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  1. This topic was closed on 10 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Well you might call it assumptions and without bothering to find out the facts but that's why I'm here. I explained I did not want to complain before it was done because I didn't know myself how it would affect me, I think I was probably a bit naïve as to just how much of an impact this was going to have on my property. If it is true that you have to put all complaints in at planning stage I did not know but l I still struggle to understand why if after the works you cant complain about the excessive noise which wasn't expected. The trees, well they were in the plan originally so this
  3. Thanks I will ask them. Really they couldn't judge the noise until after the road is built properly I would think because its more than I expected. I never expected a bus route or the amount of huge lorries going down and even throughout the night. Before it was built I just though the trees would hold back a lot of the pollution and noise and never thought it would travel through the ground. At least 3 houses that I know of that also back onto the new road are rental properties and I'm wondering if they are bothering to do anything
  4. I have just contacted the project manager and it seems there is only going to be 1 tree planted and its not really going to have an effect on my property, I asked if they could plant something in my garden to screen some of it because there is no room the other side and he says they haven't got the funding for that, hes sending me a plan to show where the 1 tree will be but its not going to improve on my privacy, noise or pollution. I mentioned the noise even traveling through the ground and he said nothing at all, I just need to know what I can do about this
  5. I don't understand what you mean by that? Of course its not going to be dug up and put somewhere else as you put it, confused by your comment. Are you saying I shouldn't expect financial compensation just because its already there? and if so why not? Firstly, there were many complaints and concerns prior to the road being built but nothing was going to stop the powers that be. Since its been built I realise that this definitely would have an impact if ever the house was to be sold. The noise, the pollution, the privacy. I don't want to have to move. I would wish for them to a
  6. A new relief road has been built at the end of my back garden due to a town centre improvement scheme and this has caused more issues than I expected. Is there anything I can do? The distance between my fence and the road is just a pavement it is that close, no boarders or anything. I do have a fairly longish garden but its still too close for comfort to me, if a car or van crashed into my fence its a worry. I thought they were going to plant trees at least along the end of the gardens but it has not happened and the road carries big lorries, a bus route, vans, cars in fact all vehi
  7. Thankyou very much for your advice, I definitely wont be paying the base layer above the quoted price. I am sure there wont be any more issues with it as the agents have agreed to pay the extra and I only have to pay the base layer the quoted £800, they know they have no choice now.
  8. Thanks again The agent sent the sub contractor, Hansons only provide the garage and put it up. I did call Hansons and they told me to call the agent manager and see what she said even though she hadn't called me back in over a week. When I called the agent back again and asked the secretary if she had passed on my enquiry to the manager she said yes and it was up to the contractor how much he charges and has nothing to do with them. I told her it was stated in the quote I received and agreed to so it should have been up to the manager to clear that with the contractor before
  9. Thankyou, Hansons garages are a reputable company that the garage is coming from and is being installed by, the deposit went to Hansons via the agents. I don't think cancelling will make a lot of difference apart from me having to go back to the beginning of the wait list and I would still want the same garage anyway so it would just mess things up more. Hansons will cover the guarantee not the agents. Its the £150 under quote from the agent I need to find out about, whether the agents are liable to cover this extra cost as they obviously did not check with the builder first before
  10. Thanks for your reply I paid the deposit by phone to the Agent with debit card, it was about £485.00 which went directly to Hansons as its showing as deposit on the order confirmation copy that Hansons posted to me. The incompetence of the Agents who it states are a family owned and operated buisiness that sell sheds and garden buildings and have Hanson garages on show at their site didn't become obvious until after the deposit was paid when things started to wrong with dates, communication, organisation and planning. On the quotation there is also separate quotes for the disma
  11. No the work has not been completed, the deposit was paid some time ago when I first got the quote and due to the agents messing up organising jobs and dates its been delayed by 1 month for the garage to be put up. The base is due to be done now on 17th Sept, still no call back from the agents on their under quoting the base cost. Do I have any rights to expect them to pay the extra cost of it?
  12. Yes just the one quote, I usually have several but with this I wanted a local company and I think the prices are similar all over, its a Hanson garage. I assumed that the local company were going to put it up but it became apparent that they just get the sales and then Hanson do the building after the base is prepared, I only found this out afterwards. I don't want to cancel it now as I would still have the same garage and the old was has been taken down now. I think the lady that quoted me is the manager of the local buisiness
  13. I had a quotation for a concrete garage from a local agent, part of the quote included the separate price for the base to be slightly extended and skimmed. This did not say estimate, it said quote. The person that does the bases apparently does not work for agent but they provide him with work, I'm not sure if they get any commission from his work. The agent quoted £800 for the base complete with prep to completion and said it would not change. The base builder came to view the job and said its £950 and that hes doing it cheaper as it should be £1100. When the base is done I have to pay
  14. I am wondering why the officer only seemed interested in the revenue informing them of my isa, I gave him all my bank statements but he did not even want to look at them not even to see the balances or how many I had or the numbers or anything. Shouldnt he have checked through them? Does anyone have any idea of what the form he filled in might have been? he said he just wrote down what I told him but he didnt read it back to me or give me the oportunity to read it he just pointed to where I needed to sign it. He didnt say if there would be anything further from this or not so because he d
  15. The interview at home was today, the man was here probably 10 minutes. I rang a second time yesterday and he answered himself, I asked what the interview was for. He checked my file and said it was just a review and absolutely nothing to worry about and he said he wanted to reasure me it had nothing at all to do with my dla and esa claims it was basically so they had all info on me bang up to date. He gave examples such as to check if I'm working or have any other income. He seemed not to want to worry me and said as soon as he walked through the door that he would be 5 mins. He expl
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