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  1. Hi need advice worked for a company for 2 and half months, i went off sick with stress due to bullying and unprofessional behavior by the Manager, worked full month in April, half a month in May and sick leave until end of June. I resigned my position as i couldnt go back.. I have just received a letter from them saying they overpaid me by 1500.00. I checked my bank statements and was paid 1 full month salary of 1146. in April, May was 180.00 and June a payment of 600 should have been paid but was returned by the company. as i didnt work. There records are showing i received over 1700 in ap
  2. all changes came into effect from march 10th 2014...have had my conviction cut , and is now spent..a stupid offence some 8 years ago, i deeply regret, so glad this has come in...xxx
  3. just got letter this morning..im just paying a token gesture of 1.00 as this is all I can afford.they attached a bank mandate form which im not complying to..im paying in a pound to there bank account every month now.. .
  4. after putting in a complaint with OFT..who are now investigating the MMF, I received a letter this morning stating I am right in stating no visit unless a appointment as been made.. But this doesn't apply to creditors so LOL ..so we give you notice that our agent will be calling. .Well go ahead idiots. .OFT actually replied when I mentioned there names. ..Oh no not them. ..so im paying in 1.00 per month as my rent which is in arrears comes first .. just thought I would update you..
  5. it came from a mobile no. .and also received this message in email ..i have been told to ring police by the cab ..as this is harassment and threatening. I believe from what the ICO said to me this morning. .they are aware of mmf.
  6. this mike guy at mmf is really scaring me. .just had text from him.. "coming to visit you unannounced" will be there in 4 days..." omg...they are not listening. .emailed them again yesterday to say contact in writing only ..sent off letter to them that you put up for me. Am not disputing debt have offered a pound a month. .but had nothing at all back. .no letters. .just emails and texts. .warning home visit ..I find the texts threatening. .and have warned them I will show them to the police.
  7. yes of course..add me to the complaint..am disgusted at there nasty ways...and to add they do have my residential address..as they have been sending letters to me here...so why they need to visit my employers is beyond me...thankyou for the letter, will send this off tomorrow first thing . recorded delivery..but im taking it further..they crossed t he line..
  8. just to add I emailed them 4 weeks ago..asking for everthing to be done in writing..have kept the email I sent..but they just keep sending them back saying.."home visit."
  9. they rung on Friday..and left her a message..she rang back saying I don't live there...they rung her again on Saturday from a guy called mike who told her he was coming round to visit as I was ignoring the calls...she had a go at him explaining he was discussing personal things when she wasn't me...physically sick...and embarrassed..
  10. hi all just had a call from my boss. .stating she had a call from mmf going to visit her home. ..she told them I don't live there. .was really embarrassed. ..can they do this ..i felt sick knowing they contact her and am being bullied daily by them. ..Im on jobseekers have arrears with my rent ..so all I have is going to them.. .anyadvice. .my boss is really understanding. .but this should not be allowed..
  11. ok..well the letter not been sent yet...i honestly couldnt take it anymore today..i was getting dehydrated after 6 hours without a break...and just getting a drink made her angry...so i just walked out...xxxx maybe this was stupid...but i think i just snapped..
  12. i appreciate all your help...i have never been trained at any of those you mentioned..not been given a contract...i did try to stand up for myself today...but just got told to walk if i dont like it..i carried on..but the heat was too much..and went to get a drink...the head housekeeper was angry i did this..and told me to just get my rooms done...she has been the main problem...bullying..and telling me my job is at risk..she was doing rooms that were not needed..when should have got the rooms ready with me for the guests...i did try to tell her..but wouldnt listen....i have sent a letter in t
  13. no union..but too many chiefs...lol...i feel like i been hounded and picked on...when i did complain..i got told i can walk if i wanted....xxx
  14. hi need advice i started employment as a housekeeper in may..never having worked in the industry..was given a 4 hour shift as a trial..and offered the position..full time..loved the job and head housekeeper said my work was fine..over the last month,i was informed it was casual work..and only allowed a break when not busy...well i have been working 7 hours shifts flat out and was told a break was not allowed..during the heatwave..i got ill carried on working..and reprimanded for getting a drink..i asked for my contract what it said..and was told i dont need one.. well today was the last straw.
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