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  1. The amount was a loan from quickquid for £160 of which I paid £200 back and the amount the ccj is for £1200 and the ccj was by default most of this is late fees and legal fees.
  2. I have got an ccj against me from Cabot financial we have had a visit from an county court bailiff regarding this of which I refused to deal with him and certainly did not get entry into my property I have now received a final notice letter stating that they have no alternative but to attend with vans and porters to remove our goods for sale am I right in thinking that unless they gain peaceful entry this will not happen I do not own a car and they is nothing of any value outside Thankyou for any advise in advance.
  3. Hi Guys We have had a reply from collectica and they have said that they have followed procedure as guidelines so they have upheld the complaint our local MP Craig Whitaker conservative has shown no interest whatsoever he has replied stating that he is sure that they have followed procedure we are still awaiting a response from CIVEA. Today she has a visit from the bailiff and had a notice of removal of goods for non payment of fine which is wrong she paid the fine and she owes them their fees so how would they get to that assumption unless they have taken their fees first so th
  4. Many thanks all Quick update they never showed today I have written letters of complaint to collectica and the magistrate court as well and also I have written to her local MP as well so lets see what happens I will keep you all updated.
  5. Would it be possible to PM one of the site team the bailiffs name to check if the bailiff is on the register
  6. I have tried both the agents name and collectica on the following site http://certificatedbailiffs.justice.gov.uk/CertificatedBailiffs/newsearchPublic.do?search=collectica could you please send me a link for the other list.
  7. Will send complaint interestingly the bailiff name on the letter is not showing Certificated Enforcement Agent (Bailiff) Register
  8. The bailiffs have called my daughter saying she owed them the rest of the money and they will be attending to remove goods despite her paying what she owed them for the first letter and them attending before the expiry date on the letter. She has told them this and they have said that because they attended that cancelled the letter her out and therefore she still owed them the money. Also the have told her that if she is not in when they attend that they will have an arrest warrant out for her and have her put in prison until she goes before a magistrate and that the
  9. We have sorted it hopefully the bailiff attended 2 days earlier than was on the first notice that was dated 16/07 and not 14/07 when they attended we have paid the fine and the £75 fee so that should be the end it I hope I know some of you will be bailiffs and nothing personnel but a big percent of bailiffs really are the pits how can they sleep at night knowing they have reduced and terrorised young vulnerable people who are often single parents with nothing to tears and scared them half to death to lead them going to the Wonga's of this world to pay them.
  10. That's what I thought sparks I have no intention of putting on YouTube etc anyway I would not know how to I told the bailiff the recording was for me and my daughters protection and for evidence if need be. I thought that the bailiff would have to get a warrant from the magistrates court before attempting forced entry even for a TV licence fine. Also would the court grant this with a 3 and 5 year old children there. She has also payed every week on her payment card since so I would hope this would prove its not a case of she is not a wont pay but cant pay and that would stop forced entry. Do t
  11. Also the fist letter that she got with the £75 fee which said she has 14 days to pay or the bailif will visit and the £235 cost will also occur does not expire until Thursday but the bailif said that did not matter and he still wanted all.Can he do this?.
  12. Update sorry for the delay in response I have been working long shifts away. The bailiff returned this morning and put another letter through her door and its occurred another £235 in costs she rang the number that was on the letter and the bailiff said that he would return and empty her house this afternoon if she does not pay £500 what it has now escalated to. I could help her next week when I get paid but they will not except that so she will have take a payday loan to pay this when he returns which will mean more debt that she will not be able to pay she told the bailiff this and he said g
  13. My daughter fell behind with 2 payments on her payment plan due to her partner and her benefits being stopped she has now had a Compliance letter with the £75 fee which she cannot afford we have called collectica and they put us through to the bailiff who was very rude and said he wanted the full amount(£276.45) and it was not negotiable I then spoke to him and informed him that I was recording this conversation of which he told me that it was not allowed and I was going to get sued by collectica.The main point that I am trying to find out is will she be classed as vulnerable as the are both
  14. I have been bombarded by mmf over the last week regarding a swift sterling debt they have called me a grand total of 267 times in the last week sent me 30 emails and 96 texts and 2 calls to my work place what can I do to stop this I have not spoken to them and do not intend doing so but I would like to stop the from harassing me like this surely this cant be right are they allowed to do this.
  15. My daughter who is 21 has received a letter from the HMRC about an £4K tax credit overpayment Threatening her with bailiffs and a distraint order she is on benefits and cannot afford to pay this amount back .We have phoned the number on the letter and they have said that because she is on benefits that they will properly put this on hold until her circumstances change but need to do an income and expenditure form which she would be happy to do but the problem is they have said they will only do one on the phone and not in writing surly this cannot beright when I asked the person on the phone
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