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  1. Hello Rorsza 


    Just wandering if you have had any success in dealing with Camberley motor house. Unfortunately my partner seems to be their latest victim and have started sending letters to him which he is not accepting. We are looking to take him to the small claims court.

    1. unclebulgaria67


      Hi Loulou


      Rorsza has not visited CAG since 8/11/18.  


      Would suggest that you start your own thread, so people can advise based on your personal case.



  2. Thank you for all the advice, I will format the latter as such.
  3. The dealership is Camberley Motor House. They have about 100 cars on the floor.
  4. Thank you for that information. I have expenses against the car 2 x Diagnostic services £100 2 x Tyres £200 Insurance £60 I will put together the letter and see what their response is.
  5. Hi Everyone I purchased a car from a dealer, upon collection the car appeared to be fine, a day or two later a warning light appeared on the dash showing traction control system failure. This has made the car dangerous to drive in the wet. I took it too a dealer who couldn't diagnose the issue. I then took the car to a BMW specialist who told me the car has been in an accident and rear suspension badly damaged, it was repaired with poor workmanship. they advised me that the car should be returned to the dealer or I could pay £1400 to repair the damage but mentioned th
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