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  1. I've been using Credit Expert on and off for years now and received the same respsonse when I queried the insurance as I didn't want it. Personally, I don't think anyone should have to pay to view info on themselves.
  2. Does this mean if I arrange to pay £1 per month token payments with the creditor on an account that is not yet in Default then they cannot register a default as long as I don't miss a payment?
  3. Hi and thanks for the quick reply. I forgot to mention that the account was in dispute for various reasons although I've heard that being in dispute doesn't really matter anymore. The default would have dropped off in a few weeks (it's been almost 6 years since it was registered). If a new creditor adds a default in their own name will the default date be same as the original date or will it be the date of the new default and on file for another 6 years?
  4. I check my credit file two to three times a year. Last time I checked was in August and had 3 defaults as expected. I checked again today and one of the defaults (unsecured personal loan for just over £16000) was marked as settled in October 2013 - I have had no communication regarding the debt since January 2013 and was making token payments up till November 2012 but had to stop due to my finances getting worse and having to deal with priority debts. I left that address in October 2013 and my mail has been getting redirected to a relatives address. I checked Experian, Equifax & Call Credit. It is the same on all three. Has this account been sold on or is something else going on that I don't know about? I mentioned it to my sister who suggested that a creditor may have bankrupted me and that is why it's marked as settled but I checked the Insolvency Register and there is nothing on that, there is also nothing on my Credit File regarding any court information. I also checked Trust Online and there is nothing registered there. I'm trying to tidy up my Credit History as I'm looking to move into a rented property soon due to starting new work in April. The agency that renting the property say they may do a credit check so don't really want anything adverse on it. Everything else on my Credit File with all 3 agencies looks good and nothing out of place but I do find it unusual that a £16k default would be marked as settled and no communication from the creditor.
  5. Just a quick update, T-Mobile have finally responded regarding this issue and I now have a final bill and PAC code on it's way. They deny receiving any letter from me (I have proof they signed for the letters), but hopefully this will be the end of it. Thank you all for the advice, I really appreciate it.
  6. I received one of these in my spam folder this evening but googled it and decided it was probably best not to open it. It got deleted unread.
  7. Hi the contract permits termination with some fees. I have copied this from the Terms & Conditions that came with the contract: "Terminating this Agreement. You can phone or write to us and give 30 days notice to terminate this entire Agreement with effect from the end of (or after) the Minimum Term. You may have to pay a Cancellation Charge, totalling the rest of the Monthly Charges for the remainder of the Minimum Term, less 4%. (See points 7.2 and 7.3 of these terms and conditions.)" The contract was for 18 months minimum term and I was with them for close to 27 months so I assume I was on a renewed contract. The reasons I asked to have the contract terminated and a final bill forwarded to me is due to financial difficulties. I never once went into arrears with my mobile contract but my circumstances are changing (not for the better) and felt it would be better to cancel and settle what was left on the contract to stop going into further financial difficulties but I feel that it has not worked out this way.
  8. Hi, I sent an email to the CEO on 9th November but haven't received any reply. I also sent a letter to them by Recorded Delivery which was signed for on 12th November but have yet to receive a response. All but one of the letters I sent were Recorded and signed for by them but none were ever replied to. I've wrote another letter and have wrote a formal complaint which I'll post to them by Recorded Delivery on Monday. I also sent another email to the CEO today.
  9. I'm looking for some advice regarding an issue I'm having with T Mobile. I had a contract for nearly two years (mobile phone & mobile internet). I wrote to T-Mobile in July 2013 asking to cancel my contract, forward me a final bill and give me the PUK code so I can transfer my number. About a week after I sent them a letter to cancel I cancelled the direct debit. The only response regarding the account was in August when I received a letter from a Debt Collection Agency trying to claim a lot more than what the final bill should have been. In August 2013 I wrote another letter to T-Mobile requesting that my contract is cancelled, no response but the letter was sent by Recorded Delivery and they did sign for it. I wrote another letter in September 2013 requesting that my contract is cancelled and I also requested a copy of their complaints procedure. This letter was also sent by Recorded Delivery, they signed for it but still no response. I also sent an email and letter to the CEO but they didn't reply either. It is now December, five months after I originally requested my contract to be cancelled and for T-Mobile to send me a final bill. This morning I received a letter from Buchanan Clark and Wells regarding this account, they claim it is the second letter they've sent me but it's not, it's the first. The letter is a "Notice of Intended Visit" and the wording would suggest that they intend to visit regardless of whether a debtor agrees to a visit or not (surely these type of threatening letters should be banned). The letter also had a balance which is about five times more than I believe is actually owed. I personally have no problems with a visit but the address isn't mine, it's a relatives, I'm only using it as a mail address as I'm currently sofa surfing. I checked my Credit Report this morning with all Credit Reference Agencies to find that T Mobile is now updating my file on a monthly basis as 'Payment Late' when the contract should have been cancelled and settled by now. They haven't yet registered a Default. My credit history is poor but I'm trying to clean it up and I really don't want another default so would like this sorted out sooner rather than later. I'll be looking for permanent housing after the New Year so would like as clean a Credit File as possible. I've made several attempts to contact them and can prove my attempts to contact them but feel like they are making no attempt to respond to my letters. Very poor customer service from them. I'm really not sure what to do now regarding this account or if there's much I can do.
  10. I have an update regarding this... Now checked all CRA files, nothing from Lewis Group on them. Received two letters this morning dated early July, turns out postie put them through neighbours door and neighbour been in the hospital for some time now so just received them this morning. They are trying to chase an eBay debt of £82. I've been making a token payment straight in to my eBay account every month so don't know why Lewis Group have taken a sudden interest. I've no intention of dealing with DCA's and only pay direct to the creditor. I'm now considering making a complaint against Lewis Group for the home visit as I had already told them in the past that if they wish to visit me at home they should make an appointment, they made no appointment and there was nothing about any home visit on either of the two letters they sent me. A friend suggested reporting to the police but I'm not sure the police could do anything or would be interested. The balance that Lewis Group have on their letter is considerably more than what I actually owe eBay so I believe there has been charges or interest added by Lewis Group.
  11. I've just checked my credit report with Callcredit and Equifax and both look ok, nothing from Lewis Group on them, I've ordered a report with Experian and should have it in a few days.
  12. Hi and thanks for the replies, I've just ordered my credit reports so will check them as soon as I have them. I've never had any catalogue debts but do have a loan with Halifax which is in dispute but I've not heard anything of this since last year from Halifax.
  13. About a year ago I came home to find a card from a doorstep collector collecting on behalf of Lewis Group, I sent of a letter withdrawing any implied right of access to my property, I never heard any more from them after that until today when I came home (I've been working away from home since January so been away since then) and found another card from a doorstep collector on behalf of Lewis Group. This card had something about a Pre Enforcement Visit on it, and had the same name and number as the doorstep collector on the other card. There was no date or time on the card so I don't know when this visit was. I've got a few debts but none which are being handled by Lewis Group and I can't recall any other correspondence from them - I keep all letters regarding my money problems but nothing lately from Lewis Group. As I've already sent them a letter withdrawing any right to visit my property is there anything else that can be done? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you
  14. I don't know if I'm posting in the correct forum or not but here goes... Last week there was an unauthorized debit card payment taken from my account from an online software company I used to receive a service from, I cancelled my account with them a long time ago but for some reason they took a payment from my account with no notice. I emailed the software company to ask them what this is all about and was told the money would be refunded but as of today I'm still waiting. On the day the payment was taken the monthly payment for my car insurance was due, I always make sure there's enough in the bank to cover payments but this unexpected payment being taken from the account meant the direct debit for my car insurance wasn't paid, my bank has also charged a £12 charge for the privilege. The car insurance company tried again to take the direct debit last Friday but there was insufficient funds and I haven't been able to get the money to put in the bank to make up for it... no doubt I'll get another £12 bank charge for this too. I received an email from the insurer this morning which is a notice of cancellation which will stuff things up for me as I rely on my car to make a living, it's my only source of income. I'm going to email the insurer to ask them if there's any way they can cancel the cancellation and wait till Thursday to take the direct debit payment as I'll have the money by then, I hope they would do this but not sure if they will. I'm not sure what to do about the software company? Is there any way I can ask them to refund a bit faster and is there any way I can ask them to repay the bank charges I will receive because of their unauthorized debit card payment? Any advice would be appreciated.
  15. I'm looking for some advice regarding a problem I'm having with rent and council tax. The house I live in is owned by a relative and I've been living there rent free for several years now as I've had problems and that was the agreement we had but it was only meant to be temporary, the owner of the house has now come into financial problems of their own so are now looking to rent the house out. I'm self employed but my income is poor (was good when the business first started out but last 3 year everything has gone down hill). I am in the process of looking for full time work so I can give up my business but having problems finding regular work, I did have several offers of work 240 miles away but was unable to take the work on as I could not find accommodation (couldn't raise a deposit for private rent, currently on the waiting list for a housing association property but been advised that as I'm not high priority I may never get an offer of a house). One of the employers is keeping the position open for another few weeks to give me a chance to try and find somewhere to live. I've looked into housing benefit and council tax benefit but have not applied as I've read through various articles on the internet which would suggest I would be refused as I'm related to my landlord and not considered as a high priority person (single male with no kids). I currently have arrears on previous council tax years and have fell behind on the 2013 tax year due to a further drop in my income. On top of this I have various other debts which do not help the situation but I have made arrangements with creditors and have been making token payments.. What I would like to know is there any help I would be entitled to help with rent and council tax until I can find full time work, once in full time work there would be no problem with rent or council tax. I currently receive working tax credit which helps a lot with the cost of living. I don't know if I've posted on the correct forum or not but I do apologise if I haven't.
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