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Found 7 results

  1. Hello all, Posting on behalf of a work colleague. Have passed them site details and suggested they register themselves. The person in question works as a cleaner for a third party company who have a contact with our business. Our business is part of a much larger group who are currently restructuring. As part of the restructure, our business is moving from its current facility to a new shared site along with other parts of the organisation. For this reason our contract with the cleaning company is due be terminated. This now leaves the cleaner, who has 8 years service at this site, all be it possibly with differing cleaning comapanies. By this I mean that although the contracted agent has maybe changed it has always been the person holding the position and performing the duties. They have essentially moved with the contact. They have now been informed that once the closes they are basically redundant. It is also being claimed they they are not entitled to any redundancy as it not them, her employer (cleaning company) who are making them redundant but us as we the ones moving site. No other positions are available for them to be relocated / transferred to. What are their rights in this case ?
  2. I recently left my employer as the job really wasnt what I had been sold. As part of my package I received international relocation expenses to move to the uk, with my contract stating 75% should be repaid if leaving within 18 months. Upon leaving I owed around £5000, £2500 of which I repaid. I am now being chased for the remaining, I haven't paid this because I dispute around £1000 of these costs. the shipping company the firm used we more than double the highest quote of any other supplier I can find. All of this I explained to the firm and tried to resolve before leaving to no avail. To date I have received two letters from the company and now a letter from a debt collector 'Spratt Endicott' demanding payment within 7 days of they will proceed with legal action. Do I need to pay or are these just scare tactics and I should try to negotiate. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi Everybody, I have a local cafe business which I am looking to relocate to a better, more prominent area of my town. At present, I have been trading for less that 1 year yet the business has seen significant growth and customer footfall is increasing despite it’s current location within the town’s local market (which has seen better days!) Recently, a rare opportunity to rent a shop on the main busy high street has presented itself and I am very eager to move my operation to this new premises. The shop is smaller than my existing premises, however I would be looking towards providing ‘food to go’ rather than offering a seated menu. Furthermore, I would be keen to carry on renting my existing kitchen facilities to produce the ‘food to go’ for the new shop, with the existing cafe operation being reverted back to how it was before I took over – moving my branding etc to the new shop. I have a 2 months waiting period before the occupiers of the new premises move out. What would be the best strategy to help me pull this off successfully? All advice and constructive criticism will be greatly appreciated
  4. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this or any suggestions please. My employer is asking people to transfer to a building just 5 miles from my current location. It seems that where we are at present, the work is less now, so the management are using this to start potential transfers. It is of course okay for me to travel to the new work place but this is not the issue. There are two issues: 1/ My current role is admin but the new work is a Call Centre. 2/ I worked at the new building before when it was not a call centre but it was hell. There were people there who made my life hell and bullied me for two Years before I got a facilitated transfer to where I am at present ( on the grounds of caring for an elderly parent which still remains today ). These bully boys still work there and the thought of going back to that building fills me with dread. I have asked the union for help so I am waiting and think it may take time to get clarification. I feel compelled now to look for another job but I suspect they are hoping I will leave anyway. Do you think I may get payoff if I refuse to relocate on the grounds mentioned above or will they just say I was unreasonable and say I resigned. I just cannot afford to get ill again like last time. Many thanks. Hope you have a great day:jaw: Stella
  5. Hi there I currently work and live in the same town so save a lot of money by cycling to work. I have been in this position since I got this job 10yrs ago. My work are thinking about moving to another town but still in the same county so I will have to get a mode of transport to get there and back. Do I just go with it and get myself a car or even a moped and pay out of my own pocket so basically it will be like my wage going down or do I have grounds for my work to pay me a relocation allowance or something? Many thanks
  6. I'm currently not sure how to proceed with this, I have sent one email and they have responded but pretty much ignored what I said. Before i purchased the membership i was told there would no cancellation fee if i had to cancel the contract due to relocation for work. I admit my mistake was that i didn't get this in writing so I'm not sure if i have a leg to stand on when it's their word against mine. Here's the email i sent on 28/02/14: "Dear Sir or Madam Cancellation of gym membership. Member ID: xxxxxxxx I wish to cancel my gym membership with Total Fitness due to having to relocate because my employer has changed my location of employment (active from 31/03/14). My new employment location (Slough) does not have a Total Fitness gym nearby, therefore I will not be able to continue to use your facilities anymore. Before I signed up to the gym (in November 2013) I asked the sales person (Name of sales person) if there was a cancellation fee should I have to cancel due to relocation because of work and he informed that there would be no fee required should I have to cancel for the reason stated above as long as I can provide proof. I recently tried to cancel my membership at both the local gym (in Lincoln) and at head office but was told I would have to pay a £100 admin fee even though I provided them with the appropriate documentation from my employer as verification. It must be noted that I wouldn’t have signed up to the gym if I had been told about this fee (and I asked specifically about it), I feel I have been miss sold the membership and therefore believe that I should not be required to pay this fee. In addition to this here is an excerpt from the OFT Guidance on unfair terms in health and fitness club agreements which is relevant to my circumstance (with sections in bold being particularly relevant). ‘5 Financial penalties on members Paragraph 1 of Schedule 2 states that terms may be unfair if they have the object or effect of: (e): requiring any consumer who fails to fulfil his obligation to pay a disproportionately high sum in compensation. Other factors affecting unfairness 5.4 Many factors influence the fairness of terms that require full payment of the subscription from the member who cancels early. For example, does it reflect the supplier’s reasonable losses in such circumstances, were other membership options available to members, was the term clear and prominent, was the member misled, and what is the effect of other terms in the contract? Some of these factors may be relevant only to individual disputes, in cases where a term that is generally fair may nevertheless be unfair in a particular case in light of the actual circumstances. Sections 2, 4, and 18 of this guidance are also relevant, together with the discussion of Minimum Membership Periods in Part III. Circumstances beyond a member’s control 5.5 The fairest terms allow members to transfer their membership or to cancel the contract without penalty if the member, for example, has to relocate, or has suffered redundancy, or has a medical condition that prevents his use of the gym. Such terms take positive account of the interests of the member.’ I hope that we can come to a fair solution to this matter as I feel I should not have to pay this admin fee for cancellation however I am willing to compromise if the offer is reasonable. I would also like to add that my experience using the gym has been very positive and I hope my final opinion of the gym will continue to be a positive one. I look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your help with this matter. Yours faithfully" And here is their response on 5/03/14: "Re: Total fitness membership number: xxxxxxxx Thank you for providing documentation confirming your relocation to an area where there is no Total fitness centres. Unfortunately total fitness cannot be held responsible for a change in member’s circumstances and memberships cannot be cancelled in the first year as per the terms and conditions of the signed twelve-month membership agreement. Relocation is not an unusual circumstance and is therefore not a valid reason to cancel your membership. However as a compromise we are willing to allow you to terminate your contract with us, waiving the remaining balance of £280.00 upon receipt a £100.00 cancellation fee. Therefore, please forward a cheque for £100.00 payable to Total fitness 2010 LTD to the address below. Alternatively you may contact us on 01614402680 to make the above payment using your credit/debit card. Thank you for your co-operation in this matter. Yours sincerely" Any help on what I should (and can) do next would be much appreciated
  7. Hi It appears the csa do not care for the fact im being paid relocation money when the office moved premise. Im now doing 120 miles a day, 600 miles a week,33,000 business miles on my own vehicle This money was just paying for my fuel (let alone the wear and tear) - now the csa have caught on, theyve upped the payments i have to make Is this allowed? Its not actual income or overtime but money to compensate me for the move
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