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  1. Hiya all I’m Applepie123 I’m only 16 and I went into Superdrug and wanted to just take an eye brow pencil as I had lost the one I had ACTUALLY bought so I thought I’d just take it out the box and leave the box with the barcode. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice that a man was watching and if I’m being honest I didn’t care because he looked as though he was part of the general public. So I carried on and walked out the shop. As I was waiting for a friend I decided to stand by the side of the shop (which wasn’t smart) and there the man came and showed me some badge and said “can u follow me to the back of the shop miss” i didn’t want to cry so I become a bit giggly and he thought as though I wasn’t taking it seriously . He was quite rude, which in a way he kinda had right to. He asked me to hand it over and showed me the box I had left by the side. It was him and a Superdrug worker. He then asked me what my name was and my address and if I had ID to verify it. I didn’t. Then he stated that he’d have to call the police then to verify it or speak with my mother. I definitely wasn’t going to let him speak with my mother so I showed him my card which verified my name, I gave him my date of birth, my mothers name but the wrong number for my mothers telephone. He told me I’m banned from that Superdrug and many other shops in town for the next 12 months and shouldn’t be surprised if I’m caught in one and kicked out. He thrn said that I’ll receive a letter to my house stating the cost of my fine he said it could be £80, £100, which I wasn’t happy about, as he left the price unclear. Then he said u can pay it all at once or in instalments. He then took a picture of me, wrote what I was wearing, my height and made me sign a document, but also gave me some sheets to take. He escorted me out the shop , and at that point I felt so humiliated and embarrassed . I do regret doing it considering it was only £2.40 and I will never do it again. But it I was wondering if you could help me with the following 1)who will the letter come addressed to and how long does it usually take to come ?(as I don’t want my mom to see it) 2)does it state every little detail about the crime or does it just generalise it? E.g “your daughter has been caught stealing” 3)how do they calculate the fine and if anyone knows roughly how much I may have to pay? And is it worth me paying it or just ignoring it, because I feel if I just pay for it they will leave me alone and I’ll be done with it and won’t have to worry.
  2. Hi guys My girlfriend and her daughter (21) got caught shoplifting at B&Q They got taken into an office and police were called and they did nothing Someone who i presume was the assistant manager came to deal with it but as he knew my girlfriends daughter as she had worked there and he knew her he got the manager who shouted ect at them then security handed them a letter with what she said was a fine which they paid They told me that they also had to pay for the goods which B&Q kept they also had their pics taken and told they were banned from every bnq i also belive the pics were shared with the shopping centre staff i have only just found out What can i do ??? Incidentally the manager treated the younger staff as if they were her own personal slaves by making them go and get her lunch from subway
  3. My mother-in-law and I went to do some shopping to b&q on 21/12/2018. Since my mother-in-law was very old she was unable to carry either trolley or buggy. I was using Buggy to carry my shopping. During shopping I left the jacket in the buggy on top of the stuff since it is hot in the store. After couple of hours, my 2 month old baby started crying and I was in a rush to leave the store since I need to feed her. So I bought the items on top of the buggy which were £80.00, however I completely forgot about the stuff under the buggy. As soon as we passed the checkout security and the staff came running and stopped us. Until they pointed out we haven’t realized that there is still some stuff left with us which were not paid. I said sorry and I was in a rush to go home to feed my baby. Then they replied they were watching us from the CCTV and speculated that I deliberately was covering the stuff with my jacket and they said I was trying to cover up the theft using my baby. The total cost of the items which are not paid are £103.00. It was nightmare as my baby was crying and I need to wait until the police arrived. Once the police arrived, after long discussions they made me sign community resolution considering it as the lowest level offence. I signed at the end because I am on VISA and got scared when they said if I don’t sign they will arrest me. Now the CRS are back of me sending letters to pay £230.00 or else they will send me court notice and then I will be end paying for the magistrate fees as well. They gave me up to 25/01/2019 to pay the cost for the damages. The store kept the items with them which are in good condition and not at all opened. I was worried what’s gonna happen to me if I don't pay the CRS. Are they gonna send me a court notice which will affect my VISA. Any help will be really appreciated. I have also attached the pdf of the letter sent by CRS Many Thanks in Advance. CRS.pdf
  4. Having previously never been in trouble in my 54 years I got caught shoplifting in Dec 2016 and was given a fiscal fine in February 2017 which would stay on my record for 2 years. I cannot explain why though I did this again in ASDA in December 2018 (within the 2 years) stealing an SD card with a value of £11 which I didn’t need nor have used. This was seen on CCTV with the police identified me from my car number plate in the car park after which they asked me to attend the police station last week and charged me with the offence. They said as my fiscal fine was still within the 2 years they would have to refer it to the procurator fiscal. I have a good job earning over £50k per year and cannot explain why I did this the first time never mind the second. It beggars belief. My question though is what the likely penalty is. Can I get another fiscal fine or another alternative to prosecution as a conviction would likely end up with me losing my job as I require annual DBS checks
  5. I’m full of shame and a high level of guilt and a lot of remorse that I’m telling you that a few days ago I was caught shoplifting from Primark. This is not of my nature and I have never done anything like this before in my life. I have had a lot of home pressures lately and a marriage that is on the brink of divorce too. Not in any way is that an excuse for my behaviour though. I apologised profusely to the store and I apologise to anyone reading this too. I was taken to the holding room where the security guard asked me to put back all items I had taken. It came to a total of £62. The guard asked me if I had some ID on me but I had not so he said he would have to call the police. Having ID meant it could have been dealt with internally. Police came and I was issued with a Community Resolution slip. And as a part of this I have a store ban and expecting a bill from RLP to cover compensation costs. My questions are: 1. What does this community resolution means now? Am I a criminal? 2. I’m a teacher but had some time out to raise my family. What does this mean for my career? 3. I volunteer with Girlguides and the NSPCC and a few other smaller chairties. Is my role in jeopardy? 4. I am waiting to receive the compensation fee from RLP and will happily pay it as I know fully I was in the wrong. Just to reiterate, I’m so sorry for doing this, I would consider myself an upstanding citizen, and I had a momentary lapse of good morals and judgement. I feel so bad about this and so guilty and so fearful each day that the I may receive some communication that things have to be taken further by the police and I will be made to make up for my I’ll behaviour more. Thanks for any advice or help
  6. This happened on June 19th, I was caught abusing a loophole in the self checkout where I scanned cheaper items to put in heavier, more expensive items down. I had being doing this for a while quite often, but didn't take anything of high value, just food on my lunch breaks. When I was caught, they said they were on to me for the past couple months. I had visited the Tesco only 2 to 3 times a week and at odd times during lunch (could be from 12pm to 2pm) and not everytime I did this, sometimes paying for a bag of crisps, etc. The thing is, the security guard didn't even pull me into their office, he took me to the side and gotten my personal details and didn't even bother calling the police because what I took that day was such a low value. Told me I would receive a letter telling me what action they will take in 2 weeks or so. Just got down my details from my drivers license, paid for what I had taken on that occasion, didn't take a photo of me and said I'm banned from the store. Did not mention civil recovery action. He said it's likely the head office will review the CCTV footage of previous times I went in and will probably take it to the police. I immediately wrote a letter to the store manager and head office, showing deep remorse and apologised, in which the customer service manager replied with a letter thanking me, but not saying what actions the head office will take due to data privacy laws. Not heard anything from the store itself. I was expecting this to trigger a DWF letter to pressure fines on me, but it has almost been 3 months and haven't heard anything else, other than that one letter so it's making me so anxious and worried. If it's taking so long, is it likely the are building a case and the police are getting involved? Or were they pressuring me into not going in again and have just left it at that? Or should I expect a late DWF letter and nothing else? Does it take multiple months to see one of these letters? People have said they're letting me sweat it: it's too much time to sit through hours of CCTV to see what I had took of relatively low value and it would not be cost effective to involve the police, but still a possibility, or it could have even been forgotten about. I have been told it might be sitting in a pile with others, but a lot of people on this forum seem to have received DWF / RLP letters relatively quick. Someone else had even told me there won't be any complicated background police investigation and my punishment would be very minor if I was to receive one, but I am still unsure and very very worried about it still, I stress about it often. I had also been told waiting this long could have potentially harmed any chances of a case, since it would have been proceeded with sooner after the incident? Would they still hold onto CCTV from April to June?
  7. Hi everyone, Last week I stole from a TKMaxx branch. This is the third time I am caught stealing from a shop, and third time I am told about Retail Loss Prevention (It has never been from the same shop/company.) The first time I received a letter and I paid the money that I was told "I had to pay". The second time I actually never received a letter, therefore I never paid anything. However, as this is my third time, I wonder what the consequences can be? Based on posts I've seen on here I shouldn't take RLP too seriously but as this is the third time I'm caught shoplifting I am a bit worried as to what RLP can do and if they can take any legal action. I wonder if they have a database with my information and previous offences? Thank you
  8. Hi all Today I had a moment of insanity, wanted to buy some pants for my daughter, thought £5 was a bit pricey for one pair of pants for a baby and added another pair to the hanger, went to the checkout with my other items paid (only for 1 pair of pants as store operative did not realise what I had done) then left the shop. On leaving the shop saw the security guard and a staff member speaking to him who then immediately looked at me - but no one tried to stop me.. I immediately regret what I did and can honestly say it will never happen again. I would happily go back and pay for the item which is only worth £5. I have a history of anxiety and have not stopped panicking since I left the store. Worried the police are going to turn up and arrest me - that I’ll go to jail and my 3 month old baby will be taken away from me.. I can’t believe I was so careless and stupid over £5! Anyway question is - will the above happen? Am I likely to have the police turn up or will I get a letter with a fine in a few weeks if anything is to come of it? I don’t even know if it was just coincidence the staff member was looking at me while I exited. Surely if it was suspected I would have been stopped then and there? I know it was wrong it won’t happen again just looking for advice Many thanks
  9. Hi all, Althought it is embarrassing, I was caught stealing in Primark (UK) with a friend. It was a huge mistake, especially for a value of 30 £ and we will never do that again. We felt very ashamed and my friend was shocked because the guards were quite violent (orally) towards her. The police wasn’t contacted but we understood we made something unethical that's why we gave our driving license and our mailing address to the security. We are not UK residents and are currently living in Belgium. Until now, I received two letters and to clarify the situation, I added it in attachment of this post. Should I have to respond to these letters ? I read old threads on this forum with all your advices but to be sure not making another mistake, I prefer to ask your opinion again. Thanks for your time, we will not doing it again for sure, the lesson has been learnt. RLP Letters.pdf
  10. Hello. I have done something really really stupid. I don't know why I did it, no excuse at all and I got caught. I attempted to steal random items from Tesco today (didn't even need them - crazy behaviour) and they stopped me leaving the store and asked did I know why I had been stopped. I said yes and they took me to the back room (read a few similar stories on here). My theft was intentional I knew I was doing it and I don't know if I almost wanted to get caught (not in a great place emotionally right now but as I say it is no excuse). I have never done anything like this before but I was walking around and blatantly put 5 items in my bag not in my basket that I was also carrying (total value of £37). The security lady who monitored the CCTV in the back room said she had seen me and had followed me on CCTV from the makeup aisle (apparently very common for thieves to target). They looked through my bag were satisfied that the items I gave them and admitted to shoplifting were what she had seen me take.... They didn't phone the police but said to expect a letter from DWF with a demand for payment. I actually was very grateful to them - was shaking and crying when I got to my car. I felt they had been kind and "let me off lightly" - was in there for about 20 minutes. They said I would be banned from Tesco for a year. Kept my clubcard and told me I would have to reapply if I decided I wanted to in a year's time. They also took my driving licence and took some details from there and the security guard from the store entrance took a photo of me on his phone. I am assuming they will circulate that to all local stores to ensure I don't go in or am flagged as a shoplifter (cannot believe I am even typing this..)? Having read threads about these letters and Tesco not getting anything from it, I am now wondering if Tesco will get any of the money I get "fined" from DWF. To be clear, I do feel I should pay as I did commit the crime. They have CCTV evidence of me commiting the crime and quite simply I shouldn't have done it. First and last time that will happen I can tell you.... But the threads on here about RLP all say ignore letters as they are not legal. I am not sure what I am asking really - I feel I should pay as I was totally at fault but equally if these companies are not ethical (says me.... the irony hey) then should I pay or ignore? Also am I right in that because the police were not called this is not a criminal matter (no criminal record)? Thank you.
  11. Hi, I was caught shoplifting in boots today with my partner. He had no involvement in it at all. He was just with me. As we left, the street ranger came after us and told us the security of Boots would like to talk to us. We went back with him, thought there's no point in trying to fight it and admitted to what I did, and gave him the goods I had taken. I've never stolen before. It was a one off. I am on lots of medication for a long term disability, and have (mental health) BPD, which makes me impulsive, and silly sometimes. I told the security guard this, but he didn't respond. He was really lovely, not intimidating at all, and handled it really discretely. However, we were held in the room, which had a code to get into, and I asked to go to the toilet and was told no, and that I could go after. I was crying & shaking, and on the verge of having a panic attack (from feeling claustrophobic) he took our details, and "distinguishing features" (my tattoo on my leg) and then asked me to sign something to confirm I / we wouldn't return to the store. Now, he's said we will receive a fine each, from RLP, and threatened that if this wasn't paid, it would escalate further to the police. I asked him when we would receive this letter by, and he said he had no idea. now I'm just sat anxiously waiting. has anyone got any advice? I'm also signed off sick, so have next to no income, and my partner is supporting me. I'm awaiting disability allowance, but haven't heard from them yet. I was wondering if my mental health could be mentioned at all to them? I don't know what to do. Please help in anyway possible! is it right my boyfriend will receive a separate fine just because he was stood with me? Thanks so much. Oh I'm 21, and he's 22 by the way x Oh and i also signed to say I acknowledged I was banned from the store (I don't know how long for or if they actually recognise me?)
  12. I stole from primark, stupid choice and will never happen again. The goods totalled to £53 and I was told that, because of this, the police had been notified but will not show up today. This leads me to believe I will hear from them - will this happen? Regarding RLP, everyone has said to ignore the letters which is exactly what I'll do. My only concern is the debt collectors - will they show up at my house? Or just letters? The security guard took my passport and photocopied it with my address and mobile number. The local mall security also showed up and took my details. I know I'm banned from this store and now on some sort of list that, if I'm seen, they have to keep an eye on me. Basically, will there be any outcome from the police for this matter? I'm 21, female. I have never done this before and I am extremely embarrassed by it. I don't want my family or other half finding out, so will the letters be it? Thanks
  13. Hi, last week I went to Waitrose, bought some shopping and did not scan a packet of sushi, when I exit one guy in civil clothes came after me and took me back, I admitted that I did not pay and I felt so embarrassed... they took my details, name, address and date of birth and banned me from Waitrose or John Lewis for life.... and they said I should expect a fine in the post anytime. I'm really scared as in the letter says I should seek legal advice asap. Also the fact that I can't enter John Lewis ever again make me so upset. I did before took a banana or a croissant without paying but never other stuff. Definitely not ever gonna do this thing again!!!
  14. Hi, I made a very stupid choice and shoplifted some stuff from Primark, I was in a rush to meet my friends and decided to just leave, the total price was approx £55. (Worst mistake ever) I'm on a work visa in UK and going to my country to apply for an extension for my visa. During my detention in Primark, the security guy asked me for my ID and I showed him my passport/BRP cause that's the only form of valid ID I have in UK. Therefore, he got to know that I'm not a national and threatened me that he will report this incident to the Home Office and RLP who will claim the fine from me. The security guy was extremely rude and told me that he doesn't want people like me in this country and he will do everything to get me out of here and never enter again. I cried and begged him to not do this and that this will never happen again but he simply dismissed me. I'm very very scared now. I don't have any past criminal record. This was my only stupid mistake. I'm ready to pay any sort of fine but I don't want this to be on my criminal record. Do you think the Home Office will dismiss my visa application cause of this or will this be on my criminal record?
  15. Earlier today I was trying on clothes in Primark when for some reason I decided I would try and steal one of the six items I was going to buy . I was wearing Primark trousers anyway, I thought I could get away with just swapping my old Primark trousers with a new pair I wanted while in the changing rooms. The trousers I wanted only cost 5 pounds, and I am not skint, so I have no idea why I thought this was a good idea. as I was leaving the changing rooms and they came to check the number of clothes on hangers was the same number I came in with, they somehow realised that the trousers were my old pair. They brought me into a room at the side and went through everything else, and before they could say anything else I pretended to be shocked and say I must have forgot to change into my old trousers. They brought me to the changing rooms and told me to change back into the old trousers and give them the ones I had on. I stupidly took the labels off of them, so this must have verified I was trying to steal them rather than it being an honest mistake. I had never done this in my life, and didn't enter the changing rooms with this in mind- so I must have done a bad job at it. EDIT: I am 19 years old I admitted to trying to steal them instantly since in the past I've always been told that honesty is the best policy when it comes to getting into trouble. I also apologised and said that it was very stupid of me, and I will never do it again. The staff were having none of it, and ignored my pleas for remorse (rightly so). Then the lady told me to follow her as she brought everything I took into the changing room to the cashier so I could pay for it all. I wasn't even wanting to buy it all but out of embarrassment I bought it all, despite the fact half of it was in the wrong size or duplicates of each other in different sizes. I paid for it on my debit card, said sorry again and left. They also said I was banned from going into their changing rooms again. I am asking is whether they can track me down based on the fact I paid for the items on my card. Other than that they did not take my name, age, DOB, ID, photo etc (to my knowledge/ maybe they can see me coming out the changing rooms on security?). Furthermore, how long will this ban last? If they can not identify me how can they implement the restriction? or was this just to scare me? Obviously I made a bad decision which I have since learnt from. Shoplifting is embarrassing in itself when you can afford what you are trying to steal, but the fact that it was in Primark of all places is even more pathetic of me. So, what do you think? Thanks for any input or comments, I have not seen a thread like this yet.
  16. Hello, I just found this site and it looks like a godsend as I was recently banned from Sainsbury for shoplifting items to the value of £20. the security guard took my name and address and gave me a standard banning letter. I paid for the items fully and was lead out of the store by the deputy manager. It was a shaming and stupid act, after a day from hell during a rock bottom period of my life.I now understand the meaning of the term "Cry for help". Anyway No police where called at the time, and I therefore didn't receive a caution or spot fine demand. I then read the standard banning letter carefully and it had a paragraph about Sainsbury's civil recovery policy of sharing my details with their partners in case of loss to the store and that I may be contacted to recover that loss . I spoke to the same deputy manager about this who told me that as I paid for the items there would be no further money recovery action, but reading on this forum about others experiences, I am concerned that I may get a further demand to pay for security staff time cost. furthermore. i don't know how/ where my details will be shared and if it will affect my future employment prospects, or whether I will be included on a criminal or dishonesty register accessable by others, and if this incident would invalidate my existing home/ car insurance policies. On this matter , what should I answer on furute insurance applications to quesions like " Do you have any non motoring criminal convictions? "There are a number of issues raised here and i would be grateful for any guidence please.
  17. Hi all, I was caught shoplifting a couple of cheap basics from primark. Technically I hadn’t left the store when they called me in to their little room, I was still in the premises but instead of arguing I was going to pay I just said I was sorry. I saw that the guy wasn’t going to believe anything I say! So I just begged him not to call the police and he didn’t. They took a copy of my ID and gave me the notice of intended civil recovery letter which I keep reading about on the forum to ignore once I get it. But I am afraid to ignore it and willing to pay the fine. I have 3 main questions: 1. If I do pay the fine, is it considered an admittance of guilt? 2. From the store they told me if I don’t receive the letter to follow up and phone that company - should I? Or just leave it and wait? 3. About criminal record and dbs. I work as a teacher so I always need an enhanced DBS certificate. Would it show on it? If so, I would lose my teaching job so it’s very important To prevent this. How? And since the police was never called it means I was notCharged so why would it snow on the enhanced DBS? Please help!
  18. Hi I have just had a call from the police to say that my son (15) stole a bottle of vodka from Sainsbury's at the beginning of March. He was seen on CCTV. We have been asked to go to the Police station on Wed so they can talk to him. What will happen?
  19. The other day I stupidly shoplifted again. I had done it before for very small items and did it for fun. But this time (for the first time) I was caught. I got pulled aside and they asked to search my bag which I didn’t argue and I just opened my bag and showed them the items. They didn’t actually search the bag and I just handed them the things (there was still stuff in there which they didn’t find out about) they took me to a room at the back of the store where I wrote my name and address and I was allowed to pay for the items (came to under £20) and leave. They never officially said that I was banned but am not sure whether I will receive a letter or whatever (btw I'm under 16 and I don’t want my parents finding out) and also if they do send a letter, how long will the letter take to arrive? Just to let you know we were out in 10 minutes from when the guards pulled us aside and us setting foot out the store.
  20. I called in at my local Tescos with one of their new 10p carrier bags which is meant to be reused, had some price marked PG tea bags with a large price mark on it I'd brought from a local shop in this bag. I was shopping around and I had a basket, I went to the till, handed the bag over to be filled and without consent the person serving me took these tea bags out of my bag and had held them up even though they had the yellow price on them and said loudly "Are you paying for these?" I was gobsmacked the fact not only did she go into my bag without consent but pretty much accused me by saying I'd got them from there... I turned around and there was a queue, I felt everyone's eyes on me. I got no apology although I pointed out the fact they had a price mark within the packaging. I'm self employed and I live local to Tescos and so do my 400 customers, Tescos is a place where I often see my customers and I've even been paid by customers in this store when I'm shopping. The staff seem to do nothing but spy on me when I'm using the self option till or they are either on crafty ciggy breaks or patting customers puppies. I've requested cctv footage but was told it would be £10 then was told I could not access it. I was hoping on your advices as I'm thinking about legal advice, especially if any my customers was in the queue. Thanks.
  21. I did something really stupid today...i switched the tags on some new jeans (£15) for my worn jeans in the changing rooms...primark staff noticed straight away and the security guard told me he would not call the police but I would be banned from Primark and he took a picture of me (which is fine) but he also took down my address and name which he wrote in a book. I was so embarrassed and upset at the time I didn't think to ask why he was doing that. I paid for the new jeans with a member of staff standing over me. I'm stressing as to why he took my address as I did pay in the end and no police were involved nor did he mention anything about a fine etc...if anyone had been in the same position...please advise? I know it was really wrong and stupid to steal.I am just going through a really crap time lately and didn't really think. I will never do it again.
  22. Three months ago I was accused of shoplifting, brought back to an office, was spoken to by the loss prevention people, and given a one year ban (which I had to sign, but I can't remember is I was told signing was an admission of guilt). I was in the uk visiting my English fiance and gave RLP people my home country issued id (NOT my passport). They didn't say anything about sending my a loss recovery letter and didn't get police involved. I am now married and applying to join my spouse in the uk. I've done quite a bit of reading, but would like to confirm that since I was never issued a speculative invoice/fine/civil law suit and there is no police record I have nothing to disclose on my visa application. Thank you in advance!
  23. Hello, went in to get a prescription filled On my way out had a browse of things! I was reading some stuff on an information leaflet from inside the box, put everything back and went to leave, I was stopped by security (non uniformed) He told me he had been watching me etc. told me he knew I was trying to shoplift (I wasn't) said he had seen me put stuff in my bag, which was my prescription! Called the manager over, checked my bags etc. did all of this in the middle of the store! In the end I was let go and told I was banned from the store, They never took any details, not even my name! I had gotten my prescription filled there. Was just wondering, can they use the information from my prescription? Even if they didn't take my name? Will anything happen?
  24. Hi, was caught shoplifting in boots, picked up 4 items nearlly worth £700 (as per Boots). security staff took all my details, called police, and i had to wait until police turn up, but nobody came. security staff called police 4 times, they were given a log no. but were getting told that no police officers are free at the moment to attend. after 4 hours of waiting, i was let go, as the store had been closed and they waited over an hour for police even after the store was closed. i was escorted out , i was given banned notice and RLP recovery letter. was cautioned in 2009 for shoplifting in past (in another part of uk), never did anything wrong again after that. then in january this year i was in trouble with another retail store, they called police for shoplifting goods worth £40, police didnt arrest me since i had no id on me they wanted to know if all my details given to them were correct, they brought me home, they didnt enter my house but waited outside in car until i brought my id and showed it to them. then they just said that it was a slap on wrist this time but dont do anything wrong again. At that time i told them about incident of 2009 where i was cautioned but they seemed not to have that on their record. My question is that what should i do next? do i need to go to police station myself for last night event? will police come to my house to arrest me? (they dont have my phone no to contact me on.) will i go to prison or get a fine or get a caution? or will i be luckiest and police wont turn up at my house? will they search my house or enter inside (if this happens then i will loose my accommodation as i am living with a relative as i didnt have anywhere else to live, and slept two nights in a park two months ago then this relative finally helped and sheltered me, if they know about this then i will even loose the roof from my head) i am very very stressed and dont know what to do. (i asked security staff and he said that i dont need to go to police station, if police contact him then they wil pass my details to them and they will take it from there) they waited that long because of the worth of items stolen were about £650.
  25. Please can someone offer me some advice for a dear friend. She is beside herself and cant stop crying and I don't know how to advise her. Last week she had a massive panic attack and stepped out side the supermarket with a trolley of shopping about £50s with she is on medication as well. An assistant took her back into the store and called the police, they come and she explained the situation but they wanted her to go to the police station in a few days time but she got upset so he advised her to admit the charge and they gave her the fine. She didn't even have a parking ticket before and has never shoplifted before She has since paid it. Now she is worrying will the police tell her employer, what if anyone seen the incident, will the store notify her employer, will she get any letters or more fines. I wanted her to appeal the ticket but if she went to court it would be in the local papers. She is widowed so on her own. The doctor has given her some Beta Blockers for the panic attacks which have helped. Thanks in advance
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