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  1. Sorry I think I confused things - my letters were from DWF (Tesco) - was just saying what I'd received then they stopped to the OP who said his were from RLP (TK Maxx)
  2. Sorry my mistake - after the three DWF letters I have to date received nothing else I should have said!
  3. Hi I hope that you are ok. My shoplifting episode was almost 6 months ago now - and it was DWF who sent the letters not RLP - but if it helps the letters stopped after the third one. I didn't get any Bailiffs letters (yet?) and I ignored all three.
  4. Hi, I too was thinking that I would pay it and that I had "got off lightly" with no criminal record etc as I was wrong and totally at fault but just ignore them
  5. Hi the worse thing is the worry, please ignore as it seems that you now only get the three letters in the space of a few months
  6. Hello everyone. I just wanted to update you as you were all kind enough to give me advice and reassurance earlier this year on this thread. As of now (over 3 months) I have not received anything further since Letter 3 from DWF. I am hoping that is the end of it. On a personal note, I have changed jobs and am in a much happier place, cannot believe this was me reading the original post... thanks again all for not judging and helping.
  7. That makes sense although from an offenders perspective and having no prior knowledge I saw it as a good thing at the time that they didn't phone the police almost as if they were doing me a favour... ironic isn't it how the mind works. Thanks again for everyone's help and advice.
  8. Thanks Sean the Sheep. I was entirely at fault here - I fully expected them to call the police and for me to have a criminal record etc. I actually cannot believe that stores themselves are so "soft" on shoplifters. I understand that it isn't worth time/effort etc to pursue small amounts but for those who know this is what happens it's like giving them a green light to steal and have no consequences (except these letters).... personally I think I was away with the fairies and as I say I must have subliminally wanted to be caught because I was so blatant... still have no idea what happened in this head of mine that day to bring on such erratic behaviour as since I have been "normal" again and it seems very surreal....
  9. Hi thank you - it is quite daunting to ignore but I am doing this. I have also donated to the local homeless refuge where we volunteer anyway - we stocked up and dropped lots of tins, packets etc off last month
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