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  1. Hi Eric's brother, I spoke to you a while ago. My situation still continues. It's a bit complicated so I'' summarise it here again. - may 2015 I got a parking ticket at the supermarket. They had changed their parking time from 3 hours down to 2. No notices of change. - Ignored all letters at time, Aug 2015 got a letter from DPP to my parents house. All paperwork for car is at my house, not theirs. Came on forum, advice was to ignore DPP and set up case with POPLA. Euro car parks emailed back saying that i was still i breach but they would not communicate with me again. No p
  2. haha Havinastella, You are very brave to tempt fate, perhaps I might join you, in fact everyone who recently got a ticket there could join.....we could get some bits and bobs for the Morrissons and have a barbie in the car park. No signage to say they will charge us for that!
  3. Ericsbrother and Renegade Ink, thanks for the moral support and good advice. I have to admit I got a bee in my bonnet about this over the weekend, as the email ECP sent to me is full of rubbish. It is beginning to infuriate me that these parking firms can blatantly extort money out of people and not provide any benefit to society. So after Erics brothers heads up on the stipulations the council would have set out to grant planning permission, I delved through the application the developer made and there was a large section on parking. I found at least four areas that ECP have contr
  4. Hello Again, I have just been having a look at the POPLA site. Could you please confirm, can NTK issuer reject an appeal and refuse to provide a POPLA number if the appeal has been made after 28 days of issuing the notice? In that case can I open a POPLA complaint of my own, or will that too be rejected? What happens after that? Do they then choose to proceed to take this to court? Sorry for bombarding you with basic questions, but I am getting confused. Thanks E
  5. Thanks Again. Will let you know if the POPLA comes through. In the mean time, I think I might do some more investigating on the amendment to the planning application that Europarks made to the council. I know that Crawley Council are worried about droppage of people using town centres thanks to internet shopping, so I can't see them readily agreeing to this.
  6. Hi EricsBrother, I've had a development. I have received an email response from EuroParks. They are rejecting my appeal and passing me onto their DR+. I am attaching the email response from them. I hope that I have anonymised this enough. ............................................................................ Good Afternoon, Further to your email regarding parking charge notice (PCN) xxxxxxxx, please see the schedule of events relating to the PCN below: Please find attached date and time stamped images of the full vehicle entering the car park at 15:29 and exiti
  7. Thanks again Erics brother. I have a particularly unusual name and I think they have used that to their advantage searching through other non DVLA databases. I will deal with the parking ticket first then have a look at the ICO complaints. Will keep you updated on the progress.
  8. Thanks for your responses; Judasz :- that's a very good letter, I am certainly going to use this as a template if my POPLA comes through. Conifers 12 :- Can you please confirm; did you appeal to the supermarket, or Euro Car Parks? Who asked for your proof of shopping? EricsBrother: - Thanks for information on planning permission, I think that is valid and I will put into the letter. Also, I completely agree with your comments about DR+. What annoys and worries me a little is that on top of DVLA information which they are allowed to acquire, they seem to have used other means of
  9. Hi, I'm new to this site. I hope you can advice me a little. I received a parking charge notice that I think is unfair. I will lay out some of the background details to help understand the issue. Please let me know if more information is needed. 1. Morrisons opened in June 2014 in a multi storey complex, part morrisons and part travellodge. The car park is managed by Euro Car Parks. 2. Initially Morrisons offered around 3 hours free parking. Before parking there, we checked with Morrisons staff this was correct and read the signs put up by Euro Car Parks. They were scattere
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