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  1. Hi Advantis have failed to provide any info that I asked for. They are now telling me to appeal against debt direct to HMRC within 7 days and for me to tell them which office I have sent it to. As I have had no correspondence at all with HMRC about this alleged debt would be difficult to know where to appeal to! Advantis have said failure to tell them will result in their collections dep continue to contact (harass!) me!!
  2. I have now received a letter from Advantis asking if the account is in dispute, I put that in capital letters on my letter to them. If so they need documentary evidence to give to their clients. I did ask them for a full breakdown, accounts and statements and proof of what this amount was for. They have just said its for tax credits going back 4 years and have not provided me with the information I have asked them for. What time period do I need to give them to provide this information? I don't believe its up to me to provide documentary accounts. They have put the account on hold for 14 days but it has taken 8 days for the letter to reach me. Any help and advise is once again gratefully received...thanks
  3. Hi everyone Got a letter from Advantis yesterday telling me that I owe HMRC £688.09. Well this was news to me as HMRC have never been in touch. What is the best way to deal with this people? I have however been chased by HMRC for the last 10 months wherein they were chasing me for a debt of £1300 because I had failed to submit a self assessment form. Having never been self employed I had no reason to submit one. The HMRC refused to accept all evidence of P60s and wage slips from my employer. They did however send me a self assessment statement on the 7th January, received 18th January! cancelled all the alleged debts. And lo and behold now I get a lovely letter from some numpty debt collectors for a totally different amount. I'm just going to put together a "prove it" letter so any help would be most gratefully received. Thank you
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