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  1. Hi, I'm new to the forum, but have been a long time lurker. First of all apologies for how long winded this is, but I hope I include all the relevant information. Alleged card debt from card taken out in 1998. Alleged debt approx £5k. Card sold to IDEM Capital Securities August 2012 Alleged Card default August 2013. Idem Capital Securities assigned alleged debt to Arrow Global November 2015 About three years ago I received multiple claims for alleged credit card debts, and with the help of this forum managed to get one claim dropped and ended, one victory in court
  2. Hi, I would greatly appreciate some assistance with this parking issue. Apologies that this is a bit long – have tried to summarise it. I live in a cul-de-sac (close) and until a few years ago the local authority tried to CPZ the close but found that it was private land belonging to my housing association. It is a small close with bays that residents park in. The local authority persuaded my housing association to get a private parking contractor which caused an almighty confusion between the residents and the housing association. To cut a long story short, PEA Parking got
  3. First thing I've heard on this EDF account in quite some time, seems Lowell now have their grubby fingers on it! Received the attached two letters (in the same envelope) - one from EDF, the other from Lowell. Pretty standard looking letters. My gut tells me to ignore until such time as they send a Letter of Claim. If/when they do then put them to task in terms of following the pre-action protocols. Just wondered what the current thinking is in regards to engaging or not at this stage? My position is that I do not acknowledge the alleged debt and they will not be receivi
  4. Hi all, Was wondering if someone could help me on an a statute barred query. Lowell have been chasing me for an alleged LLOYDS debt on and off for a couple years. Details… Date of last payment on account January 2012. The account was an overdraft, and already in arrears exceeding its limit at this point. No payment or acknowledgement has been made since. Value is roughly £1500. A default was then recorded on my credit file on 01/07/2012. Now, I would assume COA would be somewhere between the January and the actual date of recorded default. If this is the cas
  5. I spoke to HMRC this morning about this issue. Before sending them the letter they have requested, I thought I'd see if anyone here has any helpful advice... Earlier this year (March) they sent me two tax calculation notices, for 2014-15 and 2015-16, which claim I underpaid tax. The sums involved are c. £150 and c. £1500 respectively. I received a rebate from them for those amounts in those years. Due to the nature of my work, I nearly always receive a rebate so when these arrived I thought nothing of them. Banked the cheques and spent the money, like I always do. I contacted
  6. Hello, I am new to this site and need help on the following – I know it is not legal advice just educated opinions, but any help would be great. This refers to a disputed credit card debt (Halifax/BOS) that was defaulted back in January 2012 (over 6 years ago). In September 2014 the debt was sold on to a debt collection company (1st Credit). I wrote to the debt collection company back then with the following statement: Should you provide sufficient evidence that I owe your organisation or your client any outstanding amount and that you can provide proof that they have
  7. Hi All I have been arguing with HB (Bexley Council) for some time over a debt that dates back to 2011 when I was self-employed. They have had all bills/receipts and didn't even look at them just wrote back saying no you owe us £27,000. I went to appeal where off the record the Judge gave me advice and said if you haven't the money they cannot get blood from a stone. The trouble I have is this - I am now employed and they want to do an attachment of earnings. They have said I have £137 spare income per month and should pay them £100. The truth of the matter is the DLA payment
  8. Hello CAG Members, I hope you can help.. I just returned home while being away for few weeks and I received 3 letters from mml and moriaritylaw. It looks like to me mml and moriaritylaw work together and this is in relation to the same debt. So 1st letter is from mmf - dated 27/06/2017 demanding payment for their client 405.00 Then 2nd letter - dated also 27/06/2017 demanding payment for their client PDL Finance Ltd t/a MR Lender £787.50 Then 3rd letter - dated 13/07/2017 - Final demand before proceedings, demanding payment for their client PDL Finance Ltd t/a MR Lender
  9. Hi, First the details of the alleged 'offence'... 1 Date of the infringement - 01/07/2017 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] - 21/07/2017 (20 days after the 'event') 3 Date received - 23/07/2017 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [y/n?] - Yes 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? - Yes, images of the vehicle entering and leaving the car park 6 Have you appealed? {y/n?] post up you appeal] Have you had a response? [Y/N?] post it up - No, thought I'd ask for adv
  10. Hi there, Please help me. I'm terrified right now. I received a letter out of nowhere yesterday saying that I was being investigated and interviewed under caution for alleged undeclared work. It is in 2 weeks time. No other information than that. Just that it would be under caution. I feel like a criminal when I read that. Of course I rang up to say that I would be attending - the man on the phone was horrible and cold and downright rude - refused to give me any more information. I am signed off work long term sick due to mental health problems and currently on ESA (have
  11. Hi, I'm in a regulated tenancy. The rent's just gone up. The council, who pay my rent (I was on ESA in the SG long term, now I'm on GPC), are now complaining they overpaid on the old rent. They are threatening to suspend my HB claim or get the alleged overpayments back, presumably by underpaying the existing rent till they think we're square. They aren't offering any evidence of overpayment, however. My landlords, who have contacted them about this by email and ccd me on it, say the council always have been and are paying the correct rent, and have briefly broken down how the rent is arrive
  12. I am disabled and have a vehicle for use by carers including my two daughters. I received a PCN dated 06/07/2015 alleging the offence took place on 10/02/2015. Furthermore, they had no photographic evidence showing the vehicle parked in a bay without a ticket, instead relying on the entry/exit photographs. My daughter who had the vehicle that day says that she got a ticket but she may have put an incorrect registration, albeit still a valid one. I have ignored their letters, but today received a County Court Summons. I intend to refute the claim because of the da
  13. Got this letter today from the Department of Work and Pensions telling me I owe them £300+. I gave them a call, and apparently this relates to a social fund crisis loan they claim I took out in the early 90s??? (I have no recolection of this)! For some reason the woman said she couldn't access the social fund section on her computer, all she could tell me was it was dated back to the 90s and said she is going to send me some details in writing next week. (After I refused her offer to call me back). Aren't these type of loans statute barred? She made no mention of any court judg
  14. To cut a long story short, got caught by a van doing 35 in a 30 ... ok that's fair enough. But I want to request the evidence as there was no signage out prior to the van. But I've been told the only way to do that is to go to court?? Surely I should be able to request the evidence prior to admitting anything! Any advice here? Many thanks.
  15. Hi, Had a letter today from DLC regarding an outstanding CCJ, in that letter they are stating that it is currently being enforced by way of a charging order. Now I've done a bit of research and it appears that they are stating they have a charging order against my property. The thing is I live in rented accomodation and havent had a mortgaged property of any sort since 2009, this is now owned by the local council who bought it following repossesion. My question is, are DLC being fraudulent by claiming a charging order exists or does one still exist at my old property.
  16. A bit about myself: I live in Scotland, am a middle aged divorcee with Multiple Sclerosis who has (or had, before now) a completely clean record. Last week I came home find a card through my door from the police informing me that they had called to speak to me and would I please contact PC Thingumajig to arrange a time to talk regarding 'an ongoing investigation'. I had no idea what this could be about and my medical condition leaves me embarrassingly prone to panic reactions in even the most innocuous out-of-the-norm situations. I immediately started panicking tha
  17. My OH has just received a PCN from PE about a stay in a supermarket carpark. This particular supermarket has more than one store in this town. The PCN doesn't actually state which of the stores it is, just Supermarket then town. I only realised this after sending off the GPEOL appeal when I was about to go on the Land Registry site to find out the land owners. Could this make any difference when it goes to POPLA? (Providing it isn't held up whilst the Supreme Court case is heard)
  18. 'I'm from the Vatican, you're f*****': Drunken priest suspended after he kicked and spat at PC and paramedic Parish priest Gareth Jones, 36, had been drinking heavily when he passed out on a street in his clerical attire and swore at a paramedic when the paramedic tried to wake him up, then lashed out and kicked the emergency worker twice in the leg. When two police officers intervened, he kicked one in the cheek, and said “ I have diplomatic immunity'” The officer asked 'which embassy? too which the priest replied "The Vatican, you're f*****" A spokesman for t
  19. Hi there, Looking for advice on how to handle & respond to the following: Received NIP today 10th March 2016, the NIP was dated 9th March 2016 with the alleged offence occurring on 13th December 2015. Offence was 41 in a 30 zone. The wife was driving at the time. The wife has been the registered owner/keeper for about 4 yrs. The vehicle and plate have been registered at the current address for over 12 months. I've seen comments and advice about NIPs needing to be served within 14 days of the offence, which this is clearly outside, but what I wanted to kno
  20. Mirror Online wants to publish the electoral spending returns of every one of this Government's 330 MPs - so you can hold them to account on their spending We aim to publish online the electoral spending returns of every one of this Government's 330 MPs for the country to judge whether they were entirely truthful about their spending. The Mirror was the first to break the story in March that more than two dozen Tory MPs benefited from battlebuses packed with Tory activists but failed to declare any of the costs. Much more on the link. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/part-daily-
  21. Hi, I would like some advice on my next reply to the court 22/06/2015 - I receive a letter from Sheffield Police stating Alleged offence detected by camera date an time of offence 27/02/2015 @02:18am this matter will now be referred to the appropriate department for consideration by way of summons for one, or a combination of the following 1 failure to furnish driver details 2 excess points 3 driving licence not issued by DVLA Swansea 4 conditional offer not complied with 5speed recorded does not fall within guidelines for conditional offer 6 other
  22. Hi, I'm new to this site. I hope you can advice me a little. I received a parking charge notice that I think is unfair. I will lay out some of the background details to help understand the issue. Please let me know if more information is needed. 1. Morrisons opened in June 2014 in a multi storey complex, part morrisons and part travellodge. The car park is managed by Euro Car Parks. 2. Initially Morrisons offered around 3 hours free parking. Before parking there, we checked with Morrisons staff this was correct and read the signs put up by Euro Car Parks. They were scattere
  23. Hi everyone Got a letter from Advantis yesterday telling me that I owe HMRC £688.09. Well this was news to me as HMRC have never been in touch. What is the best way to deal with this people? I have however been chased by HMRC for the last 10 months wherein they were chasing me for a debt of £1300 because I had failed to submit a self assessment form. Having never been self employed I had no reason to submit one. The HMRC refused to accept all evidence of P60s and wage slips from my employer. They did however send me a self assessment statement on the 7th Janu
  24. Hi all My parents received in one letter a few days ago 'Payment Due' and 'Annual Statement' documents from Lowells requesting an £11k payment for a defaulted Barclaycard, dated October 2011. I am very rarely in the UK hence the only semi-registered UK address for me the family home (I'm a British citizen). In mid-2010 I had my wallet stolen in Poland (I lived in Warsaw for 2 years) and three credit cards maxed within 24 hours without my knowledge. This was investigated by the Polish police and didn't go any further than an uninterested policeman. Through a solicitor in Po
  25. Evening guys and Merry Xmas on a pleasant December afternoon I received a letter from TFL (PCN attached below) dated 14/12/2015 for an offence that apparently took place on 29/07/2015 in Stamford Hill (Hackney). Contravention: 46: Stopped where prohibited (on a red route or clearway). The PCN further goes on to say that... The PCN was served by post because a Civil enforcement officer 'T' observed the vehicle identified above from 11:11 to 11.11 and had begun to prepare a PCN but the vehicle concerned was driven away from the place in which it was stationary before
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