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Found 19 results

  1. 6 pension and finance companies placed in provisional liquidation READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/6-pension-and-finance-companies-placed-in-provisional-liquidation
  2. Morning All, I recently applied for a new pet insurance policy for a new dog and after a lot of chasing the company for an answer I have finally received a very poorly worded letter from them advising 'the cover will be limited to accidental external damage only'! They then go on to say 'this exclusion is non-reviewable as this condition can affect many systems and is unpredictable'. The condition is called Rickettsia and the dog contracted it in Spain as a result of being bitten by a Tick most likely. When the dog came to us we took him to our vet for a full check-up a
  3. Dear Forum members, I’m new here, so please be gentle. I need some help/advice re dealings with a large bathroom supply company. They prepared some drawings for me and my wife for several bathrooms we needed. They were having a sale, and the salesperson said that if I put down some money, they would hold their sale prices for us after the sale. I put down £3000.00 on my credit card as a goodwill gesture and to secure the offer she had made. Later she gave us a quotation with a list of products they hoped I’d buy from them. My wife told the salesperson that she didn’t particula
  4. Hi I have just noticed the EE have has placed a default on my credit report for £450 and it has been on there for two years before I noticed. I called the and they admitted that it should not have happened and will remove it within 48 hours. This is all well and good but I have not been able to get loans or credit cards in this time is there any way off getting compensation for there mistake? any help would be gratefully appreciated. Kind Regards SD
  5. There was a default placed on my credit file by BT for an old account which was legitimately closed down in August 2014. I sent an email directly to Libby Barr of BT Consumer and the complaint was sent to BT's Executive Level team later that day. BT confirmed straight away that it shouldn't of been there and the account was not closed down correctly on their part and it left an outstanding balance which then defaulted. They also confirmed that there was not any correspondence sent out. BT have sent me an email confirming that the default is going to be removed. Recently we were decli
  6. Hi All, First time poster! I've been battling with Barclays over a default they placed on my credit file purporting to a current account with Barclays which I didn't recognise. Six months ago my partner and I were house hunting, at this stage we were really just getting a feel for the market. A house came up that was perfect and we set the wheels in motion hoping to get a mortgage offer sorted within the week and put an offer in. After visiting a mortgage advisor, he asked for copies of our credit files, which we duly acquired from the two credit reference companies and sent th
  7. Hi All, I am in dire need of assistance! I have recently been applying for a Mortgage which has been declined last week due to a default being placed onto our credit files (Me & my wife) by Halifax for an old basic current account which we have not used since 2009. A brief timeline of the events so far.... 17/07/2015 - Applied for mortgage via broker, lender credit checked and issued DIP the same day. 31/07/2015 - Unknown to us until yesterday a new entry for "Halifax" added to both my Wife's and my credit files. 17/08/2015 - Formal mortgage application sent to lender.
  8. Hi Guys, I have recently applied for the mortgage and has been told there is default in my credit report. I checked my credit and found there is £54 default from Vodafone Gemini, which really shocked me. As i have been use vodafone for almost 15 years until now, as loyalty customer I paid my bills by direct debt, totally no idea how this default came from. Then i have contacted with Vodafone live chat couple of times since 10/03/2015. Every time I contacted them they said they had made request for me to investigate it and told me it will be removed soon. However, until now nothing c
  9. Hello CAG! You know, there are times when we all have to deal with 'not so good' customer service but in the end matters end up being resolved with some persistence. However with Vodafone customer support I've never felt soo helpless. I have followed their process to the letter, and thus so far it has got me nowhere. I need a Vodafone rep to action on this and get it sorted. Background: June 2012 - I sign up to Vodafone as a new customer, 24 month contract (Iphone 4). June 2014 - Contract ends, I do not change anything. October 2014 - I decide to DOWN
  10. Lowells have placed an account he had with a catalog onto my file. The accounts in default. He stayed with me for about 6 months before he went to Canada to work. He has now stayed there and as I fell out with him I don't have his current contact details. I contacted Noodle explaining this and they have wrote to me twice now telling me it's up to Lowells to remove it. I've contacted Lowells twice about it and the second time they said they were unable to talk about it to a third party! It's like banging my head against a wall... Its not the debt I want to talk about it's removi
  11. http://www.roxburghe.com/ This company are well known within the private parking industry and are referred to as the number one debt collection company. This will seriously impact on the matter of private parking tickets issued under the Protection of Freedoms Act.
  12. Hi, Had my tribunal today and was placed in WRAG, so a partial victory.... I'm trying to find out exactly what it entails. how often do I have to attend the fake interviews, and basically what do hoops do I have to jump through in order I don't get sanctioned for some trivial misdemeanor? I would prefer facts, and not hearsay, as I am at the point of exploding at the minute
  13. My wife parked in a LA car park and as the 2 machines weren't working and she just needed to "pop into the shop" she did just that and came back to a ticket. Nothing weird about that but... This was more of a home made ticket! Nice bright yellow box with "Penalty Charge Notice" and "Do not ignore" on the front and on the back, all handwritten... Reg £130 fine for further details or to make any other complaints or inquiries Please contact 0800731732 ticket issues under traffic section 69 WARDENID: PC10D75 I know there is nothing illegal about handwriting (or p
  14. In 2011 I was in a whole ton of debt, it was all unsecured loans and my mortgage was in arrears and my home was in negative equity. So I decided to give up on everything and move to Australia and start a new life. The house was taken back by the bank and I just said to hell with the unsecured debts. Now 3 years later I checked my mail at my mothers house when I came home for a visit. Only to see that there has been a Charging Order added to my mothers property for a debt that was in my name. I dont own any percentage of my mothers property, nor is my name on the deed.
  15. Hey guys, I'm really frustrated with this long dispute I've had with my electricity supplier and would really really appreciate some advice. Thanks in advance for any help! For some background, the property was purchased about a year and a few months ago, and the electricity company were contacted first 2-3 months after purchase. Electricity was being used during that time, but minimally, although I would say it would be fair to charge that time under a deemed contract. At the time, I was not aware of the existence of deemed contracts and perhaps was naive in assuming that
  16. Morning all, Would like some advice please on the following. I have just checked my Credit file with Equifax and there has been a 'Default' added by a company called MKD LLP for £286, with the 'Default' date added as 2010. Now I remember having an old Nationwide account, that was made up of charges for £286, but I refused to pay, as it was made up completely of charges, and I lost out on claiming them back as the test case happened. However nothing was ever on my credit file for this bank account, never received a default notice and not heard a thing.
  17. Hi I need help regarding a default created by Cabot which is now on my credit file!
  18. I have a serious autoimmune condition that was diagnosed in 1993, I carried on working until 1999 until my employers understandably terminated my contract due to ill health... I had spent more time off ill in those years than at work. I tried to temp as did not want to be living on benefit but in the end I could not even manage that so applied for Incapacity Benefit and have been on it ever since. I get the higher age allowance. In the intervening years whilst not working my condition has deteriorated and I have developed other conditions. Each time DWP did a reassessment I always had enoug
  19. I applied for ESA and have been placed in the Work Related Activity Group (WRAG). I am registered disabled and revieve the highest component of Care and Mobility for DLA. The reason for my disability is I had a badly compressed disk in my neck resulting in loss of feeling/use of my left leg. I also suffer loss of feeling, strength, pins and needles and constant severe pain from my neck radiating down my right arm to my finger tips. Since my ACDF operation in January this year, I now also have similar problems with my left forearm/hand. Due to the length of time the disc was compresse
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