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  1. All they are looking for is a positive identity Carpmad. Don't tell em who you are and just deny it if they ask you "are you .........". Then politely tell em to jog on. Job done.
  2. Had a call off fidle it a while ago carpmad, told em to jog on and ain't heard anything since.
  3. Thanks guys, my wife was really worried but after reading your replies she feels a lot more at ease. As do I. Thanks a lot. Warren I'm looking forward to one of the Grand Masters replies. Hahahaha. I don't like bullies scaring people by knocking at their door.
  4. Hi guys, hope everyone is well. Been on this site a few times and think it is a superb tool and helps us against the bully boy company's out there who try and feed on hardship and vulnerability. Hopefully I can add some advice or help in the future. I have a question of my own if anyone can help. Today I had a doorstep visit from a company called Fidelite. They asked who I was so I asked who he was and his face was a picture. I never gave him my name and told him politely to jog on. He is chasing a loan debt that I took out in 2004 and haven't pa
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