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  1. Thanks for the info, but regardless, I'm expected just to accept everything is ok, calibration log of unit, police officer's number who was operating etc. You just don't take someone's word for it that they're right!
  2. To cut a long story short, got caught by a van doing 35 in a 30 ... ok that's fair enough. But I want to request the evidence as there was no signage out prior to the van. But I've been told the only way to do that is to go to court?? Surely I should be able to request the evidence prior to admitting anything! Any advice here? Many thanks.
  3. We've been served our Section 21 notice, 4 months into a 6 month contract. The reason ... they claim we're "not happy in the property". However, we found several leaks through the roof, one through a ceiling in a bedroom and the main bedroom had mold growing on the ceiling. I informed the landlord of this, they got a professional roofer out and he told them it needs a new roof. They get 3 other quotes and get told the same thing by each of them. During a phone call, she claims the roof didn't need replacing and it was my fault! I had used a brush to brush off the moss from the roof, the previous tenant had paid to have the other side fully cleaned off, oddly both leaks were on that side of the roof! Anyway, you get the idea. My question is; our tenancy runs out on 15th July, we've found somewhere but can't move in till 21st July, 6 days. I have a feeling the landlord would be a complete [something not overly polite] and refuse us. Question is - if we pay the 6 day difference and stay anyway, can she do anything about it? Takes weeks to get it all taken to court anyway I believe. They may just be agreeable, but covering my back just in case we have to make other plans...
  4. I could send a copy of the letter that National Debtline sent to confirm receipt and confirming the waiting list (7 weeks!)
  5. My partner called the council and explained the situation. Weren't bothered and have said in a letter that action will continue until the my obtain evidence of the DRO going through.
  6. The point I made to them is that she's not unwilling to make an offer she's unable to - because of her financial position - there are several debts and this is just one of them.
  7. National Debtline is due to look at it 29th May I believe, so all being good and no further paperwork required hopefully it won't take long after that but I haven't done this before so keep calling to make sure everything is correct.
  8. Will go for the caravan idea, that will solve that issue. Just worried about the car, moving to other location isn't really feasible. I suppose I will have to look at it as if they do take it (despite the fact I can prove its (a) on finance and (b) solely in my name) we will just have to deal with the debt insofar as my two step sons work and could help out.
  9. It is a can of worms and I'm truly concerned but in the position we're in I don't see much of anything being resolved until the DRO completes. Re the caravan, I have a receipt in my name again - surely they have to prove she'd get use from it despite the fact we haven't used it in some 10 months! Car is paid from a joint account but comes out when I'm paid (same day) so I could prove my earnings pay for it? What a minefield! Re the caravan, it's a 24 year old model and likely worth a few hundred pounds, I spotted an amount of £1350 floating around (ie it has to be a value above that) - that possibly puts the caravan off the list?
  10. Pity about garage, not feasible option. Looks like I'm out of options, with a 9 month old baby this situation just becomes impossible. Parking farther away, parking on another drive it's just ridiculous.
  11. It's not an option now, built in the 70's it's far too narrow to get the Galaxy in. Another option; what happens if they are unable to remove the vehicle, ie caravan blocking one gate other chained and padlocked. I understand they can still clamp but can't physically remove off site.
  12. Brick attached to the house but just attempted after moving everything, car won't fit! Yes they're from a period we weren't together.
  13. Great! This DRO better be quick! We have a garage we could lock it in? Not mentioned before as it's full of other stuff (like two motorbikes on finance)
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