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  1. My wife and I bought a new Marquis Majestic 185 a month ago via the NEC show for £49,995 trading in another van. We were told to pick the new 185 at the Ipswich branch Before we could get it from there, a problem with a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) controlling heating and water occurred we were told We live 70 miles from Ipswich and had to delay picking it up by 4 hours, we were informed the PCB had been fixed when we took possession of the van. We drove it home with no issues. The next day we began our first trip to Lytham in Lancashire, but there were a large number of
  2. Hi Everyone I purchased a car from a dealer, upon collection the car appeared to be fine, a day or two later a warning light appeared on the dash showing traction control system failure. This has made the car dangerous to drive in the wet. I took it too a dealer who couldn't diagnose the issue. I then took the car to a BMW specialist who told me the car has been in an accident and rear suspension badly damaged, it was repaired with poor workmanship. they advised me that the car should be returned to the dealer or I could pay £1400 to repair the damage but mentioned th
  3. Hi, looking for some help please. Me and my wife purchased a Peugeot 207 on the 29/1/18 from a New and Used car dealer in Saxmundum near Ipswich .It was advertised on ebay as spares or repair so we contacted them to find out what problems it had, the dealer said we just put that on the advert as it has no warranty and selling on behalf of a customer, but it just needs 2 new tyres! After having the car for a few days we noticed something odd when accelerating from a cold start, the revs appear to drop for a second or so then go back to normal. We took the car back to the de
  4. I bought an item on Ebay, which the seller claimed had only been used 1 time and was in excellent condition, the only reason why i bought the item. The item arrived damaged, i requested a return as item not as decribed and arrived damaged. Seller refused to accept a return, instead she blamed me for the damage, saying i had caused the damaged and had swapped item and the pictures I had shown of the damage were fake. Seller claimed she has a witness who saw her send the item in mint condition, but i told her it arrived damaged with a dent/chipped, with scratches etc and obviously no
  5. 3 months ago, I hired a plumber to fit my new bathroom. We agreed it would cost £2000 for the labour. I wanted to pay a deposit on my credit card to get s75 consumer credit act protection, but he told me he did not have the credit card machine with him and he would bring it another day. During the work, problems arose, but was assured by the plumber he would deal with it- but he never did. The tiling was not flat and the shower door hadn’t been fixed correctly. He finally brought his credit card machine the day before he finished and I paid £100 on my card.
  6. Hi all, I have been on a DMP for a few years, and I have requested a CCA (using the official format and the 1£ fee which was duly sent). The Debt is for an old credit card which I had with Natwest. Moving forward I have been on a DMP for 7 years, currently the debt is managed by Wescot. According to the Debtor I owe about 1.3K on it, however I thought it was lower. Anyhow, I have requested for a CCA and received the following reply: "following your recent request for a copy of the signed agreement, our client has requested you write to the following address and state in your cover
  7. Hi my okd friends I need an EXTREMELY URGENT advice from you good people. Wished to refurbish the old house after 30 years which meant change of everything including wiring and water system etc. I employed a firm of archirects who with a QS sent tenders out and as the result we instructed a firm of contractors to do the job. After a while architects left the scene so we employed a building controller in their replace to interact with builders. There was to be a contract drawn by QS for "minor work project". Unfortunately a copy of it was sent to me last week! As I had
  8. Dear Forum members, I’m new here, so please be gentle. I need some help/advice re dealings with a large bathroom supply company. They prepared some drawings for me and my wife for several bathrooms we needed. They were having a sale, and the salesperson said that if I put down some money, they would hold their sale prices for us after the sale. I put down £3000.00 on my credit card as a goodwill gesture and to secure the offer she had made. Later she gave us a quotation with a list of products they hoped I’d buy from them. My wife told the salesperson that she didn’t particula
  9. For my daughters 21st birthday we have arranged a boat party on Thames. We have agreed the price for the boat, food, entertainment and 1 glass of champagne We have also paid £500 for the drinks at the bar so the guests could order what they like. We informed the company that if the drinks will go above that amount our daughter will settle the balance. There were about 35 quests. At the end of the party the company produced a bill on their headed paper for further £1131.50 which she had paid. We thought that £1631.50 for 35 people drinking for 4 hours was rather excessive and asked the
  10. My Mum owns the freehold to her flat - one of 16. Most of the flats are owned as second homes (It is at the seaside) The management committee have a rule that the flats cannot be commercially let/ rented - they can only be occupied by the owners and their families. My question is: is such a rule enforceable ? Thank you for reading !
  11. Partner is a skilled welder/fabricator. Been with current employer for 24 years. Currently on £9.67 per hour. Older brother took over firm some time ago, for 8 years has refused my partner pay rise every year. Boss wont say why he refuses an annual pay rise. Because of the cost of living going up and his wages not reflecting on this, anything my partner can do?
  12. I sent a letter to TalkTalk, saying that I within 30 days cancel all my TalkTalk services. I received a call and then a letter from them saying they want to speak to me as I seem to be unhappy with the service. It also said they need 30 days notice because I no longer have a contract with them, which is a somehow weird formulation because it says there is no longer a contract, but that they require notice before cancelling. As I had given them written notice already that I want to cancel all services, I did not respond to the letter. After the services should have been terminate
  13. Hello Consumer Action Group members, I have been suffering from a mix of problems since last June. Long story short: Summary: 1. I purchased a laptop from Amazon, from a reseller. 2. Laptop's motherboard broke down, and I found out that I can receive a refund/ repair free of charge. 3. Amazon's seller (located in the US) agreed to fix the laptop, and provided US address 4. Sent it via ParcelForce, Amazon reseller cut down every means of contact and I have no clue where my laptop is. Hello everyone, AMAZON I purchased a laptop from Amazon, from a reseller.
  14. Hi! I thought I'd use CAG for this one as it's not infested with so much spam and rubbish as the PC help forums! I have a very old PC which I cannot afford to replace as I'm out of work at the moment! Spec:- M/B Asus A7V-600X with 2.1 GHz Athlon CPU; RAM 1.5GB DDR II type; Graphics GeForce FX5500 On-board AC97 Sound 145 GB HDD 16X DVD-RW Multi-drive & 48X CD-RW Optical drives, both IDE I am running Windows 7 Pro at the moment with Google Chrome 26.0.1410.5, and any more recent version refuses to install with an error message "your PC hardware is not suppo
  15. I am appealing for advice in this case in which Barclays has failed over a 2 year period to put right errors on my mortgage account and now refuses to abide by the binding settlement terms. To confuse matters, the Ombudsman provided misleading information which led to me agreeing the terms and the complaint being closed while the issues are unresolved. Ombudsman has now washed its hands of the case and told me I need to sue Barclays. The Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (FSMA 2000) makes an Ombudsman’s decision legally enforceable in court, but I can find no solicitor to tak
  16. Lots of other companies come here to help their customers but Npower won't. This is the company which has been investigated by the regulator and which is being regulated again, which has been criticised in court, which has been criticised in the House of Commons, which has been fined by the regulator - which has had its competence to hold a licence questioned in the House of Commons, which has sacked its CEO, which is faced with fallen profits, which is the most criticised Utility company in the UK - whihc has promised to address its problems and its attitude to customers - and
  17. We have been chasing Capital One since March 2012 trying to get PPI money back but to date no success. Because of my ill health and poor postal service in my area, even the FOS has decided not to help us Everything was down to time limits and when I got ill, all timings got put aside. Now, Neither Cap One or FOS want to help. Cap One have been charging us PPI since 2002. Has anyone got any good ideas or should I just forget the whole thing
  18. A friend purchased some hair extensions online with a regular supplier as she is a part time mobile hair dresser and has used this supplier for approx 18 months. The item purchased was for a booked client. The hair extensions didn't arrive and this is confirmed by Royal Mail who has checked the tracking information. However, the supplier didn't insure the goods for the full amount and therefore the retailer has advised that Royal Mail will only refund for the amount insured. The Terms & Conditions of the online supplier reads as follows; If for any reason, Royal Mail fail to d
  19. We have had a domestic heating oil escape 6 months ago. Our insurance sent a contractor to do remedial works that would remove the contamination and prevent it from spreading. After 6 months the contamination still has not been removed from the ground but our policy was charged tens of thousands of ££ in costs incurred by the contractor. The only works done to date are: test of the level of contamination, partial structural survey of the house wall, a filtering equipment connected to the water feature that was also affected, and a proposal for works presented but later withdrawn (possibl
  20. I've taken my 1.5 year old sheepskin jacket to the American Dry Cleaning Company early in February. The lady who served me encouraged me to bring as many items as I could to take advantage of the discount they had in the shop. She also offered to become the member of the dry cleaners so i could get a further discount on dry cleaning service, which I did. She could not find the classification for my jacket leather type in the system and put the normal leather jacket instead of sheepskin in the system and on the receipt. There was a lot of other paper work and she filled in a lot of different fo
  21. I recently purchased a Playstation 4 for my son for Christmas from my mothers catalog company called Kays. We bought it on credit at £500 over 32 weeks and have paid the first instalment. My son was unable to use it for four days during Christmas as the Playstation network was down. We have now set it up for him to find that the disk drive is faulty and will spit out the game disk or not accept it at all. I contacted Sony who after troubleshooting this with me agreed that the unit was faulty and that they would accept it for repair. I know from working with repairing co
  22. Hi, My mum's phone recently got damaged as the screen cracked. She took it to a mobile phone shop which offered a repair service. She told the staff what the problem was and he told her to come back in a week with her receipt to collect it once it's been repaired. No money was exchanged at this point as she was told she could pay upon repair. Now my mum is not very good at keeping receipts and she lost the receipt the shop had given her. Nevertheless, she went back a week later to find out if her phone had been repaired. The manager in the shop remembered her and told her that
  23. I first viewed a motorhome on 15 October. The salesman told me the motorhome had never been hired out, and was warrantied for 3 months. I made an offer which was accepted. I gave a deposit of £100 I then made a further visit to test drive the vehicle, followed by collection of the motorhome. The day before collection, I was sent a copy of the V5, from which I found that the first registered owner was a motorhome hire company. I didn't like being lied to, but gave them the benefit of the doubt; besides I had 3 month warranty so any issues would be rectified. The day of
  24. Tenancy deposit not refunded i need a bit of help for my nephew please. He, his wife and 5 children rented a house and paid £3,000.00 deposit and an advance in rent of £6,000.00. They applied for housing benefit but could not get the landladys address as she claimed she was on witness protection, so while they were waiting for the housing benefit to be sorted, they got into arrears. Then H.B. lapsed, and they had to start a new claim. Eventually, the council gave them the address of the landlord....... Due to the arrears the landlady gave them an eviction n
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