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Found 19 results

  1. 6 pension and finance companies placed in provisional liquidation READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/6-pension-and-finance-companies-placed-in-provisional-liquidation
  2. Morning All, I recently applied for a new pet insurance policy for a new dog and after a lot of chasing the company for an answer I have finally received a very poorly worded letter from them advising 'the cover will be limited to accidental external damage only'! They then go on to say 'this exclusion is non-reviewable as this condition can affect many systems and is unpredictable'. The condition is called Rickettsia and the dog contracted it in Spain as a result of being bitten by a Tick most likely. When the dog came to us we took him to our vet for a full check-up and our vet contacted Defra for some advice. They came back and advised that they were not in the least bit concerned with the condition and as a result our vet advised he is good condition and unless we are concerned by anything he would see us for our next scheduled check-up in approximately 6 months time. I am going to contact our vet and ask his opinion on the insurers stance but before I do I was wondering if anyone with any experience in this filed had an opinion please? Does anyone think this could be deemed unfair as I fully expected and exclusion to be placed on an issued policy with to Rickettsia and any RELATED condition but not a blanket exclusion for any illness at all? Thanks in advance.
  3. Dear Forum members, I’m new here, so please be gentle. I need some help/advice re dealings with a large bathroom supply company. They prepared some drawings for me and my wife for several bathrooms we needed. They were having a sale, and the salesperson said that if I put down some money, they would hold their sale prices for us after the sale. I put down £3000.00 on my credit card as a goodwill gesture and to secure the offer she had made. Later she gave us a quotation with a list of products they hoped I’d buy from them. My wife told the salesperson that she didn’t particularly like the selection of products made for us, and we would look into alternatives. She went to work on it and decided the drawings prepared weren’t to our taste and we went back to her own drawings done before we visited said company. The selections of products likewise, we could get better prices anyway from other local suppliers and on the internet. We had made no orders or purchases, or agreed any items. The salesperson wrote several emails asking for a deposit which we didn’t respond to as there was nothing on the quotation we wanted to order. My wife informed the salesperson we were changing the designs. There was no good reason to stick with this company for designs or product supply, so I notified the salesperson I would like my money refunded. The salesperson refused and said that on the back of their quotation were Terms and Conditions and they weren’t going to refund my money (I understand from this that they consider that I was/am in a contract with them). This was the first I had noticed of their T&Cs, and they had not been pointed out to me/us or even referred to in the meetings - but I hadn’t placed any order anyway, nor have I signed anything. Their T&Cs state that “no order submitted by the buyer shall be deemed to be accepted by the seller unless and until confirmed in writing by the seller”. The T&Cs also state: “Quotations are subject to withdrawal at any time before receipt of an unqualified order and shall be deemed to be withdrawn unless accepted within 30 days of their date”. The quote was in July 2016 and I still haven’t accepted it or ordered anything from the quote, or from the company. Further: "The Buyer may not cancel the Contract without the consent of the Seller which, if given, shall be deemed to be on the express condition that the buyer shall pay the seller for all reasonable loss, damage, claims or actions arising out of such cancellation unless otherwise agreed in writing”. Have I unwittingly entered in to a Contract without accepting the quotation, without having ordered any goods, without having signed anything and without having been shown the T&Cs (although they were printed on the back of the quotation)? Am I in a position to get my money back from them, or will I have to order goods to the value of the £3000.00 I am in credit with them? Am I under any legal obligations under these T&Cs or under any other consumer legislation?
  4. Hi I have just noticed the EE have has placed a default on my credit report for £450 and it has been on there for two years before I noticed. I called the and they admitted that it should not have happened and will remove it within 48 hours. This is all well and good but I have not been able to get loans or credit cards in this time is there any way off getting compensation for there mistake? any help would be gratefully appreciated. Kind Regards SD
  5. There was a default placed on my credit file by BT for an old account which was legitimately closed down in August 2014. I sent an email directly to Libby Barr of BT Consumer and the complaint was sent to BT's Executive Level team later that day. BT confirmed straight away that it shouldn't of been there and the account was not closed down correctly on their part and it left an outstanding balance which then defaulted. They also confirmed that there was not any correspondence sent out. BT have sent me an email confirming that the default is going to be removed. Recently we were declined for a mortgage due to this default being registered within 2 years which is a stipulation of the lenders criteria. It wasn't picked up on the decision in principle as they used Experian for the DIP however it was picked up on Equifax for the full application. This has set us back a number of weeks and there is a chance the seller could walk away not to mention the stress it has caused. I'm just after some advice with regards to compensation, do you think I'd have a chance of being offered some and how would you play it? Thanks
  6. Hi All, First time poster! I've been battling with Barclays over a default they placed on my credit file purporting to a current account with Barclays which I didn't recognise. Six months ago my partner and I were house hunting, at this stage we were really just getting a feel for the market. A house came up that was perfect and we set the wheels in motion hoping to get a mortgage offer sorted within the week and put an offer in. After visiting a mortgage advisor, he asked for copies of our credit files, which we duly acquired from the two credit reference companies and sent them to the advisor. Whom then told me I'd no way qualify for a Help to buy mortgage due to a recent default on my Credit File. I was utterly shocked, especially when I found it was linked to a Barclays Current Account. I have never been a customer of Barclays, ever...at least to my knowledge. I contacted Barclays and went through the SAR motions. It would appear that my very old Mortgage account with the Woolwich (circa 10 years ago the mortgage was paid off and account closed), had been migrated to Barclays and somehow they had issued a charge on the account which changed its balance from NIL to a negative amount...this Current Account now in unplanned overdraft accumulated fees for approx 9 years. In January this year I had received a letter from Barclays saying my unplanned overdraft is being terminated and I must pay them back £267 immediately or face legal action. I contacted them and was advised to pay it to prevent legal action and chase the cause afterwards. So I duly paid the outstanding amount, paranoid that I'd get a blotch on my otherwise pristine credit record. At this point I was writing to Barclays enquiring where the account came from. Now fast forward to April and my house hunting exploits with my wife I mentioned above. After much messing around and letters going back and forth between myself and Barclays Customer Services, They admitted fault and removed the Default from my record, refunded me the £267 they had originally demanded and offered me £50 by way of compensation. I'm literally about to write a response to Barclays about the £50 compensation. Basically, I would have purchased my own house months ago, if it were not for Barclays and the erroneous default, it has stopped us moving on with our lives, prevented my children from being able to settle into their new home (currently 2 girls and a boy sharing a room), its caused endless amounts of stress to myself and my wife and caused months of worry and unhappiness whilst we believed that nothing could be done. I don't think £50 really cuts it after I've had to pay months worth of rent, I wouldn't have had to pay, the emotional turmoil and stress they put us through (I lost 4st due to stress, though that's probably a good thing), my wife has been put on anti-depressants due to the stress and worry. I don't want to be THAT hard done by guy whom is out to line his pockets with someone else gold, but I feel we were forced to hold the ****ty end of the stick through no fault of our own and we had 6 months of misery because of it. I'm not sure what my point is, or even why I'm writing this post, I guess i just needed a rant. On the plus side, it is such a relief that the default is going and we got our money back, but I'm not happy with the compensation they have offered, in fact I find it a bit of an insult. Appointment book for the Mortgage advisor for tomorrow and hopefully we will find another perfect property soon.
  7. Hi All, I am in dire need of assistance! I have recently been applying for a Mortgage which has been declined last week due to a default being placed onto our credit files (Me & my wife) by Halifax for an old basic current account which we have not used since 2009. A brief timeline of the events so far.... 17/07/2015 - Applied for mortgage via broker, lender credit checked and issued DIP the same day. 31/07/2015 - Unknown to us until yesterday a new entry for "Halifax" added to both my Wife's and my credit files. 17/08/2015 - Formal mortgage application sent to lender. Lender conducts another credit check and obviously discovers that a default has been added on since the initial credit check they carried out in order to issue the DIP. We had already chosen the property, had the offer accepted etc. The solicitor has ordered the searches as well so we could be considerably out of pocket. I have not had an adverse mark placed on my credit file in over 4 years so to have a default placed 2 weeks before a formal mortgage application is just about the worst thing that could possibly happen timing wise!! What is even worse is that the default is for £39!! The entry on our credit files is as follows: [ATTACH=CONFIG]59110[/ATTACH] As above this account has not been used at all since 2009, we have zero communications from Halifax no statements, letters nothing whatsoever. I managed to find some old paperwork with the account number on it so called into a branch today to en quire as to what had happened to cause a default to be placed suddenly after so many years of inactivity. The chap I spoke to in branch trawled his computer to find the last transaction and issued me with a mini statement which reads as follows..... Sheet: 1 Of 1 Date Issued: 13/02/2010 Date Activity Paid Out Paid In Balance 13Feb10 0.00 13Feb10 CHG ACCOUNT CHARGE 15.00 0.00 15.00 DR TOTAL PAYMENTS/RECEIPTS: 15.00 So as you can see the balance on the account was zero, then for some unknown reason Halifax applied a charge of 15.00. Presumably this has been incurring interest for the past 5 and a bit years hence the default of £39.00. There are no other transactions recorded for this account after Feb 2010. I appreciate the correct approach to this would be a SAR etc.. however as explained above I have just had my mortgage declined. Our existing tenancy agreement terminates in October with no change to renew. And I dare say we will struggle passing the stringent credit checks carried out in the current rental market. So I need to fix this problem as quickly as possible, we also have an appeal in progress with the lender which I am pretty sure will not succeed whilst these marks remain on our file. In summary Halifax have put us into a dire position by registering defaults based solely on a single bank charge some 5 and a bit years down the line!! Without any notification whatsoever. Obviously I need to send a letter asap but my head is a shed at the moment and would appreciate someone giving me some starting points.. Many thanks in advance for any assistance offered.
  8. OK, I've just had a call on my 'other' mobile (one I give to companies/businesses etc) from a withheld/private number and a woman claiming to be from the DWP Visiting team? Now I have never heard of them, so was understandingly abrupt and coy with her, she said she wanted to come and visit me tomorrow, to which I replied that she would need to make the appointment in writing, and that I do not discuss personal details over the phone especially when the caller has hidden their number. Having googled about, it does seem that there is such a team but there are varying reasons for them wanting to make a personal visit? I am on IB and receive a very small sum, in the tens of pounds, toward my 3 figure rent. I understand that there is a shake up of the benefits system, but am curious as to why now? And why hide their number? Miffed yes, and paranoid very.
  9. Hi Guys, I have recently applied for the mortgage and has been told there is default in my credit report. I checked my credit and found there is £54 default from Vodafone Gemini, which really shocked me. As i have been use vodafone for almost 15 years until now, as loyalty customer I paid my bills by direct debt, totally no idea how this default came from. Then i have contacted with Vodafone live chat couple of times since 10/03/2015. Every time I contacted them they said they had made request for me to investigate it and told me it will be removed soon. However, until now nothing changed and no one help to solve it! live chat customer service just waste my time, they let me wait for 14 working days and when i contacted them again they asked me wait another 14 working days:mad2: And I really wanna to make complaint about this, the default seems mistake made by Vodafone. How come I continue use the Vodafone until now and never been informed i have default in my account, and when i contact them no one actually come out to help to investigate. Even i post my problem on the Vodafone eforum as well, no one reply me!!! Really need someone give advice to remove this wrong default from my credit report. Thanks.
  10. Hello CAG! You know, there are times when we all have to deal with 'not so good' customer service but in the end matters end up being resolved with some persistence. However with Vodafone customer support I've never felt soo helpless. I have followed their process to the letter, and thus so far it has got me nowhere. I need a Vodafone rep to action on this and get it sorted. Background: June 2012 - I sign up to Vodafone as a new customer, 24 month contract (Iphone 4). June 2014 - Contract ends, I do not change anything. October 2014 - I decide to DOWNGRADE to a sim 30 day contract plan (£11.ono) as this suits my needs and I don't want to upgrade. My plan is changed as requested, no long term contract. - See Attachment #1 [ATTACH=CONFIG]55754[/ATTACH] Everything WAS GOOD - until... Mid January 2015 a fraudulent upgrade order is placed on my account. I have a 'full-fat' version of my issue in a thread with attachments over at the Vodafone eForum... which sadly has got me NOWHERE. ## I'll need to PM the rep the forum link as I can't post the link on here ## Monday 12th Jan 2015 Text message received on my mobile thanking me for the upgrade. What upgrade? I try to login into the online portal to make sure all is well. I can't login, I'm able to reset my account, seems someone changed the username (email address), added an extra character. Price plan still shows 1mth Sim only, £11.50 ... so I think nothing of it, perhaps a glitch. Wednesday 14th Jan 2015 - 10pm DPD email received confirming that my Vodafone package is to sent out tomorrow. What the hell? - even worse... it has my name on the package and an address based in Birmingham... I do NOT have any connection with that address, nor do I live in Birmingham! I try logging into the online portal, once again my username has been changed. I managed to get access back, and now my bill has bumped up to £48.50!!... from what I can see it's a two year contract on an iphone 6! What the fraudster didn't know, was that I received the DPD delivery email, therefore I was able to change the delivery day to one FULL week later so that he/she would not get it tomorrow. Once delivery had been changed, I spoke to Vodafone web support, called lost/stolen dept on the phone and even filled in a online 'Fraud Claim' form on their site to cover all bases! Thursday 15th Jan 2015 - 8.30am Call the Vodafone Lost/Stolen dept for an update, they confirm DPD has got the package and is returning it back to Vodaphone... SUCCESS! - See Attachment #2 They also mentioned the fraudulent order was placed via the web portal. Finally I am told the non-contact Fraud team will need 7-10 days to investigate before my account is returned back to normal. [ATTACH=CONFIG]55755[/ATTACH] Thursday 15th January 2015 - 7:00pm I receive an automated email from Vodafone in the evening confirming my new 'fraudulent' plan - I know at this point I need to wait 7-10 days for the fraud team to do their thing and put everything back to normal. I can no longer login to my online account as it was confirmed by customer services online access has been deleted for security purposes. I agree with this move, though it means for the time being I have no easy way of checking my tarrif/bill. Email Confirmation of new fraudulent plan - See Attachment 3. [ATTACH=CONFIG]55753[/ATTACH] Sunday 18th January 2015 I call Vodafone support to catch up on 'RETURN' status of the package from DPD. Note that from the moment "return to consignor" was requested the DPD tracking page no longer updates (I guess it has a new consignment number). It's apparently on it's way through returns so I'm told. The billing team confirm my account is still set to bill £48.50 on the new plan(contract), and that it can't be changed until the Fraud team are done investigating. As a precaution the advisor did tell me to cancel my direct debit which I have done. The fraudsters try to trick me into releasing my account details (since they no longer have web access to my account). They send me this bogus email, hoping I'd click on the link and submit my information. They sent it twice an hour later, I guess they are pretty pi$$ed they didn't get their iphone6: - See Attachment 4 [ATTACH=CONFIG]55752[/ATTACH] Wednesday 21st January 2015 - 11:30am I use the Vodafone support chat to find out more about what is going on. The agent confirms the handset has arrived back at the warehouse. My account is still set to the new contract (£48.50)....! I've also reached the point at which I want to leave Vodafone once this mess has been fixed. See Attachment 5: [ATTACH=CONFIG]55751[/ATTACH] Sunday 25th January 2014 - 4:44pm Vodafone Forum Staff send me a special form link to escalate my issue ... a.k.a golden ticket. A WRT Reference is supplied: #9227428 I am then given the following response: Thanks for your email here. I understand that you wish to cancel the upgrade which has been done on your account without your consent. I can see that a fraud case is already raised on your account and the team is investigating on this matter. As the dedicated team is checking on this we can't comment on this issue at this point of time. As soon as the investigation is complete the team will let you know. Any corrective measures, (if required) will be taken by the team and your account will be made up to date. It may take up to 4 - 5 more working days for the team to complete the investigation. You can get back to us after this timeframe for any update if you don't get any update by this time. Your patience and cooperation in this matter will be appreciated. Kind regards, ###### Customer Service Agent (eForum) Wrapping it up 5 days on since that last update, did I get a call or any correspondence from the Vodafone team? .... No. Has my plan reverted back to what it was (sim 30day) .... No. Do they have their phone back? ... Yes. Vodafone, you can't deny I have tried everything to make sure this matter is resolved and that I am not billed incorrectly. Were the phone truly stolen (delivered to fraudster) I could understand the need for a longer investigation, but the handset is back with you yet my account is still set on a 2 year contract for £48.50 p/m. Vodafone reps, I need help with the following please: Some form of direct communication with you. I'm done with talking to web chat support, general telephone support, and eForum - I keep going around in circles. A REAL update from the fraud team. I know customers cannot contact them directly, but internal staff can - I don't want to hear another generic "they need x days" statement... they have the handset! Revert my account to what it was, sim 30 day, and provide me with a PAC code - I'm moving on, a PAC code once activated should properly terminate my account. Thanks for reading! Dal
  11. Lowells have placed an account he had with a catalog onto my file. The accounts in default. He stayed with me for about 6 months before he went to Canada to work. He has now stayed there and as I fell out with him I don't have his current contact details. I contacted Noodle explaining this and they have wrote to me twice now telling me it's up to Lowells to remove it. I've contacted Lowells twice about it and the second time they said they were unable to talk about it to a third party! It's like banging my head against a wall... Its not the debt I want to talk about it's removing it from my credit file. Are there any other options to get this removed from my file? Thank you in advance for any help
  12. http://www.roxburghe.com/ This company are well known within the private parking industry and are referred to as the number one debt collection company. This will seriously impact on the matter of private parking tickets issued under the Protection of Freedoms Act.
  13. My wife parked in a LA car park and as the 2 machines weren't working and she just needed to "pop into the shop" she did just that and came back to a ticket. Nothing weird about that but... This was more of a home made ticket! Nice bright yellow box with "Penalty Charge Notice" and "Do not ignore" on the front and on the back, all handwritten... Reg £130 fine for further details or to make any other complaints or inquiries Please contact 0800731732 ticket issues under traffic section 69 WARDENID: PC10D75 I know there is nothing illegal about handwriting (or possibly even spelling/tense mistakes), but what's the current wisdom on these things? Wait for a letter? Thanks all
  14. In 2011 I was in a whole ton of debt, it was all unsecured loans and my mortgage was in arrears and my home was in negative equity. So I decided to give up on everything and move to Australia and start a new life. The house was taken back by the bank and I just said to hell with the unsecured debts. Now 3 years later I checked my mail at my mothers house when I came home for a visit. Only to see that there has been a Charging Order added to my mothers property for a debt that was in my name. I dont own any percentage of my mothers property, nor is my name on the deed. How can this company even do this legally? What advise do you have please? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  15. Hey guys, I'm really frustrated with this long dispute I've had with my electricity supplier and would really really appreciate some advice. Thanks in advance for any help! For some background, the property was purchased about a year and a few months ago, and the electricity company were contacted first 2-3 months after purchase. Electricity was being used during that time, but minimally, although I would say it would be fair to charge that time under a deemed contract. At the time, I was not aware of the existence of deemed contracts and perhaps was naive in assuming that I would be charged at a normal rate. When I spoke to them, I specifically asked for terms of the contract, unit prices, monthly statements, and for the contract to be changed from whatever was being charged at business rates (the former owners ran the property as a business) to a new, domestic, contract. I contacted them many times with the same requests to no avail. They finally phoned me over a year after purchase with a massive bill, charging me with a large standing charge (79p a day), which I was extremely unhappy with, especially as the property has been empty most of the time and electricity has been used very minimally. In summary: 1) Despite contacting them several occasions since purchase to request terms and conditions of our contract as well as a bill, this was never provided, nor was there any communication regarding the cost of electricity at all (again this was also specifically requested). 2) The business tariff proposed has a high standing charge. We expressly informed them that we did not wish to carry on with any business rates that the prior occupiers of the house were using (they were business owners, and the house is now domestic). Additionally, had we been informed of there being any standing charge (as we should have been from our requests for pricing information) we certainly would have either changed tariff or supplier as not much electricity is used at the property. The company, I believe was very wrong in not sending me this information or bills. 3) As yet I have still not received a statement with the amount of electricity that was used as was repeatedly requested over the last year. They have now replied to me claiming that a number of bills were sent to the property (blatantly a lie, no such bills were received, on top of this when I spoke to them before this on the phone after repeated questioning the man told me "A (single) letter was sent 9 months after the property was purchased" (This I also believe to be untrue). They have also agreed to potentially change it to domestic rates, but there is still a very high standing charge as it is still a deemed contract. If they had been open about this and sent me information regarding this when I requested it this problem would not have happened as I would have immediately changed supplier. Does anyone have any advice as to what I can do from here? I am planning to take this to the ombudsman. Thanks again, this is really stressing me out and I cannot afford the charges they are proposing, especially with so little electricity used!
  16. Morning all, Would like some advice please on the following. I have just checked my Credit file with Equifax and there has been a 'Default' added by a company called MKD LLP for £286, with the 'Default' date added as 2010. Now I remember having an old Nationwide account, that was made up of charges for £286, but I refused to pay, as it was made up completely of charges, and I lost out on claiming them back as the test case happened. However nothing was ever on my credit file for this bank account, never received a default notice and not heard a thing. my question is, can this company just place a Default on my credit file, with a made up date and not notify me? S urely this has to be unlawful in some respect? I look forward to any replies.
  17. Hi I need help regarding a default created by Cabot which is now on my credit file!
  18. I have a serious autoimmune condition that was diagnosed in 1993, I carried on working until 1999 until my employers understandably terminated my contract due to ill health... I had spent more time off ill in those years than at work. I tried to temp as did not want to be living on benefit but in the end I could not even manage that so applied for Incapacity Benefit and have been on it ever since. I get the higher age allowance. In the intervening years whilst not working my condition has deteriorated and I have developed other conditions. Each time DWP did a reassessment I always had enough points. In May I got the dreaded call that I was to be reassessed for ESA and it would take 10 weeks, well I sat waiting to be called for a medical but no calls/ letters came, then finally I got a telephone call this afternoon from DWP. The lady told me that I would be transferred onto ESA at my current higher rate (is that correct ?) but I had been placed in the WRAG and the transfer would happen on 19 October. How can they put me in this group ? I had supporting evidence of how serious my illness was and how incapable I was, I had a supporting letter from my GP and a record of the 36 medical appts I had in one year, details of how the illness effected me, I thought they at least would want to take a look at me before making this decision. Every part of my body is effected and it takes an exercise of military style precision to get me ready to leave the house. I told her I would be appealing so she told me that everything would be sent in the post and I only had a month from TODAY to appeal ! How can I do that when they had not even posted my letter and she even told me that they don't use First Class post. She then moved on to tell me that I now would be expected to attend an interview at my Job Centre, I told her that would be difficult as I had recently had a blackout and collapsed in the street and had broken bones and sprained ankles on BOTH legs so was having great difficulty in walking, she did put that on my notes, so you never know they may postpone my call up for a while. She also mentioned that my case would be reviewed by another assessor prior to appeal and could be overturned then with any further information I provided. My questions are, firstly the information that she gave me, is it correct as I have heard that they can give out incorrect information ? What further information can I give them as I thought I had covered all bases ? Will my payments remain at the higher rate ? And what chance do I have of having it overturned without going to the full appeal ? I have read so many posts, everyone's experience/ circumstances are different, but I am hoping someone has had a similar experience as mine and any help/ advice would be appreciated as I am conscious of the clock ticking, one month and I have nothing to work with. Many thanks for taking the time to read this.
  19. I applied for ESA and have been placed in the Work Related Activity Group (WRAG). I am registered disabled and revieve the highest component of Care and Mobility for DLA. The reason for my disability is I had a badly compressed disk in my neck resulting in loss of feeling/use of my left leg. I also suffer loss of feeling, strength, pins and needles and constant severe pain from my neck radiating down my right arm to my finger tips. Since my ACDF operation in January this year, I now also have similar problems with my left forearm/hand. Due to the length of time the disc was compressed, the surgeon explained the procedure would be viewed as a success if it stops the symptoms getting worse. When applying I filled out form ESA50 and for Part 1 point 1 I ticked NO for the moving 50 metre questiona and NO for the 200 metre question explaining the issues facing the loss of use of my left leg and having to struggle to mobilise on two crutches. I also answered NO for the question relating to Going up or down stairs. I was somewhat surprised to not on the ESA85A Medical Report Form states they used evidence from ESA50, Med 3, 113 and FRR4 forms. Under Justification for Advice, it states "The available evendence does not suggest that the client has severely restricted musculo-skeletal or cardio-respiratory function such that they would be unable to mobilise more than 50 metres, or transfer between two seats without assistance from another person." I was never called for a medical assessment by ATOS Healthcare which confused me as I'm sure, had they had the opportunity to see how restrictive my mobility is they would not have put this as a reason to deny me the Support Group catagorisation I'm sure I should be in. I made Subject Access Requests from the DWP and my GP and had the opportunity to see the ESA113 form my GP filled out. Despite visiting him several times and seeing the numerous letters from my hospital appointments my GP left section 4 completely blank and left the most importact issues relating to my physical health off of Conditions and Dates of Diagnosis part of the form. Could this be the reason why the information given on ESA50 were ignored? I have also seen the following as part of my SAR from the DWP under document LT54 'WCA Allowance + WRAG': "The Decision Maker has also considered limited capability for work related activity. Having considered the available evidence the Decision Maker has decided that by reason of his physical condition none of the descriptors set out in schedule 3 of the ESA regs apply to Mr XXXXX XXXXXXX." Is it possible my GP's lack of information could prevented me being called for assessment and/or put into the incorrect group?
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