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  1. Looking for Hoist's address on the FCA register as advised... I can only find one (in Salford, for Hoist Finance UK limited). It's not the exact name that is on the letter (Hoist Finance UK holdings 3 limited). Companies House website is showing the latter at the same address as the former so I'm hoping that's ok... I'm mostly posting here for a record of when the responses were sent. Will be tomorrow, 29th July.
  2. So Howard Cohen and Hoist are like Lowell and Lowell Solicitors basically? The CCA + £1 PO go to Hoist (where do I find their address?) Site version of the PAP form goes to Howard Cohen at their address completed as per the post. Do I need to mention to Howard Cohen that I've requested documents from Hoist?
  3. sometime 2016 I believe. Definitely within the 6 years.
  4. I hope I'm posting in the right place. Following a legal success earlier this year with respect to a similar debt, here I am again. Letter of claim received today from Howard Cohen, acting on behalf of Hoist Finance UK Holdings 3 limited. I'm not familiar with either company. The original debt was with Lloyds, it was actually my partner not me, originally taken out in 2012. He later got into financial difficulties, step change got involved and then things got confusing from there. He was not made aware that by making minimal payments with stepchange, the account would end up in default, but obviously it did. We sent a CCA to Lloyds at that time (2016) - never received a response. The account was later sold on to Robinson Way. I suppose they must have sold it on again to this Hoist Finance. According to today's letter it was legally assigned to them in November last year. What are my first steps? If it's a CCA, who should I send it to? And I seem to remember that we must reply to the form enclosed with the letter of claim - can anyone confirm?
  5. Have done so today. Our most sincere thanks once again. WRT the costs the judge awarded... I don't suppose it will be so easy as to just await a cheque in the post?
  6. Hi Andy... Do you know if it's possible to do a regular donation without paypal? A link to where I can do this would be great, as it seems to be prompting me to use paypal (which I hate... but I can do. Just need to remember / reset my password).
  7. Well, it's over. And we won! Claim dismissed!!! I sadly could not be there myself but my partner reports that the judge was highly unimpressed that they sent a different solicitor to the one who prepared the ws. He said the ws was full of errors and he was unable to question him properly as he hadn't prepared the ws himself. He was similarly unimpressed about the dates discrepancy, lack of proper default notice and the absence of the deed of assignment. He awarded my partner £80 costs for the day. Thank you so much Andy and Dx and everyone else who's helped and advised. Your patience and willingness to share your knowledge is astounding. I will be setting up a small regular donation - just need to get my paypal account sorted.
  8. Well the court hearing is tomorrow. I think we're all ready. We've got all the documents in order. Any last words of wisdom? Whatever the outcome, I am grateful for the help and advice received here and I'll certainly update afterwards.
  9. Sorry to keep asking... today is my last opportunity to post something for arrival 3 days in advance so would really appreciate some guidance on the above if anyone can help.
  10. Hello and Happy New Year! So the new trial date is next wednesday, 23rd. As things were left, I had sent the skeleton argument to the court, but not to Lowell. AFTER I sent it, Dx pointed out the discrepancy in dates on the various documents described in the post above, so this is NOT highlighted in the skeleton argument. What is best to do? 1) send the SA as is to Lowell and be prepared to point out to the judge on the day the discrepancy in dates 2) update the SA and send new copies to both court & Lowell with discrepancy pointed out. I am leaning towards 1) as 2) surely gives them the chance to claim admin error and produce 'the correct' document? Or is the another option that I'm missing? Thanks in advance to all.
  11. The 2010 date appears on other documents also though - the statements from very most significantly so, as well as various letters. In fact there is nothing, apart from the reconstituted credit agreement, that uses the 2013 date.
  12. God, I really am **** at this redacting / uploading business. Will correct my errors, AGAIN! But the gist of things as it stands, (I think) is that thanks to Dx's eye for the detail which is considerably keener than my own, things are looking brighter? It would seem that judging from the paperwork they have presented that either : a) my partner took out the account in 2010 but there is no credit agreement to document the terms or indeed make any debt enforceable OR b) he took out an account in 2013 (as per the agreement which has been reproduced many times) but there is no evidence as to purchases made / payments / balance etc etc. In likelihood, the account is from 2010 and the 2013 agreement has been copied from elsewhere? In any case, the procedure hasn't been correctly followed for NoA and DN either. Have I got that right? In light of the delay to the trial date, I have not sent my skeleton argument to Lowell today. I assume that was the right thing to do? Can do so nearer the new date, which is still TBC. As it stands, the dates discrepancy is not highlighted anywhere on my WS or skeleton argument. Am I right in thinking that ideally we would not bring this to their attention prior to the trial date because what is stopping them simply fabricating a new document? Evidently they have not noticed that the dates don't match. If so is this something we will have a chance to bring up on the day? Or should I be thinking about some further supplementary WS / addition to skeleton argument in light of the extra time available and this new development? Thanks so much as always, for your patience with my questions. I wish I could buy you all a drink.
  13. In a further unrelated update, our court date has been postponed due to overbooking. So it will no longer be on Monday, they've said most likely December. Don't know whether that is good or bad news at this point
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