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  1. of course, details when I signed up!!! thanks andy!!! so for now will ignore this letter from lowells sols, as they probably playing catch up. am now going to try and sort out paypal. will be back!!!
  2. andy, thanks for the payment info. what I will do is sign up to paypal and make a donation that way. been meaning to get paypal for months but never have!!! everything seems to be going the paypal way!!!! will sort paypal later today, so donation will be on its way. when you donate through paypal, do you or can you put in username so you know that I have made a donation???
  3. hi all, quick update!!! first off, trying to make donation but I see it comes up with making payment through paypal, though I do not have paypal, though take it I can just enter my debit card details????? asking for billing address???? also got letter from court advising of claim struck out, and also just got letter from Lowell sols telling me of change of sols!!!!!!! dated the 1st april, I was in court on the 22nd of march!!!!!! letter telling me they have file from carters & to deal with my defence. what is that about?????
  4. thanks ford. I bet the legal peeps like the judges know about the cag!!!
  5. hahaha thanks andy!!! judge said I would get letter in couple weeks confirming outcome. again thaks for reply!!!
  6. through all the excitement of being struck out, can someone explain what this actually means??? take it means that Lowell can not enforce the claim????
  7. you are more than welcome. as I say I really can not thank you all enough. all and every bit of acclaim goes to all of you on here, that help people like me. I have a couple of other rumblings that might rear there ugly head so will be back. as said before, if there is any one out there that is looking at this site and needs help, please join, sign up and ask for help. I know whats it like to look in and pluck up the courage to join. but it is the best thing I have done. it has helped me through some dark times and has made me feel a bit more positive about myself aswell.
  8. andy, a donation will be on it way. I did mean to do it around xmas new year time but money tight, my wife gets paid next week, end of month, and I will be making a donation. please do not lock thread as I will update next week. I WILL be donating, there is no doubt about that!!!!
  9. hi martin2006, many many thanks for you advise/info. all of you are fantastic!!!!!! I really can not thank all of you enough. as I said above, all of the acclaim goes to you peeps on here, you are all a great bunch of peeps!!!
  10. Hi Andy, no probs, here is my de-brief!!! Got to court and checked in. No one for Lowells there, the usher called over the tannoy three times for a rep from them to check in, but no one there!!!! called into judges room, and I quote he said: take a seat, though do not get too comfy as you will not be here long!!! struck out on court directions point 4: no witness statements or any documents received, and non attendance. I also advised judge of cpr 42 and also cpr 27. His response was how do I know so much info, I told him I had a look around the internet to educate myself!!! He said to me that my defence and witness statements were bang on, and he was very very very pleased with my paperwork and knowledge, to the point where he said he wished some barristers were as knowledgeable as me as had already thrown out a case today due to there incompetence and rubbish paperwork!!!! However, although he complemented me, the real acclaim goes to all of you guys and girls on here, without people like you people like me would be helpless and I can not thank you all enough, you have helped me more than you will ever know. I would like to add a special extra thanks to, andyorch and also dx100uk for your patience with me!!!!!
  11. evening all. well I am back from my little trip to the court. it took all of about 3 mins for the district judge to strike it out!!!!!!!!!
  12. thanks andy. have wrote down the cpr points above word for word, and will mention it when I speak!!! I take it I can still mention these points even if there is someone from lowells is there??? well, wish me luck and I will be back on 2morrow and let you all know what happens!!!!!
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