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  1. The reporter was quoting what Martin Lewis said in a T.V. interview on a daytime programme.
  2. I can't offer any specific advice but please take on board what I am saying. People on this site over the years I have used it have kicked me up the backside on more than 1 occasion. Thanks to actually doing what they have said I have successfully avoided having my house repossessed and won more than 1 parking charge. A lot of people who offer advice have been there as well so talk from experience. Please take their advice.
  3. Many moons ago I used to work repairing Lasers used in the construction/ survey industries. We tested them on the main road (The A34) outside the workshop firing them against a building a known distance away. We wore Hi-Vis vests and the number of people who slowed down thinking we were police was astonishing. A couple of times we were approached by the police to find out what we were up to and they seemed happy with the resulting slowing down.
  4. It might be an idea if you go on the Salford City Council website and find out what planning permission, if any, has been given regarding the car park. i.e.for signage etc or even the carpark itself. Others should be able to help you with regards to asking for the contract between the land owner and the parking company giving them the right to claim for money.
  5. Do you mean Erie Basin or Heron Basin or have they stated Erin Basin. Can't find an Erin Basin in the Quays when doing a search on Google Earth.. Post Code M50 3SA.
  6. Just received POPLA appeal judgement and it was allowed. We had stated that PE had not identified which of the two ALDI stores in the town the alleged offence had taken place at, as required by PoFA. POPLA agreed with this and allowed the appeal. Since the time of the issuing of the PCN ALDI have opened yet another store in the town but i don't know what the parking arrangements are. Can you now change the status of the post please.
  7. As I stated in my original post, the debt belongs to my other half. It is not council tax but apart from that I have no idea. We both have individual and joint debts which, until this letter arrived, I thought were being dealt with and they tell me they have nothing outstanding. I know that people should tell claimants what is going on but the fact of the matter is that they don't. What we should do and what we do do are two different things. All I want to do is prepare for the worst case scenario and have evidence for when they come. Bailiffs must have heard every excuse going and I can't believe that when I say that they don't live here anymore they will go "OK, no problem".
  8. Been to the County Court and they said they have never issued or heard of a Statutory Declaration for use in this sort of situation. Solicitors I spoke to said the same but would make one up for me at £95 plus VAT. Courts advice was don't pass on mail just return to sender and get the other half to inform claimants.
  9. The letter was addressed to them but I pass all mail on through the mother in law. Don't know where the are living, only that it isn't in the same town. Will be going to the courts/solicitors for the S/D as it might come in useful for other things in connection to the situation. Thanks.
  10. Hi folks. Complicated situation. Myself and the other half have now spilt up with me staying in the house and them leaving. Some of their mail is still delivered here and I have strong belief that one letter concerns a visit by County Court bailiffs. If they are not living here how do I go about proving it and prevent them from giving me grief should(when) they turn up. Please don't ask what the debt is for because I have no idea. Thought we had got them all sorted but it seems an Ostrich won't stop burying its head. Thanks
  11. Obviously PE must think that this might get around the lack of planning permission for the signs outside. No signs = no planning permission. Forgetting all the other rules concerning parking on private land. They must see it as a "No Brainer":?: plot to get away with their charges.
  12. If you can access this application online then I suggest you do so. In the case I'm looking into, the term "Signage" relates to the actual sign regarding the store name and not the parking ones. Good luck.
  13. True but how many people check that they have had planning permission for the signs?
  14. Hi Folks. A quick question but, as well as possibly needing planning permission for their signage, do the PPCs need planning permission for their ANPR cameras? Apologies if this has been answered already but I can't find reference to the answer anywhere. Might not be looking in the right place. Thanks.
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