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  1. Did you get anywhere with this. I’ve just had the exact same letter from them this morning. I parked my car and paid but I reversed into the spot. It seems that when I reversed in I thought all was fine as it seemed I was in the bay. However the photo shows that although my wheels were in, my boot overhangs the white line by a small amount - they say this is a breach. I was intending to appeal it and then say I wil defend in court
  2. Hi Everyone Hopefully someone can help with this. Last week I had a card pushed through the letter box from Scotcall saying it was a first visit and that I had to call a number etc. No more info on the card stating what it was about. I called the number to find out what it was about and was asked a heap of personal/security questions. The call went round in circles as I would not confirm my details so they could not tell me anything. I told them to put the matter in a letter so I could consider it. I heard nothing via letter. Anyway since then Mr Scotcall has visited my house no less than 4 times. Twice when I was not in so I just ignored that as no point calling them for the same nonsense. When he actually caught me at home the first time in he asked me to confirm who I was and I would not. He then gave me a sermon about his role for Scotcall and how he was to put us in contact with each other etc. I said tell them to put whatever their issue is in writing and I will not have any discussion with you. I politely closed the door and told him to leave. He stood there for a good five mins and then eventually left. He has now just been back again and I repeated what i said the first time that i will not talk to him and i want it in writing. He has a fleece type jacket on with scotcall on it and a badge with scotcall so basically the world and his wife walking past will assume I owe money and think they know my business. Anyway he stands there again after I politely say 'jog on' and after a while sticks another card through which says 'resolve call' on it and that he will call again. Twice now I have told him not to call again and i am sick of the humiliation of it...after 4 visits you would think he would give up. I believe this may be part of a debt I disputed some time ago and it is not a huge amount of money either - around 700-800 quid. I asked some questions in a letter to the original company re evidence of this supposed debt and heard nothing back so left it but I guess the debt has been passed on to these scotcall/resolve call people now. I really am reluctant to engage in any discussion with these people now, debt is probs around 5 years old anyway. I just want to stop this man turning up at my house all the time - can anyone give me a clue as to how I do this?
  3. Hi - appreciate this post is old now but wondered how you got on. I am in exactly the same position more or less. Have a defaulted account with TSB and a basic account with Lloyds. To save me opening another account I want to put all of my credits into the Lloyds account and clear the TSB OD as soon as I can. However, worried they will offset between accounts leaving me with nothing to live on. Your post seems to suggest this isn't possible so I just thought I would check and see how you got on x
  4. Am really sorry to hear that you are in the same situation - awful isn't it.
  5. Hi all Thanks for your replies. Although I take no comfort whatsoever from knowing it happens to others too at least I know it is not personal to my family. I will call them Tuesday as my son does not have capacity for dealing with DWP so it all comes down to me. That is a good idea to maybe call a couple of days before because his payments are due on Fridays and if I forget to check the bank then it ruins my weekend once I realise it has not gone nt and I have to wait until the Monday (or in this case Tuesday!) I suppose we are lucky that I work and can cover the money until they sort it out but that might not always be the case xx
  6. Hi I checked the cash point earlier today which prompted me to check online. Totally fuming - costs a fortune in phone calls as well. Once is unfortunate - twice is a joke. I just cannot see how this can happen. Last time I was told they didn't really understand why..
  7. Some of you kindly reassured me on a previous post when my son's ESA didn't go in on time. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?385670-ESA-not-paid-does-this-happen-often I checked the account today as a payment was due Friday. Now I know it was bank holiday Friday but usually where payment falls on a a Bank Holiday the benefit payment is early...well guess what nothing paid AGAIN. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what i can do. I cant cope having to deal with this every 2 weeks. The phone calls take an age being on hold all the time and then I have to wait for them to call me back etc etc... I know some people on here work/did work for DWP and wondered if they could shed any light on this. This is the only money my son has and he is relying on me again financially until this is sorted out Really not happy at all x
  8. Hi All - yes i will do. Just figured my son will be charged £10 for the unauthorised O/D so I will try to get that sorted out Thanks for all your help x
  9. Quick update - well it seems you were all right. I received a call from DWP to say that there was no reason why my sons payment had not gone in - it was a 'glitch' they will send it today! I also checked on how often his review is and he is only due in November - the guy said every 12 months. Thanks so much for your help - at least I can stop worrying and if it happens again I will know. I can watch out for his form coming closer to November too!! Great advice peeps thank you
  10. Hiya - I checked first thing this morning - praying the money was there..no such luck. If this does happen often I really wonder how on earth people cope. At least my son has me to rely on to help him resolve these issues but also help him financially as best I can while it is sorted out. What on earth do people do if this is their main source of income?? x
  11. Called them at exactly 08:00 this morning. 18 minutes on hold..... Anyway I finally get through and am told there is nothing on the system to say why the payment has not been made as usual. The lady on the phone said that if correspondance had been sent out which requires my response then she would be able to see that. She offered that information - I didn't even mention forms or anything else. Got to wait for someone in processing to look into it and call me back - hate waiting..still worried sick.
  12. The money was definately due on Friday so no mistake there. I will ring them tomorrow and hopefully it can be sorted out quickly. My big worry now is if they have put him on a review every 3 months. My son attends a special school and due to the distance this is a day of school every time! I have no objection to a regular review but given he was diagnosed when he was 2 and is now 16 - things are hardly likely to change at all. I just feel now like ESA is unreliable and that anything that comes out of my sons account - guitar lessons, swimming direct debit etc I need to make sure I can afford to pay it as I cannot guarrantee ESA will be paid on time - what an absolute pain. I have worried all weekend about this and will be on the phone at 8am in the morning
  13. Hi Ruby-Tuesday Many thanks for this. I will take your advice and just ask them and see what they say. I really didnt think that they made mistakes like that after never having a blip with child benefit or DLA but I guess different benefit different processing...
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