 3 years ago the crown court ordered me to pay £500 towards court fees, I agreed to pay and they gave me a telephone number to phone to make payment. At the time I was receiving J.S.A whilst looking for work (benefit payments while unemployed.) When I phoned the number they told me that seen as I was on J.S.A they will only deduct £100 a month from my J.S.A every month effective from my next payment. I agreed and that was the end of that, or so I thought. 6 months went by and I was offered a job abroad teaching English, I agreed to take it and got ready to leave and seen as I was moving I canceled my benefit payments etc. I moved right away however a good year after the move I got a phone call from a friend who had gone around to my old flat to pick up my mail telling me I had received a bunch of bailiff letters stating that I ow well over £2,000 pounds to some bailiff company due to non-payment of the £500 to the court. Now I know I agreed for the £500 to be deduced from my J.S.A whilst I was there and I know I was on J.S.A long enough (6 months) for the full payments to have been deducted but clearly something went wrong so I checked my online bank statements and the full J.S.A payments where paid into my account with no deductions. Now I don't mind simply paying the £500 right away, I was just going to phone the court house and give them my credit card details to deduct the £500 however I found out by doing some basic googling that because the bailiff company has taken over I will have to pay them the full amount, and only after the bailiffs fees are paid the courts fees will be paid, which I refuse to do. I haven't phoned the bailiff company or the court just yet, I thought I'd ask here first just to make sure I take the right steps at tackling this as I know bailiffs are very crafty with wording and I wouldn't want to deal with them incorrectly. Any suggestions on how to go about this? I really don't want to owe any money to the courts I'm pretty sure that's a serious offense. Thanks!
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