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Found 22 results

  1. Hi, I would greatly appreciate some assistance with this parking issue. Apologies that this is a bit long – have tried to summarise it. I live in a cul-de-sac (close) and until a few years ago the local authority tried to CPZ the close but found that it was private land belonging to my housing association. It is a small close with bays that residents park in. The local authority persuaded my housing association to get a private parking contractor which caused an almighty confusion between the residents and the housing association. To cut a long story short, PEA Parking got
  2. Hello all, Posting on behalf of a work colleague. Have passed them site details and suggested they register themselves. The person in question works as a cleaner for a third party company who have a contact with our business. Our business is part of a much larger group who are currently restructuring. As part of the restructure, our business is moving from its current facility to a new shared site along with other parts of the organisation. For this reason our contract with the cleaning company is due be terminated. This now leaves the cleaner, who has 8 years ser
  3. I'm going to be having a new roof on the house shortly, and I don't want to employ some one without having a clearly defined contract in place. But having never done anything like this before.. I have no idea where to begin. Are there any templates out there that I can download, and tweak to suit, and most importantly... it will need to be legally binding in case of any issues. If a contractor refuses to sign a contract... they won't be hired. Any decent and reputable company would have no qualms about having a contract in place.
  4. Hi all Some words of legal advice please. My son has been employed, on a self-employed basis, with a major construction company, paid through Exchequer Solutions, with basic 20% deducted and I claim most of his tax back each year. He has worked tirelessly for the same employer 2 months short of 3 years as a carpenter/multi task contractor. Unfortunately, the company is owned by a father and son duo. The father is a very reasonable but ageing man who mainly stays in the office and the son is a complete upstart, worth millions, knows nothing of the construction industry, but did a b
  5. Hi my okd friends I need an EXTREMELY URGENT advice from you good people. Wished to refurbish the old house after 30 years which meant change of everything including wiring and water system etc. I employed a firm of archirects who with a QS sent tenders out and as the result we instructed a firm of contractors to do the job. After a while architects left the scene so we employed a building controller in their replace to interact with builders. There was to be a contract drawn by QS for "minor work project". Unfortunately a copy of it was sent to me last week! As I had
  6. I currently get £23k a year on PAYE as a salary. I'm leaving my job due to work pressures. I am going to be working for anther company doing the same thing, but as a contractor. I will be getting £2000 a month exactly. I am now trying to work out if I will be better off. Since I have just realized that I won't be getting holiday pay, meaning the 6 days I have booked off next month will mean I will lose close to £600! Someone else I've spoken to seems to think you can claim back on many things you buy as a contractor, so would be better off? Have I made a mistake? P.S How bad wo
  7. I had a quotation for a concrete garage from a local agent, part of the quote included the separate price for the base to be slightly extended and skimmed. This did not say estimate, it said quote. The person that does the bases apparently does not work for agent but they provide him with work, I'm not sure if they get any commission from his work. The agent quoted £800 for the base complete with prep to completion and said it would not change. The base builder came to view the job and said its £950 and that hes doing it cheaper as it should be £1100. When the base is done I have to pay
  8. We have had a domestic heating oil escape 6 months ago. Our insurance sent a contractor to do remedial works that would remove the contamination and prevent it from spreading. After 6 months the contamination still has not been removed from the ground but our policy was charged tens of thousands of ££ in costs incurred by the contractor. The only works done to date are: test of the level of contamination, partial structural survey of the house wall, a filtering equipment connected to the water feature that was also affected, and a proposal for works presented but later withdrawn (possibl
  9. Hello everyone, I wonder if anyone has any advice. I have been offered a contract with a client via an agency. The agency terms and conditions are very heavily weighted in their direction. The specific term that I wish to have removed is that they or the client can cancel the contract without any notice and not owe me any money. The client can cancel without any notice period and the agency will not owe me any money. The client can claim my work is not suitable and cancel without any notice and give no evidence as to why the work is unsatisfactory. I am a Ltd business but it's just me
  10. Hi,I will make this brief. I am in dispute with a Glazing company. It has now been tracked to my local court.I have submitted a defence the claimant hasn't responded to this within the time period laid down.We are to supply any witness statements and evidence. The dispute arises that they fitted the wrong item as ordered and damaged on installation, and took 6 months to complete which should have taken 1 day.I incurred extra trade and other costs due to this fact.I have paid deducting these figures, I am being pursued for the balance. For completeness and assist the Judge which point of
  11. Hi All, I would really appreciate some advice. I've received an offer letter from a US company which does not have a UK presence. Therefore I will be employed as a contractor and they will help me set up the limited company. The thing is, there is a clause called Employment-At-Will which is apparently normal in the US. It means that either party can terminate employment with no notice and no reason. I guess as a employee proper this would not be legal, however as a contractor is this allowed? Thanks All
  12. I wondered if anyone can help. I was left a property by my dad and as the market was low decided to rent it out . The first months rent covered bits of work done on the house, finders fee and safety checks etc . Then more work needed doing 2 carpets kitchen units and header tank so i gave the estate agents the go ahead to carry the work out via their contractor . I was going to rent the property for 6 months whilst the value went up so the rent wasnt important to me the contractor would be paid from that. Two weeks ago after a fuse had blown the estate agents stated it needed a full r
  13. Confirmation of complete chaos and disarray in delivering these assessments. http://www.channel4.com/news/disability-benefits-contractor-runs-into-trouble-video
  14. Back in September 2013 i recieved keys to a new flat 1 month before i actually moved in. 2 Days after getting the key (17.09.13) the contractors working for my landlord managed to knock my motorbike over off its side stand, whilst trying to access the bins. I didn't know for sure at the time that it was them that knocked it over. I was getting the bike ready that day for long ride to visit family for a weeks holiday. So i had to ride the bike damaged. The landlord sent me a text the following week confirming it was his contractors that did cause the damage. i suspected the damage
  15. Apologies first for posting this in the general welcome section as this is where the 'how to start a new thread' advises one to do so. I am a freelancer in the pharmaceutical industry contracting through an agency to a multinational company. My contract is reviewed every 6 months. Last November 2012 (just before its renewal in Dec) the multinational company approached me and wanted to transfer me from an hourly rate to a daily rate. As I was used to working long hours I figured that they had considered the rates and thought it best for them that I went onto a daily rate. They suggested a
  16. i did 2 weeks work for a company they paid me for the first week late,then they have'nt paid me for the second week. its been 2 weeks now,they are ignorig my calls. what action can i take?
  17. Hi, What do you think about IR35 -- the tax on certain types of contracts? Is it fair? Should it be abolished? If you've been doing contracting, what have you done about it? Thanks
  18. Hi there, I'm currently in the process of a home insurance claim and would be very grateful for advice on certain aspects. The claim was initiated following an escape of water and the result is that the ground floor at my property requires replacement and a room needs partial redecoration. A Loss Adjuster visited my property following the claim and, along with estimates for the main works, requested that I also provide estimates for removal and storage of my contents to the whole of the ground floor of the property in order to facilitate the works. I should highlight here t
  19. I am self-employed as a painter and decorator and am doing some work for a contractor who says he has to deduct tax from my wages. I'm a bit concerned about this because this is my first job this tax year and I imagine it will be an emergency tax code which will mean paying a lot more than if I was employed and had a code. I realiseI will get this back eventually but could do without it being taken off me now, I understood that, as a self-employed person, my tax affairs were my own responsibility and I wonder if anyone could throw some light on what is supposed to happen in a situation like th
  20. Hi All, I need your advice really appreciated your comments. I started work with this organisation 4 years ago as an account manager on a full time employement basis but it transpired after few months that they do not pay their VAT, TAX NI etc so I was advised by my colleague at work to do the same and become a self employed which I did. From the moment I started with this place, I was constantly abuse and bullied by my manager and I reported it to the MD many many times but he did not do nothing about it. after a year, the boss himself join in the hostility & the unethical communica
  21. Hi to make it easier I have detailed my issues in the letter below which I have sent to the AA. Any advise? On the 7th October 2012 I drove my vehicle (Mercedes-Benz E270 Cdi) . On my return, I noticed the car doors would not open centrally. I then used the key to open the door manually and managed to open it. I then realised that the car would not also start. At this point I decided to call on your breakdown services to get me back on the road again. I was told the AA patrols are busy in the area however they will send out a sub-contractor to get me roadworthy again. A patrol from a com
  22. can someone point me in the right direction - am i self employed or a contractor - and as such, what rights do i have ? I pay 20% tax at source ( CIS) I have regular working hours every day ( can't work whenever i want) I don't get paid holidays I don't get sick pay From what i can gather, im a contactor, as someone who is self employed gets to pick his or hers own working hours. As a contractor, am i not entitled to some kind of holiday pay ??? Any thoughts ?
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