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Found 11 results

  1. My missus text me today at work to say that she's just realised that the neighbour's gutter along the back of the house is emptying onto our roof. I got home and sure enough it is. We think that they've just had it done over the past few days as we've heard drilling/noise coming from their side recently, but are not 100% sure. We are mid-terrace, as is our neighbour. We live slightly downhill, so their roof is a good 2 or 3 foot above ours. Looking at the back of the houses tonight i can see that the neighbour has no downpipe. All houses on our terraced row have downpipes apart from their's. Again, i *think* they had one up until the recent changes. Instead of a downpipe, their gutter now juts out by about half a foot at the end with no termination and so overhangs my roof and therefore the rain will drain directly from their gutter onto my roof and into my gutter. I haven't spoken to them yet, but wanted to check my options and if this is worth me making an issue of. Have i cause for concern for having the neighbour's back gutter emptying onto my roof? Should they have asked permission before doing this? What if this was not a recent thing but happened a while ago, but i have only just noticed it? (we're are a bit sure it was only recently done, but haven't really been out back of our house lately as not the weather!). I'm on friendly terms with my neighbour and so have no problems in having a neighbourly chat, but obviously would like to know what's right and wrong in this scenario.
  2. Hi I'm posting here in the hope that someone can help me figure out what the heck I can do to solve my problem! To cut a long story short, we started leasing a commercial unit in Oct 2017 and turned it into a dance studio. We raised £3500 in 2 months to pay for laminate floor (with padding underneath as it was originally concrete), fitted radiators, fitted a kitchen in the waiting room, painted the wall with some cool art work, etc. We were really hoping to turn the space into our new 'home' The lease states that he is responsible for the externals, we are responsible for the internals. I have had this argument with him on many many occasions about various things, but it's important that we know that bit! Back to the topic - we noticed around Christmas that the roof was leaking a little when it rained. We let the landlord know and put some buckets and towels down on the floor to catch any dripping. Around the beginning Feb, he got someone to come look and said they'd done some work. It still leaked, but nothing too bad, so we just said we would keep an eye on it. It has gradually been getting worse and worse every time it rained. To the point that it's now running down the side of the walls next to the electrics (like a very light waterfall, not a trickle like a tap being left on!) Before my holiday at the end of March I sent him an email to say if the roof hadn't been looked at when i got back i would get someone in to do it and invoice him. Funnily enough he replied and said he would get someone to look at it. He sent me photos as proof and they had indeed done some work. I got back from my holiday on 4th April to find it was now even worse down the side of the walls. We have now had to block off part of the studio, put bin liners down and towels down too to try prevent further damage to our floor. It stinks of damp and the skirting boards are turning mouldy!:mad2: You can see it on the pics i've attached. Pic 1 Jan 2018, Pic 2 Feb 2018, Pic 3 March 10 2018, Pic 4 and 5 March 30 2018:mad2::mad2: How can i get this fixed without withholding my rent? I don't want to get into that but if i have to then so be it. I think he thinks i'm just a dumb blonde who doesn't have a clue so he is taking the p*ss a bit! All i want is for him to do his job and stop it leaking! What can I do?! help please
  3. I'm going to be having a new roof on the house shortly, and I don't want to employ some one without having a clearly defined contract in place. But having never done anything like this before.. I have no idea where to begin. Are there any templates out there that I can download, and tweak to suit, and most importantly... it will need to be legally binding in case of any issues. If a contractor refuses to sign a contract... they won't be hired. Any decent and reputable company would have no qualms about having a contract in place.
  4. After the bad weather a couple of weeks ago, I noticed a damp patch on the ceiling in one of the bedrooms, and upon further investigation, several smaller patches in the back bedroom. So I went outside with my binoculars and had a good look at the roof front and back... I could see no damage, loose/slipped tiles or anything obvious. I got the step ladder out and pocked my head into the loft, and discovered that a load of the roofing felt has ripped away, exposing the underside of the tiles and batons. Contacted the buildings insurance and they arranged a roofer to come out and inspect things, and give them a report. This report is looking very unfavourable, currently awaiting a copy of it and the pictures he took. From what we've been told so far, he's claiming that there has been water getting into the roof space that has damaged the batons causing them to sag in a few areas. He's claiming that this is because the overlap on the tiles doesn't meet the current 75mm overlap. But refused to answer my question about 'when' those regulations came into effect... and he's also offered the 'theory' that there could be condensation occurring. But is admittedly guessing in that regard. My house was built around 51/52 and the only building regulations I can find are the ones that came into effect in Feb 1966, these were the first ever national building regs according to my 'limited' research abilities. I contacted the national archives to see if they could help, but it's not the kind of info they store and I should try a local archive for my county. It's worth noting that the rest of the roofing material not damaged, looks in near perfect condition. The overlay on the tiles at the bottom of the roof and at the top varies between 70-85mm, but it's the areas were the batons have sagged due to moisture that the overlap is much lower... He told me in person it was as low as 45-50mm, but in the report he's claiming it's now 25mm. We are now faced with the prospect of a 4-5k repair bill if the insurance refuse to cover some or all of the cost. The tiles are reaching the end of their lifespan of 80yrs being around 66yrs old now, and it's in the best interests of the property to replace them with newer ones. So what I need to know... is what to do next if they try to avoid helping with the costs... We're quite prepared to contribute to the cost aside from the excess of about £250 we'd be happy to pay for all of the replacement tiles and even include some roof vents 'just in case' there has been condensation... Er on the side of caution rather than risk the 'theory' being correct. From some rough figures I arrived at (approx meter squared area and tile coverage per mt squared. I estimate this to be in the region of £1000 with between 1000-1200 tiles required at an approx cost of 74p per tile (if ordering more than 500).. I worked this out from the rough footprint and then added 20% to account for roof pitch. Approx footprint is 70-75m/s and around 15 tiles per m/s. Roof vents are around £15-18 each depending on type and I assume I'll need 5, 2 front, 2 back and one for the small porch. What are the procedures I need to be aware, do we have to follow a complaints procedure, should we get independent reports done... If they point blank refuse to pay anything... who do we take it too next, and because of the risk of further damage due to the current state of the roof... should we have the work undertaken to current building standards and then pursue some form of recovery of some of those costs. I'm actually lucky that I had my c/irESA claim sorted out and backdated 3 yrs recently... so I've got a little cushion to cover some of this expense. But I'd need to borrow the rest from family as a loan to be paid back. Right this moment... I'm not panicking... that could change very quickly if things look bleak.
  5. Hi. We and our neighbor have a shared roof, also the roof it’s at an angle, he’s at the highest point, we are lower. Last year we had a leak, we called a roofer to check and he wanted to check neighbors loft, he didn’t agree. We fixed everything on our side, now we have a leak again, our roofer said it’s defiantly them, but again, they don’t want to let anyone up there. What can we do? We contacted the council but both properties are freehold. Thank you
  6. In November 2015 I had the roof of terraced flat repaired/replaced (20 year guarantee on both labour and materials - ha ha!). The work involved repairing/replacing rotten timber and strengthening the roof where it was no longer supported by an internal wall (removed by previous owner). The contractor mentioned Building Control and consulting a Structural Engineer but when I contacted Building Control they knew nothing of the job. The roof is very poorly done, there have been a number of leaks and the structural work is badly done. The contractor has been back numerous times to correct many things but the whole job is so bad the roof will probably have to be stripped and redone. Re-doing the roof was part of a refurbishment project that should have been completed a year ago; it is still unoccupied so consequential rent and council tax losses are mounting up. The original bodge-job cost £9.5K; I have been quoted £15 by a reputable company to put it right (not satisfying all of the Building Control requirements) so any claim would be over the £10K Small Claims limit. The current situation: Building Control are waiting for Structural Engineer's calculations from the contactor (contractor has had site meetings with both). The contractor has not replied to my emails/made contact with me since The contractor's solicitor has not replied to my emails, not even to confirm if he is taking instructions from/acting from him. The manufacturer of the roofing membrane (warranty) has not replied either All the usual letters have been exchanged (reasonable skill and care, CAB/Trading Standards Pre-action Protocol) but there is a stalemate. I cannot afford to spend over £15K to get the roof re-done, even if I did the contractor's solicitor has objected to any work being done by a third party making it more difficult to recover the money. A Fast-Track court case would take about a year and be very expensive - then the contractor would probably not pay-up or settle out of court after I had spent a fortune on legal fees. Every month I lose over £500. I got a solicitor to write a letter back in July, that cost me about £600 and he basically said I had already done what was necessary letter of claim wise. Any ideas please.
  7. hi everyone, A little advice needed please. on the 6th july I had a new polycarbonate roof fitted aprox 5 mtrs by 4 mtrs which has turned out to be a right bodge job done. Morning after fitting I noticed endcaps had fallen off, wrong material used on side frames, poly roof sheets had 2 inch gaps near to house so rain can get in, sheets were cut cut so badly it looks like they had been chopped with an axe, glazing bars lifting, scratches real bad big scratches. I contacted business owner who said ill come out which he did 3 days later to be told yes the fitters had codged the job and they will fit flasing to hide the gaps and cut glazing bars correctly and basically cover over all the bodges. I was told they would contact me last week about coming back but nothing at all heard. should I demand/ask the badged parts be replacedor have I got to accept his offer to cover over bodges?. Where do I stand please? any help/advice id be most gratefull for. I paid £1310 for 4 poly sheets , 3 glazing bars plus fitting to be left with a very bad bodged job.
  8. Hi, I'll keep this as short as possible, I currently live in an ex-council flat which I own, the flat is one of 12 in 3 conjoined blocks of 4 flat's each, prior to christmas the council, who act as the factor for the block notified me that a scottish government grant had been awarded to the block for the installation of external insulation/cladding and replacing the external rendering on the property, since this was all being covered by the grant made available by the scottish government no contribution would be required by any of the private owners in the block. Soon afterwards I was invited to attend a public meeting at the council offices regarding some additional proposals with regards to the renovations, upon attending the meeting the residents of the block were informed that whilst the scaffolding was up for the works to install the cladding that they would like to replace the roof on the block, whilst not essential at this particular point in time they were keen to do it to keep the costs at a minumum, we were informed that the cost per owner for the replacement would be £3425 and that a 25% grant was available, the remaining amount could be paid up by the owners in monthly installments interest free over the next 12 months, which works out at just over £200 pcm, we were informed that there would be a ballot to determine whether the works would go ahead or not, and the additional works would only proceed if a majority voted in favour, I pointed out that it was rather unreasonable of the council to expect people to just magically have a spare £200 a month to pay for this, the council officer said that we could contact the council and if we were able to prove financial hardship then they may extend the repayment term up to a maximum or 4 years, however there was no guarantee that they would. The council officer pointed out that the current roof was 56 years old, and though the factor were currently able to conduct repairs on it, that may not always be the case, and that a replacement may be come mandatory, at considerably more expense in the future. After careful consideration I decided to vote no, given whilst the payment probably wouldn't push me into financial hardship, it would eat up the vast majority of my disposable income for the foreseeable future, and I probably wouldn't gain the full advantage of the repair given I'm currently saving the deposit for a house and will be looking to move in 2 to 3 years time. Yesterday the letter I had been dreading arrived, the majority of owners have voted to have the roof replaced, so I now have to pony up the £200 pcm for the next year, this just seems a bit like extortion to me, not only am I unsatisfied with the repayment terms and amount I'm also of the opinion that the cost for the replacement is excessive as if each owners share is £3435 and there are 12 apartments, the total cost is just over £41,000, at no point has the council informed us that we have the option to have the works priced and carried out by a contractor other than the council. Basically what I need to know is where do I go from here, is there some kind of legal procedure for objecting to not only the costs by the imposition of payment terms without proper consultation, or even objecting to the fact that we haven't been offered the opportunity to have another contractor price for the works? Or is it now a case of having to just accept it and pony up the cash, or beg for better repayment terms? I'm not against the works in principle just against the idea of being forced to pay through the nose for it without any right to negotiation.
  9. Hi all, The insurer we had at the time, was Sainsburys. We had a garage fire a few years back now, so the garage was refitted with new plasterboards, lighting and a new roof. The problem is, they had general contractors replace the roof and they did it wrong. They were called back about 7 times in total, to fix the roof, because it kept leaking, in multiple places. The company sent out an inspector at one point because we kept complaining and he said the roof was on upside down So it was redone again, by the same contractors, not roofing specialists and it seemed to hold for a short while. We've changed insurance companies since, but, the leaks keep coming, it was a small leak in the corner at first, now it's in multiple places, including through one of the light fittings. Can I get some advice on what we should do? Should we contact Sainsburys insurance again, despite not being with them? OR try going through our current insurer? (I don't think they'd cover it, or help) any advice would be appreciated!
  10. Hi, Hope I'm in the right place. Looking for some guidance regard some work done on a flat roof to an outbuilding done on my Father in Laws property. The workmen came and did the work, he paid them and the next day he noticed that parts of the felt had not been fully secured. He has now contacted them twice to come back and put it right, they have stated a day for them to comeback and sort it out twice, but both times they have not turned up. What should be our next step, any help gratefully received.
  11. our roof was treated by Weatherguard and on 4th June 2010 we received a 25 year guarantee. the work and guarantee cover against 'flaking, peeling, discoloration,moss and growth. approx a year after the work was done we received a letter telling us that the company had changed owners and the guarantee was no longer valid. we were given an option to pay £35 to retain the guarantee with the new owners. we decided not to take this up. now the roof is showing signs of a moss regrowth and the pointing between the ridge tiles has come away in many places revealing the old white mortar beneath. when the work was done they made considerable mess in the attic with debris falling in as a result of the work. the product used to treat the roof is made in Denmark and according to the websight it carries a 5 year guarantee. i have written to Weatherguard and to Isonit Nordic but have not had replies from either. Mike
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