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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I would greatly appreciate some assistance with this parking issue. Apologies that this is a bit long – have tried to summarise it. I live in a cul-de-sac (close) and until a few years ago the local authority tried to CPZ the close but found that it was private land belonging to my housing association. It is a small close with bays that residents park in. The local authority persuaded my housing association to get a private parking contractor which caused an almighty confusion between the residents and the housing association. To cut a long story short, PEA Parking got the contract. Signs were erected and one letter sent out about registering with PEA for a virtual permit. The housing association then stated that they would not get involved in any disputes with parking and disowned themselves from the matter. At that time, my son had a blue badge and I was given a mobile permit that I could put in my windscreen when parked. My car broke down on the close and I purchase another second hand one and informed the local housing office of the events of then I would be disposing of the old car. The then housing officer emailed PEA and c.c'd me into the email. Around the end of 2016 my housing association informed us of a consultation of merging with another housing association and this would be on-going for a while. Unbeknownst to us, the local office closed down as staff was restructured, no phones were answered for months - office telephone numbers were changed and all we were getting were mail shots about the merger continuing. At the same time, my permit expired and there was no appearance from PEA so we the residents assumed that they no longer had the contract - I had left my car outside my door for months when on leave and saw no parking contractor - let alone not being able to get through to head office to query where the new local office was. On 15 May 2018, I had a medical appointment for a minor op. I returned home and to my surprise and horror found a Parking Charge Notice on my windscreen. I was shocked as they had not patrolled the close for over 1 year and even the neighbours were sure they were no longer the contractors and felt that when a new one got the contract, we would be informed. I appealed and sent evidence on the 28 May 2018 on the following grounds: 1. The Notice mentions the old housing association's (landlord) name which no longer exists. 2. My letter from my housing association dated 15 January 2018 re 'Change of Landlord' the old landlord ceased to exist on the 2 January 2018. 3. Letter confirming that I pay service charges for the maintenance of the car park so can park in the bay. 4. Their Notice is difficult to read as dyslexic and font is very small. PEA acknowledged receipt of my appeal on the 1 June 2018 stating that if I do not hear within 14 days – do not assume it has been cancelled. I had to contact the British Parking Association who stated that I should have had a decision within 36 days and they would contact them. I emailed PEA on the 12 July 2018 for a decision/POPLA reference number. PEA replied on 19 July 2018 – appeal rejected on the following grounds: - No displaying a valid permit and warning signs etc. - My old landlord still exists as the rebranding with the new landlord has not yet been completed. The parking restriction times were between 10.00am – 2.00pm Monday to Friday. There has been no written confirmation from PEA or the new landlord to confirm that they will continue to have the contract nor had I been contacted on the expiry of my son’s disabled mobile permit to change it to the virtual permit. Where do I stand? Any information appreciated.
  2. Got PCN at hospital in NI. Ticket says no valid disabled badge on display. Disabled badge was on display and was visible in my opinion, though which side was up I couldn't say due to extreme stress. The badge belonged to registered owner who was in hospital and who in fact passed away a few hours after the ticket was put on the windscreen. The registered owner was not the driver but there was a key family member who was a passenger with mobility difficulties and so one of the disabled bay spaces was used. This is brutal and I am wondering how to address this as quickly and easily as possible without having to disturb those affected in the deceased estate. I am a very close relative and this very upsetting. This happened in the last week. How do you suggest I proceed on this. Thank you.
  3. 21st Jul 17, 7:14 PM Hello All POPLA refused my Appeal Hello All. I am newbie here. Trying to find a solution to my frustration. The gist of my appeal to POPLA was as follows -------------------------------------------------- *That I paid for the parking fee, which avoided loss to the parking company. *The Dashboard on the Rangerover is sloped/curved and the parking ticket could have slipped on to the steering, due to the air gush when the door was closed. *The parking ticket had no self adhesive to stick it to the dashboard. *I have shown the ticket to the parking attendant on my return to the car, while he was still there and he asked me to appeal. *My intentions were not to breach the terms and conditions of parking site, hence bought a ticket and should not be penalised with unreasonable amount. PEA( PARKING AND ENFORCEMENT AGENCY LIMITED) nor POPLA could consider my appeal, and reply was as below.... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ASSESMENT DECISION was on 30/03/2017 on their website Unsuccessful Assessor summary of operator case The operator’s case is that the appellant failed to display a pay and display ticket. Assessor summary of your case The appellant’s case is that they purchased a pay and display ticket but it slipped down the dashboard, as the ticket did not have any self-adhesive. Assessor supporting rational for decision The operator has provided photographic evidence of the signage located around the site in question. The signage states, “Not displaying valid permit/ticket clearly on the dashboard…Parking Charge Notice is £100”. The operator has provided photographs of the appellant’s vehicle parked at the site in question. The photographs provided show the appellant’s vehicle without clearly display a pay and display ticket. The operator has issued the Parking Charge Notice (PCN) as the appellant failed to display a pay and display ticket. I acknowledge the appellant purchased a pay and display ticket but it slipped down the dashboard as the ticket did not have any self-adhesive. However, from the operator’s photographic evidence of the appellant’s vehicle I cannot see a pay and display ticket displayed on the dashboard. In order for the warden to assess that the vehicle was authorised to park at the site, a pay and display ticket would need to be clearly visible in the vehicle. As it was not, the warden has issued the PCN, as they would have been unaware whether the vehicle is authorised to park at the site. POPLA’s remit is to assess whether or not the appellant has adhered to the terms and conditions of the site in question. Therefore as the appellant failed to display the ticket correctly, I am satisfied the appellant has not adhered to the terms and conditions of the site. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the motorist to ensure that when they enter a car park, they have understood the terms and conditions of parking. By remaining parked on site, the appellant accepted the terms and conditions. On this occasion, the appellant has failed to follow the terms and conditions of the signage at the site and as such, I conclude that the operator issued the Parking Charge Notice correctly. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On not replying to their letters, regret PEA have given it to a debt collection as expected received debt collection letters from CSB SOLICITORS LIMITED followed by county court claim form dt 14/07/2017, for £265/- ( Claim £165/-, Court Fee: £25/-, Legal Reps cost : £50/- Total £240.31 further interest to accumulate on daily basis. I would like to defend and change the court to my local area. Any suggestions as to how to pinpoint the defence, so that the judge would see my side of the argument that there was no loss to the company and the penalty is disproportionate and unfair. Further as the said parking site is cordoned off currently for flats development, i cannot prove the terms and conditions on the signage as it existed, if at all . There are no signs boards currently. Any help is greatly appreciated in advance. Please could anyone be kind to advise as time is ticking . Appreciate your help in advance. Thanks
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