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  1. My stepson left the house seven years ago. He had numerous debts. Since then I have had a long battle with various debt collection companies etc. I am sure you know what I mean constant telephone calls, letters etc. i actually won an out of court settlement with one company and have stopped all the rest sending letters or ringing. Today I got knock on the door. A man was there and stated he was from"RESOLVE". I asked to see his I.D which was refused. He then asked to speak to...............asking if he lived here. I simply stated it was none of his busines
  2. Hi all just wondering about the doorstep collectors using their own cars and if standard insurance will be enough or will they need something like hire/reward policy. sorry if this has been asked before.
  3. Hi guys, hope everyone is well. Been on this site a few times and think it is a superb tool and helps us against the bully boy company's out there who try and feed on hardship and vulnerability. Hopefully I can add some advice or help in the future. I have a question of my own if anyone can help. Today I had a doorstep visit from a company called Fidelite. They asked who I was so I asked who he was and his face was a picture. I never gave him my name and told him politely to jog on. He is chasing a loan debt that I took out in 2004 and haven't pa
  4. Please forgive me if I'm going over old ground and the info I seek is already out there but I'm very distressed and up against time. I have an outstanding debt to a private members club which despite my disputing the charges ( i cancelled the membership when i hit hard times) has apparently gone to court I received a NOTICE OF ENFORCEMENT a couple of weeks ago for the sum of #1200 approx from CES.. ..asking me to pay or make an arrangement by 21st July I am used to being sent intimidation letters by DCA's and I took no notice this morning 22nd July two CES enfor
  5. Hi everyone, sorry I'm posting a lot. Bailiff from Marstons arrived at doorstep at 8:57pm says I have to pay £797 for unpaid car tax. i ghuess it relates to a car I sold last year. I never received a magistrates summons. he says I have to pay tonight or he has to enter the property and document belongings etc... what can/should I do? thanks so much
  6. hi everyone! im just wondering what my rights are if debt collectors turn up at my house. do i have the right to tell them to get off my property as they are trespassing? im in scotland. if they refuse should i call the police? or forcefully remove them with minimum force? im just looking to know my rights, thanks everyone!
  7. Hi Everyone Hopefully someone can help with this. Last week I had a card pushed through the letter box from Scotcall saying it was a first visit and that I had to call a number etc. No more info on the card stating what it was about. I called the number to find out what it was about and was asked a heap of personal/security questions. The call went round in circles as I would not confirm my details so they could not tell me anything. I told them to put the matter in a letter so I could consider it. I heard nothing via letter. Anyway since then Mr Scotcall has visited my house no less
  8. Hi folks, hopefully someone can help. Bought and moved into a house a couple of months ago, it is an end terrace house. The front door of the house is on the side and opens into a shared driveway. The legal set up of this driveway is I believe like this: I own a 1/3 share of and have right of way across it both on foot and by car to access a gate to my private driveway at the back left of this shared driveway, and then to the road. The other 1/3 of the shared driveway is owned by the landlord of a block of around 10 flats accessed via a pedestrian gate towards t
  9. Came home to a letter and notice from Marston Bailiffs. original client was thames valley magistrates court, who issued a fine to my husband from DVLA as they did not receive logbook information of new owner. This has escalated from a £40 fine to Marston claiming they have a warrant of control and will force entry for an outstanding sum of £620.00. Could someone please let me know if they are allowed to force entry for a warrant of control and how on earth did the debt reach £620? Please help as I have no idea what to do.
  10. MMF are trying to collect on 2 accounts, both Payday loans. I have sent several requests to MMF asking for proof of my liability to the alleged debt plus a full breakdown. MMF have continued to ignore my requests and have continued to send emails and letters with their usual threats of court and doorstep collection. I sent a recorded letter on Monday 26th November and was received and signed for by MMF on Tuesday 27th November telling MMF that ALL Communication MUST BE IN WRITTING by post, and no telephone, e-mail or text contact will be tolerated, Furthermore I expressly state that I hav
  11. hi there could anyone help me i'm having a problem with getting a phone number for GR FINANCE LTD and my agent will not give me it the problem is that, i was wanting to take out another loan with the company but now my agent is saying that he wants my bank details instead of collecting the money at my door as usual I do not know much about this company as my agent will not tell me anything but say its safe and everytime i search for it i can not find a phone number anywhere.
  12. Hi Guys Any advice / help would be very much appreciated. A few weeks ago i returned home to find a hand posted brown envelope from a field representative from Scotcall asking me to phone him urgently on a mobile number. I have also had numerous phonecalls from Scotcall to my work mobile number which are becoming more frequent. As i didn't know what the debt was for or who for i ignored them. Tonight i was at work but my wife returned home from the weekly shop to be approached by a man from Scotcall asking for me, she explained that i wasn't in and didn't know wh
  13. Hi i have had 2 door step collector to my door in the last two weeks from robinson way i have been intouch with them and advise not to but they are still sending them i do owe them and offered a token payment any advise pls:shock:
  14. This lot have been harassing an employee where I work for a Wonga loan from 2009 which was repaid but apparently there was interest outstanding and charges have been continuously added till the amount they are chasing now stands at almost £1,100 (apparently just over £200 was owing in 2009). Despite several carefully worded emails being sent to them - they have not responded (no surprise) and this morning intimidating texts and voicemails were received stating that an agent would call at their house unannounced to asses their living standards. OP got angry and rang MMF "doors
  15. A group of Swansea mums have been persistently harassed and intimidated by doorstep lenders peering through their windows and even in one instance scaling the front of the house. They decided to do something about it. Cathy Newman hears their story. Almost two years ago, Serai Hann had hit rock bottom. She'd split up with her partner, was struggling to manage their two young children on her own - and to top it all, she'd taken out three "payday" loans and had no idea how she was going to repay them. Now 23-year-old Ms Hann has turned her life around, teaming up with a bunch of other mum
  16. Hi guys, My sister received a letter for council tax arrears from Bairstow and Suitor a few months back. She contacted the council and has been paying the arrears back monthly directly to them. On Saturday morning at 8am, a doorstep collector from Bairstow and Suitor turned up at her door to discuss the debt. He had a statement of the payments she'd made to the council since she made the arrangement, but claimed that because she had not informed them that she had made an arrangement directly with the council he was obliged to come and discuss this with her and prompt
  17. Hi, I came home tonight to find two HCEO on the doorstep trying to collect £6815.87 apparently owed from a Money Order, breakdown as follows: Judgement Debt - £5122.55 Judgement Costs - £0.00 Costs Of Execution - £111.75 Assessed Solicitor Costs - £0.00 *Interest To Date - £173.74 *HCEO Fees - £1532.78 Total Outstanding - £6815.82 As you can imagine this came as one hell of a shock, this all dates back to May when we moved out of our last rented property, the landlord refused to carry out any of the repairs we continually complained about, heating systems that didn't
  18. Hi All Thought I'd let you all know what's happened with Scottish Power and myself. Last summer I had a door to door salesman call by selling on behalf of Scottish Power, I don't normally do this but I listened to what he had to say as I was already thinking of leaving British Gas. The deal sounded too good to be true £35 a month Gas and the same for Electric if I paid by direct Debit. He said this would be capped until 2012 - It would never go up no matter how much I use, and I would never get a bill at the end of the contract if I had used more. he also said that if their pric
  19. In 2002 I took out a loan with Lombard direct. This was over a period of 5 years and included PPI, which I am now trying to claim back as mis-sold. However I defaulted on repayments when I lost my job and eventually this was passed to a collection agency. I have been paying Intrum Justitia every month for several years and in February this year I had a letter offering a settlement figure, which was far too high and I couldn't afford it. I then decided to ask for a copy of my credit agreement and sent the letter as advised on this forum. this was on 1st March. They replied on 11th March
  20. About a year ago I came home to find a card from a doorstep collector collecting on behalf of Lewis Group, I sent of a letter withdrawing any implied right of access to my property, I never heard any more from them after that until today when I came home (I've been working away from home since January so been away since then) and found another card from a doorstep collector on behalf of Lewis Group. This card had something about a Pre Enforcement Visit on it, and had the same name and number as the doorstep collector on the other card. There was no date or time on the card
  21. Ive been away on holiday and came home to find a card posted from above company saying to get in touch to sort a repayment plan etc with the agents name and phone number. Its a debt form Capital one for £794 a nd having looked on my credit file i defaulted on this in 9/2/2008 is that when i made the last payment? Being in Scotland can i have the debt Statue Barred as its 5 years and i have never written to them to acknowledge the debt.
  22. Hi, I have a WDA loan which MMF claim has now been assigned to them, i have sent through a CCA request with the £1.00 po on the 9th july and revoked their right to a doorstep visit in the same letter, today however i received three letters from MMF.. 1st letter giving me notice that Mackenzie hall have assigned the legal and beneficial rights, title and interest in respect to this debt, 2nd letter threatening a doorstep visit 3rd letter stating that "in relation to your notification of your revocation of the doorstep license regarding our intention to send an agent to your h
  23. Hi, Hopefully this is posted in the right area. My girlfriend has received a few letters from BCW chasing her for an outstanding debt of 8K from Aktiv Kapitol (think that's how you spell it, haven't got the letters with me!) Firstly the letters are in her married name. She has been divorced nearly 2 years and has been using her maiden name again for the last 3-4 years. She has never had a credit card/agreement with Aktiv Kapitol, so has ignored these letters. After looking through these forums, i now believe they have probably taken over the debt from someone else.
  24. Hi, First post and I was hoping someone could please help me. I had debts when I was younger, I moved house in 2005 and recently started receiving letters from lots of different random companies claiming I owe money. I ignored them as I don't believe I have any outstanding debts, credit rating excellent etc. now a man turned up at 8pm last night and spoke to a relative claiming I owe money to GE Capital from a 2000 account/store card, and that the last payment received was in 2002. He left his card so I called him and told him I am not aware of this debt and an
  25. A agent / male has visited our house when I have been out and spoken with my wife but will not hand over any paper work or business card stating that I must be the person to receive the paperwork. Apparently he has been polite enough but will now give his name but only gave his company called bdw legal but after searching I cant find anything to contact them. Only option is to wait until the next visit. My question is why wont they hand over a business card when call at the house after 8pm ? and whats the legal time to be allowed onto the home owners land ? Also is he tresp
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