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  1. I'll find out, were both at work at the moment so I may not be able to update until later I'll reply as soon as I can Thanks
  2. Hi Friend of mine has been with an insurance company for four years, every year his policy has automatically renewed in November. This morning on his way to work he was stopped by police for no insurance! The police have seized his car and it transpires the insurance company apparently emailed him in May to say the insurance will no longer renew automatically! He has never seen an email and has always been insured and would never knowingly drive uninsured! Any advice anyone can give would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance Simon
  3. Thanks Guys for all the advice. I was under the impression that the attendance fee was only due if the agent 'ATTENDS' Thanks for the confirmation BA In the nicest possible way I hope I don't have to speak to you again
  4. Update 3 Managed to borrow the money this morning off of a family member. Just made the payment of £250 on the payment system and have called the bailiff and given him the reference number Hopefully this is now over! Thanks for all the advice
  5. I left a message on the bailiffs phone after the office gave me his number last night and also text the bailiff after an hour or so to say I had not had contact, also pointing out that I understand the implications of him turning up so would not be letting him in! And how i am trying to avoid the extra fee being applied should he do so! I also am aware that all my contact has been within 6 days of the date of the letter they sent (I think they need to give 7 days notice of attendance?) Not that it matters, I will be calling the bailiff first thing in the morning. .............. ..side note. Surely there should be some regulation to stop these people sending letters that to be honest are very important, second class! My letter arrived 1st Dec, dated 25th Nov!
  6. OK Thank you I'll keep you updated Thought I'd go one better than a phone call as my local council (Uttlesford) has a satellite office at my local library. Just been down there and explained the situation and the very nice lady said that it's not something she can deal with but she then phoned recoveries at the main council office and passed over the phone. The lady I spoke to was quite abrupt, said there was nothing she can do and that once it's with the Bailiff I have to deal with them as its like a separate contract and nothing to do with the council any more! I was on the phone less than 2 minutes! bit gob smacked to be honest! it appears that my only option is to call the Bailiffs , any further advice would be greatly appreciated!y Not sure when they close but guessing I need to do it soon Simon Update number 2! Just got off the phone with Rossendales office, actually quite a nice person on the phone ( must have been lucky) but after explaining the situation and declining the offer to pay in full, I was told the file is with an enforcement officer, given a mobile number and told to call him �� Just called the mobile, went to voice mail, left a message to call me back. �� I have also worked out I can offer £100 end of Dec £100 end of Jan (getting me to where I should be) and £50 final payment ! Not sure if he can accept that sort of thing, and I am assuming I still don't let him in the house to discuss?! Simon
  7. Thank you for the info, I may be able to get together the November payment at a push but not 100% and December will actually not be a problem. I do have a car outside but it is subject to a finance agreement. is it possible that the council could take it away from the bailiffs completely? (not sure exactly how it works!) I am also 100% up to date with this years council tax could they add it on? do they do that?
  8. It was a compliance fee of £75 if I remember correctly. Just going back through the numbers it was actually £1466.20 as an original figure not sure where I got £1700 from!
  9. Hi all I may be tempting fate here but since receiving hundreds of pages from HMRC, and immediately doing nothing back in may,I have heard nothing from either party. Fingers crossed, they've realised their mistake
  10. Hi all I have been successfully paying a payment arrangement with rossendales for the last 25 months or so, rather than direct debit I pay online via their payment page. Due to a number of things going on the last couple of months including issues with my salary and my daughter being ill and income being a bit tight after juggling things around last month I thought all was well. Yesterday I received a letter from rossendales saying I missed a payment and they now want the full balance of £250 else they are coming round to take my stuff! I genuinely forgot to pay it! I'm kicking myself! My November payment is now also due and I don't have the money to pay so will be 2 months in arrears. This was a £1700 council tax liability order plus their initial fee and I have £250 left to pay! I've been paying £50 per month for all those months Really I suppose I'm just asking if anyone can offer any advice before I make the dreaded call today, I'm not looking forward to it! Thanks in advance Simon
  11. Hi sorry, let me start at the beginning but I will try a different keep it short. Basically a friend of mine has been given notice to leave her rented accommodation she had to move out on 25th of July. She moved in temporarily with her mum and has now found another property that she will move into on the 15th. Over the last few months she had had some issues with the landlady and had built up some arrears, these were all sorted out but soon as she was clear the landlord gave notice to quit. Now due to my friend having been in financial difficulty she currently has payment plans set up with the utility companies. When she called them to let them know that she was moving to a new address when checking to confirm current details the utilities had an address that used to belong to my friends mum that was sold and is no longer anything to do with her. On asking how they got that address the electric, gas and water company all said they had received a call from the old landlord changing the address. So basically I was wondering 1. Is the landlord allowed to do that? 2. If not how can this happen surely there is some sort of data protection issue? 3. Important correspondence from utility companies that obviously can be used for ID fraud, has now been sent to a complete stranger at an address that is irrelevant to my friend on the say so of a landlord Just wondered who was at fault if anyone Thanks Simon
  12. Hi Not sure if I'm posting in the correct forum apologies if not. Can a landlord of a property someone has moved out of contact utility companies and change the address on the accounts in the name of the old tenant even though the address they have given is wrong and nothing to do with the tenant? The address they have given was an old address that the estate agent had as a forwarding address some time ago, but the property has been sold and no longer relevant to the tenant. Also as the utilities have a new address, anything they send out will not be picked up by the post office redirection service so my friend (who this relates to) will not get her post?! And info anyone can provide would be greatly apprecited Thanks in advance Simon
  13. Hi Martin Sorry for the delay in reply I've been on Nightshift and not online for a few days. Other years show 2007/2008 shows £108.18 recovored and £0 outstanding 2008/2009 shows £2084.83 recovored from this award with £0 from other awards and £0 outstanding 2009/2010 shows £0 recovored and £0 outstanding 20010/2011 shows0 recovored and £0 outstanding 2011/2012 shows £0 recovored and £484.99 outstanding 2012/2013 shows £0 recovored and £0 outstanding 2013/14 shows £580.76 recovored and £615 outstanding 2014/2015 shows £0 recovored and £0 outstanding 2015/2016 shows £0 recovored and £0 outstanding My exisiting tax credit award clearly states that there is an overpayment of £1006.16 up to the 5th April 2015 and they will collect from future awards. I don't have an issue with this however I do have an issue with the demand for £4783.56 and letters from the DCA (who I have ignored) Not sure what to do I may book an appointment with my CAB
  14. Hi Martin I have no access to any bank statements, I have changed banks a few times and moved house over the period specified ( so not kept my paperwork :/ ) Thing is my existing claim incorporates a reduced payment for over payment of £1000 and something pounds already. This demand for 4738.56 has come from nowhere, even the paperwork they have sent shows £0 overpayment outstanding in the years following the figures I supply! Confused?
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