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Found 7 results

  1. HI, I've been happily living in my new house (since march last year - 2015) and at first my neighbours kids (now in their 2-s 30s) parked their cars covering about 1/3 my driveway. At first I didn't mind, but now I have a car, it bothers me as my visitors can't park in my drive at all. I've spoken to them and written them a note and left it under their wiper (friendly note)... I've called the council for advice and they advised that I call the police for "anti social" behaviour. Which way can I go (or should I?).. The council told me: "As there are no double yellow lines, they can park there"... Which I guess means they can park across my entire drive. (can they?) Some help should eb handy! Cheers, Ade
  2. Hi folks, hopefully someone can help. Bought and moved into a house a couple of months ago, it is an end terrace house. The front door of the house is on the side and opens into a shared driveway. The legal set up of this driveway is I believe like this: I own a 1/3 share of and have right of way across it both on foot and by car to access a gate to my private driveway at the back left of this shared driveway, and then to the road. The other 1/3 of the shared driveway is owned by the landlord of a block of around 10 flats accessed via a pedestrian gate towards the back right of the shared driveway, and the other 1/3 is owned by the owner of a massive warehouse further back and the access to which is through a closed gate which spans the whole width of the back of this shared driveway but which I have never seen used during the time I've been here. I don't have a car so I'm not bothered about not being able to access the large gate to my private driveway. My issue is that various people are parking on the shared driveway (they do not live at the flats, they are just parking to see somone who works in the shops nearby) , and sometimes this means that when I open my front door there is a car less than 2 feet in front of it. This makes it tricky to go from my front door to the street or back, especially with shopping etc. I'm aware of certain things in the highway code that say you shouldn't do something like this, but I know this isn't law. Is there anything I can do to make the problem go away? If I call the police or council would they be able to do anything / tow the offending car away? If it has any bearing, at the front of shared driveway where it meets the road is a double yellow line and on the outside of that is a single white line. Any help appreciated, thanks!
  3. Hi! I have just got home from university to find a really strange parking ticket on my car. There's a couple of extremely weird things and I'm not sure what it means. My car was parked on my personal drive on my house. The rear of my car was sticking out which was what I assumed would be the reason for my ticket. However! The ticket was simply placed on the back screen of the car. It wasn't affixed it was just placed. Secondly. When I brought it inside it wasn't sealed and the envelope was empty. Can anyone tell me what this means?? I'm going to phone the council tomorrow and search my numberplate of the ticket thing. Was just wondering if anyone had seen this before or has any advice! Thanks
  4. This is an enquiry only If a vehicle is registered with DVLA as sorn and is parked on a driveway of a HA tenant, can the HA come knocking at your door to tell you that unless you remove the vehicle from your driveway they will get it towed away? This is basically where you pay the rent and council tax in full and your car is on the driveway of the property you rent but do not have a garage
  5. One of my neighbour's, 3 houses along from mine. Lets her dog out to roam the Close and approx. 18 months ago, the dog started fowling on my driveway! This happened again and again and I had to report it to the Housing Association. It did subside for a while and seemed to stop altogehther? However, this had been the cold winter months, when I suspect her children, not playing out in Close after school - so door not left open, for dog to just wander out on his own. Then came a few warm days, it all started up again! Each day now, I seem to go outside my house and there in the middle of my drive, will be a heap of dog excrement. I then go to her house and knock, she is usually out and I can wait up to 3 days, to make contact with her and get it cleaned/removed. I have requested her to stop her dog from doing it, but it continues. At times it can feel very intimidating having to communicate this to her at times, as she may be surrounded by mates or boyfriend etc It is becoming quite stressful for me now and I am totally sick of it happening all the time! I went back to the housing association last week, they said they would be writing to her again, maybe visiting - but in any event, I am never advised of any action taken or outcomes/feedback; so I can only assume some action is being taken against this woman, in failing to be a responsible dog owner? However, since my call to Housing Association last week - it has not stopped for one day. Getting to my wits end with it now, as it is likely to be a reflection on how I live in the eyes of other people and it is simply absolutely disgusting! Anyway, I contacted HA this morning, the chap I speak to was not in his office at the time and the HA Rep I spoke to on telephone, reviewed the details/status of my complaint and in reading out their notes, stated my neighbour's door number being - no 3 when it is in fact no 2! She amended it accordingly, but it may mean that in a complaint spanning over 18 months now, for same issue - the person responsible for the anti-social behavior, is not receiving communication from the housing association? This could totally compromise my complaint and any deemed action taken so far by the housing association?? I have left a message for the chap to call me back from HA - but I am wondering if there is anything more direct I can do to get this matter resolved once and for all. I feel I am just not being taken seriously, yet it is causing me a great deal of undue distress and I am appalled it can continue happening like this. If your dog fowled on the pavement - you would be liable to a fine?? Any advice, desperately sought!!
  6. I parked a van borrwed from my brother in law for quite some time when finally, after about 3 weeks I got a PCN code 62. This is a rather small van and the driveway is a bit too short even for an estate car. Is there any chance of sucessfully challenging this PCN? Pictures taken by the CEO: Pictures taken by me: PCN: I have also found info on the internet that wording "unless this PCN is challenged" can invalidate the PCN. Can anyone confirm?
  7. Hi, As Barnet council is doing construction work on my drive way as well as footpath outside my house . My drive way is blocked and i have no access to it from last three days!!! The guys working there advice me to park out side , cuz i cant park in my drive way. i was not even informed by the barnet council about the works which is still going on after i got my ticket. So emailed the council with proof of pictures of my driveway blocked and challenged the pcn in April 24th . after 2 months they emailed me back saying i still have to pay £55 fine in 14days or it will increase to £110. Can any one help please!!! The pictures are attached . The replay they send is below !![/ATTACH] ear Sir/Madam, Traffic Management Act 2004 Penalty Charge Notice (PCN): A Date of service of this notice: 26/06/2012 Thank you for your letter which was received on regarding the above Penalty Charge Notice which was issued on 24/04/2012 15:29:02 at 15:29 to X207GML on GERVASE RD for the contravention Parked with one or more wheels on or over a footpath or any part of a road other than a carriageway. We have considered everything in your letter including any evidence enclosed but do not feel that you have made grounds for cancelling the Notice and as such payment remains due. We have rejected your reasons for cancellation because the Civil Enforcement Officer observed the vehicle parked with one or more wheels on or over a footpath or any part of a road other than a carriageway (footway parking). I would like to inform you that it is not a requirement to erect signs prohibiting footway parking other than at terminal ends of parking bays, where footway parking is permitted. Footways are for pedestrians. If cars obstruct pedestrians they may be forced to walk on the public highway which may result in accidents. This is of particular concern if wheelchair or pushchair users, the very young or elderly and partially sighted people are forced off of the pavement due to obstructive parking. Cars parked on the footway also cause damage to kerbs, grass verges and the pavement, which again may become obstructive to pedestrians. I have noted your comments and would advise that I am unable to cancel the Nortice in the circumstances described in your letter. Because you wrote to us during the period when you could have paid the Notice at the reduced amount, you can still pay the reduced amount of £55.00, if the payment is received by this office before the end of the period of 14 days beginning with the date of service of this letter. If you want to pay, please see the How to Pay section at the end of this letter. If you decide to make a formal appeal, you must not pay the notice, but wait for a Notice to Owner to be sent to the registered keeper of the vehicle. At this point, you may not be able to pay the reduced amount. If you do not pay the reduced amount before the end of the 14 day period mentioned above or pay the full amount of £110.00 before the end of the period of 28 days beginning with the date of service of the Notice, whichever is later, then we will issue a Notice to Owner to the registered keeper of the vehicle. Formal representations against the Notice may be made at that stage and the procedure for doing so and the grounds for making a formal representation will be explained on the Notice to Owner. Yours sincerely, M. Badu Parking Service
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