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  1. Hi how do I delete this post please? I am worried I can be traced by it due saying I had let the 21 day letter response lapse.
  2. Thanks it was about 6 weeks ago and I was ignoring the letter I'm past the 21 days to respond so am sure I will get another letter soon then I started reading the posts about checking past transactions etc and got into a panic
  3. Hi I have been reading a lot of threads on here which all say to ignore RLP letters. I have done so far but am now worried sick. I am past the 21 days it gave me to respond. I got one a few weeks ago after being stopped by security for switching tags in a store and also returning an item that I did buy from TK Maxx but not on that day as I had lost the receipt for it. Bought a similar item that I liked better that was the same price and returned the original one - stupidly justifying in my mind that I was still paying so I wasn't stealing re the tag switching and yes I know th
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