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  1. Ok, sorry Honeybee and apologies to Miss Anxious. and thanks to reallymadwoman &sillygirl I'll do as you advise.
  2. Hi Miss Anxious, hope you don't mind me asking a question on your thread. Well done by the way for getting your form filled in so promptly. I've had mine for a week and have only managed to get half way through it so far as I find it all a bit onerous. My question is that I have my tribunal decision notice from my last assessment and was granted support group on regulation 35(2). Everything they wrote in the decision still applies so I want to know if I can use this evidence? I'm a bit short of evidence this time, though I'm very hopeful my GP will do a supporting letter and I'm seei
  3. Maybe what this is about? ....................... a White Paper, expected before the Budget in mid-March, is expected to provide for the abolition of the WCA with a new test to be introduced in its place ............ http://www.rightsnet.org.uk/forums/viewthread/9314/
  4. Yes, I think they may leave the support group for a while as it's now obvious they were working on removing a whole tier of claimants (wrag) getting sickness benefits, so maybe they will prioritise those. I'm the same as others, it's the stress of not knowing where you are in terms of reassessment that really gets to me and the process of going through it even though I am as prepared as I can be. It really makes me unwell with crippling anxiety apart from my other health issues. It's like a cruel and unusual punishment for the crime of being disabled.
  5. Just came across this on Rightsnet. It says they have capacity to start to reassess 'some' people. So not too sure what that means for those of us whose assessments were postponed in Jan 2014. WCA reassessments to start again http://www.rightsnet.org.uk/forums/viewthread/9097/
  6. I was last assessed in 2011 and given 2 years in the support group so was due to be reassessed in Dec 2013, but must have been one of the first to be postponed for the 2 years. It's now December 2015 and I've been expecting an ESA50 form but no sign of it yet. It was a nightmare in 2011 getting that form done as I was suffering from really bad flu when it came and I was unwell for over three weeks so only had a week to complete it and get it sent off. This time I'm ready for it, I downloaded the form and over the last month have been forming my response so it'll just be a case of copying
  7. A lot of savings to the benefits bill will surely be made because, from now on, the DWP will have access to peoples pension pots once they reach 55 if they don't have an annuity (they might even be able to re-jig that) So if they fall ill/become unemployed, after the contribution phase, anyone will a pot of over £16k will have to support themselves and I believe the deprivation of capital rules will also apply.
  8. I did not choose to be Agoraphobic, but I do choose to live as well as I can within those parameters.
  9. Well, there you go. I repeat it does not cause me a problem rather it causes other people a problem. I don't quite see why I should consider myself defeated. Why should it be a negative just because I've living a different lifestyle to you? It's certainly not a half-life like a slave. "A rich man is not the one who has the most but the one who needs the least" I appreciate that you're trying to help but truly I'm quite happy as I am. I don't feel in anyway confined just because I don't live a mainstream life. In fact I would say, that to me, it's mostly those living a mainst
  10. I can't answer for Nystagmite but from my point of view I don't think there is anything wrong with being realistic about my conditiion. I have had severe Agoraphobia for the past 25+ years and for at least the first 10 years I fought very hard against it, in fact the harder I tried to overcome it, the worse it got. At the time I didn't understand about avoidance behaviour (I don't think the medical profession understood that then either) but in trying to face up to my fears it became more deeply entrenched and I became more and more afraid. It's quite a complicated story about what t
  11. Hmmm the article has been removed from the website apparently because some people have been very scared by it. I personally don't think that's a legitimate reason for it's removal, if it was true, as forewarned is forearmed even if it is a scary prospect. http://www.ldascotland.org/index.php/welfare-reform/122-the-dwp-turns-nasty-on-personal-independence-payment-claimants
  12. All I can add is that the address they give in Rayne, Braintree is a farm with quite a number of commercial units (google earth) There are other businesses there as well. I see that they've recently advertised 8 posts at their new office in Brentwood. So I would say they are a legit company of Installers but what sort of job they're offering I couldn't say.
  13. Thanks for the reply. I was due to be reassessed in March but haven't had the forms so hopefully it's postponed for now. As I said, they actually said on my appeal response form that they didn't dispute that I had Agoraphobia so when the time comes to be reassessed I'm hoping the worst outcome will be that I'm put in the WRAG group and I could then survive (just) on the WRAG component only and my pension. I'm just thinking ahead really. My prognosis is very poor as I've had the condition for so long. A complete turnaround would be fantastic as it's very limiting and pretty miser
  14. Hi, I have some questions that I could do with some advice on if you good people would take the time to read the following. A bit of background first. I have had severe agoraphobia for the past 20 years and am currently on ESA in the support group. I was initially put in WRAG but appealed and won the tribunal that was held in my home. DWP were not contesting that I had agoraphobia just the degree to which it affected my daily life. My retirement age is 66 but I have a private pension that will start paying out later this year. It's not a huge amount and I do understand that it
  15. Confirmation of complete chaos and disarray in delivering these assessments. http://www.channel4.com/news/disability-benefits-contractor-runs-into-trouble-video
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