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Found 20 results

  1. I worked for TK Maxx and was sacked due to an incident where a customer had come to my till with a jacket priced £39.99 and I had scanned the item and inputted into the system that the customer paid me when he did not (Honestly don't know, I was in a world of my own). Upon seeing a receipt come out of the register I become even more confused as I start to question why a receipt has come out and whether or not the customer had paid me for the jacket, but given the fact that the receipt had come out (I just take that as a sign that he must have paid me) along with the fact that my manager was standing right beside me the whole time on the next till telling me to hurry up (which made me even more nervous) I decide to let the customer on his way, and after a while I had forgotten about this whole incident. The next month I was sacked and questioned about this incident by the Loss Prevention Department and after seeing CCTV footage of the incident I accepted that CCTV footage does not lie but I definitely did not do it on purpose (I know it sounds weird, but CCTV doesn't show what is going on inside a persons head). The police were then called and after being sent off to the police station where after hours of staying in a cell I was then questioned again denied any purposeful wrongdoing, and at this point I was allowed to go home, a couple days later I got a letter stating that "No Further Action" is to be taken. After this I had forgotten about the whole incident and several months later I got a letter from the Retail Loss Prevention stating that I owe £237.49 for Cost of goods not recovered, Amount of time taken by personnel involved, Diverting client staff from normal duties 1 - WHAT IS MY BEST COURSE OF ACTION? IGNORE, PAY (LAST RESORT) 2 - SHOULD I REPLY DENYING LIABILITY (BUT COULD PAY FOR PRICE OF JACKET ONLY £39.99 3 - IS IT LIKELY TO GO TO COURT? 4 - COULD THEY ASK FOR MORE MONEY IN THE FUTURE? 5 - WHY WOULD I HAVE TO PAY FOR "DIVERTING CLIENT STAFF FROM NORMAL DUTIES" IT IS THEIR JOB RIGHT? Any Question For Me? Thanks Guys For Your Help P.S One more thing I would like to point out is that I was sacked for "Deliberate and serious misuse of cash handling procedures" yet they can not prove that the incident was "deliberate" plus the police proceeded with NFA with rationale behind the decision including No Means Rae So was the sacking lawful in the first place? (Keyword "DELIBERATE")
  2. Hi I have been reading a lot of threads on here which all say to ignore RLP letters. I have done so far but am now worried sick. I am past the 21 days it gave me to respond. I got one a few weeks ago after being stopped by security for switching tags in a store and also returning an item that I did buy from TK Maxx but not on that day as I had lost the receipt for it. Bought a similar item that I liked better that was the same price and returned the original one - stupidly justifying in my mind that I was still paying so I wasn't stealing re the tag switching and yes I know that I was and I also know that that it was fraud. The letter I received from RLP is a Letter Before Claim - it says there are no losses due to fraudulent refund transactions not recovered and £150 to cover time etc - total £150 owed. Having read quite a few forum posts it seems it is worse to do a label switch than to steal an item... and I am not proud of what I did. I have also returned the wrong items in the past too (new TK Maxx items that I had bought and was unsure about keeping - then the receipt return date had expired so I bought another and then returned as above but didn't get stopped on those occasions). I am obviously banned from TK Maxx and 100% appreciate that things could have been a lot worse as the security staff didn't call the police at the time . I could have had a criminal record.... I am also relieved that I was stopped because I became a total shopaholic at the fine old age of 52 since I split up with my wife a few years ago and I truly needed to stop. Since this incident, I have stopped wasting hours wandering around stores and buying stuff I don't need - so I am thinking that the £150 fine is a small amount to pay to have stopped this mindless shopping. A friend I confided in also has convinced me to make an appointment with my doctor as she thinks I am depressed and using shopping to replace my wife... , I will do this. But @Maxxer as all holding rooms have audio and video and I admitted what I did (switching tags and returning wrong item) would it be better to just pay the RLP letter? Did you mean on a comment on another thread you made that they would need to get another fraudulent return by me after this incident (which I won't do) and then they can make a case or will they go back on previous purchases/returns on my card and then get the police involved? I suppose I am asking if I pay would that be the end of it or would it be the end of it anyway unless I go back into TK Maxx again? I hope this makes sense. I am sorry this is so long but thanks for reading. From one idiotic man who has made stupid mistakes not thinking about the consequences and now worried sick.
  3. Maxxer if you are found to have mismatching labels once will the security go back through your previous returns? I have done it once in error and it has been picked up but could have done it before as I buy a lot, remove labels and the sometimes reattach and return. Really worried reading this there will be a knock on my door.
  4. Hi. I got caught yesterday at Tk maxx Cambridge as I took a shoe worth £29. I know it's very cheap of me to do such a thing and believe me I'm ashamed of myself. The security person asked me to come to a room asked me to accept what I have done or else he would call the police. I was frightened and immediately accepted. told me that I will be banned from any tk maxx store nation wide for 12 months and that I need to pay a fine. asked for my driving license but I don't have any so he asked for my bank card. took my name from the card and wrote on a form. asked for my address and as I was saying the first two line of my address, he was busy in talking to the manager and didn't asked or wrote my full address. Then he told me I'll be contacted soon via phone and post to pay a fine. But he didn't know my phone number nor my full address in London. Will they be able to reach me? Shall I be any trouble because of this? Please let me know. I will never do such a thing in my life again.
  5. Hello, so the story goes like this: My girlfriend walked into a TK Maxx and swapped a price tag on a pair of shoes. On the till the lady there called the manager who explained to her that this tag is wrong and provided the correct price. The lady on the till wrote something down and my girlfriend played naive and paid for the shoes the actual price and walked out of the store. Note that she paid with her visa registered in another country (not a UK bank) since she is just visiting here. I have already read all the threads regarding similar issues but in most of them, people are getting caught when actually swapping the tags. So my questions are: Could the police be called in after reviewing the CCTV records, considering she paid for the full price? Does it make any difference that her visa card was not from a UK bank? Thank you.
  6. Hi , Yesterday I, my wife and 10 month son went to shopping at TKMaxx argyle street Glasgow. We are not from UK and, we are from Asia. After shopping I went to pay the bill for the good purchased worth £105.0. Meanwhile my wife went in another direction in the store started watching purse worth £9.99. After I have paid the bill I found my wife is not visible in the store and kept on calling on her phone. After some time the security person came to me and told are you looking for your wife, I replied yes. He told she is being caught stealing purse. I was shocked. Then he took me to the security room and he was very rude. He force fully asked to sign the ban letter and gave two letters one TK Maxx banning letter for my wife for 12 months and another RLP letter. After we came out from the security room I asked my wife about the incident she told me yes she kept the purse in the baby's cart to show me if I agree we will purchase the purse. She generally consults me for everything she likes to purchase. She has not taken out the tags, but the security person was saying she has removed the tag and she has hidden the purse inside the baby's cart. We are threatened a lot by that security person inside the security room. We are scared as we are not from UK what will happen next . Please suggest
  7. I was caught stealing at tk maxx today. It was a very foolish thing of me I admit. Something that costed £7.99 and I didn't want to pay for it as I had already purchase worth £70.01 at tk maxx and didn't have enough money for what I wanted. I took of the security plastic tag off the box and put the item in my bag while I got busy with my daughter as she was crying and kicking a fuss. I continued to checkout with all my other items amounting to £70! Then left the premises. A security came running down the stairs and spoke to me saying I believe you have something in your bag which you haven't paid for. I said ok let's check I opened my bag and saw the item then remembered I put it in my bag. I forgot about it as I spent nearly 2hours in the store looking for lots of things. He escorted me to the back security room and asked me to place everything not paid for on the table. I then placed the only item that was in my bag worth £7.99!! He asked me did you steal the item. I said I didn't mean to they were so rude and shouting. He then said look I'm calling the police and I cannot wait for that woman to tell me. Then I was obliged to say I stole it so that he doesn't call the police. Then he cut off the phone and said to me if I admit I stole it I said yes and started talking again he was angry saying that I'm fed up now I'm calling the police cause you're not ready to tell me. Then said that how are you going to explain to your partner if I call the social services because you stole £7 your daughter got taken away!! I stayed quiet and didn't wana say anything so they don't call the police. Now reading other threads I guess there will be a letter coming for me to pay for god knows what because the item was left un damaged. Shall I tell my partner �� I'm scared. I do not work to pay off any money to anyone. Please help me. They took my ID CARD with my details on it . And forced me to take my provisional license out of my wallet to show my address.
  8. Hi there, seen a lot of people able to help out others in sticky situations as this one, so here goes! My daughter, now 20 received a letter (maybe 2nd/3rd letter? she can't remember) from the RLP stating she must pay the £150 owed 'where it is alleged you were involved in a wrongful act and were apprehended as a result of your actions' at a TK MAXX store in 2012. When this first came to my attention and I looked over forums like this, I was told that letters from the RLP are all threat and no action, and was advised to ignore them as they tend to disappear within 9-18 months. She said she was taken into the security room, and held for 5-10mins, police weren't called and the goods that she took her were returned. Should we be worried that it's now three years on, and they're still writing to her? Will my address be marked/blacklisted because of this as she still lives at home, as her home address is my home address. Thanks in advance!
  9. Hello, I would like to share my experience with you. I would not like to share exact products and figures with you however, as is mentioned here RPL are watching this site and may use this against me. I went to a TK Maxx store and actually bought and paid some clothes worth more that what we usually spend on TK maxx. On my way out my eye caught another article without any boxing, price tag or anything at all for that matter. I spent some time watching it and then moved on to watch something else while still holding the unmarked item. After this my mind wondered off and I simply put the item in my pocket. After a bit I left the store without ever having the intention of taking the item with me. Upon leaving the store I was apprehended, taken to the back room etc. As soon as I understood what was happening I felt extremely embarrassed and ashamed. I tried to explain what had happened. I had just forgotten the item in my pocket. I actually showed them what I had bought and the receipts and they told me that they only care about for something I had not paid . Then it hit me . I felt like my world was collapsing as fast as it could. I tried to say that this was a genuine mistake . I could see they just wanted me to admit guilt so I just said that there was no excuse for it so I offered to pay for the damage I had caused .I felt so ashamed that I just wanted to get it over with... They told me that I was a thief and that this was no longer an option. They threatened to call the police in if I didn't confess to what I did. Feeling extremely humiliated and afraid for my job after getting the police involved I just said that I did it . I now realise that I was under immense psychological pressure at the time and I was not thinking clearly. I should have asked for a lawyer straight away . They told me that RPL would be in touch to collect a fine and they gave me the flier that is mentioned in most of the threads. Under my distress I said that I don't mind paying the "Fine" there and then. They told me that this could not be done. No police came after all. I was made to sign the ban agreement and gave them my name and my address. I was told that if I pay nothing more will happen . They burned a disk as well and they brought it in front of me so I actually felt completely vulnerable .I didn't even ask to see the footagje . After settling down, having left the premises I read the last paragraph of the RPL flier. It mentions that they may decide to prosecute me, or may contact the police, or may share my information with potential employers . Surely this must be illegal. I haven't been in trial and have not been convicted of this or anything for that matter . I do not have a criminal record and I have never had anything to do with the police. Not even a parking ticket. I am not in desperate need for money and they actually mentioned that in there. I would not have any problem on spending a fraction more for the item they are claiming that I stole. I was never given the chance to explain, instead I was treated like a criminal and now I feel like I was manipulated into admitting guilt without ever having the chance to properly explain. Every time I was trying to explain or say something different, one of them was walking towards the door in order to go call the police. This put me under even more pressure and completely cluttered my judgement and my thinking. It was like an immense psychological blackmail. I just found my self saying whatever they wanted me to say . I mean, if they were so sure I was a shoplifter who went in the shop with the INTENTION of stealing, why didn't they just call the police straight away? and instead tried to make me admit on stealing an item? As mentioned above I had already paid for other items in the store that were worth considerably more that the unmarked and unpackaged item . In an attempt to gather my thoughts and settle down I asked for a glass of water but was denied it. I should guess that this might be a basic human right even though I am not a litigator. Again, since I felt completely intimidated and humiliated I just said that I felt awful for what had happened and that I would like to make it right anyway that I can. After that I was let go. Before leaving I was assured that this is nothing more than a fine and that as long as I pay it everything would be fine. They told me to think of it as a parking ticket. I am expecting the letter now. I do feel awful for what happened. I am completely shuttered and in the verge of a breakdown . I know that they were doing there job but I was never given the chance to even explain. Still, I dint think that this is an excuse and taking the item out of the shop could have caused them damage . Thats why I was more than happy to pay for the item as I mentioned to them. RUnder no circumstances, my INTENTION was to steal anything. I feel absolutely & completely embarrassed. I know what I did was wrong even if it was a mistake and that I understand should pay more attention to my actions from now on. I do feel very guilty and I would definitely like to take responsibility for my action which would seem completely shameful and my explanation may just come out as an excuse. I understand that paying no attention this time lead to this. Imagine if I was driving though? I could have injured somebody... I am expecting the letter. I am actually thinking I should pay as this would be a good punishment for myself and a good lesson. I am not trying to figure a way out of this. My question is if I pay, will tkmaxx ever decide to take any action against me? As soon as someone pays what happens to all the data they claim they keep on you? I would hate it if something popped up ever in any check for something like this. If I pay could they still decide to prosecute me? I would like to make sure that they do not keep any of these especially since it is just allegations and not a proven fact. I did not have any intention of stealing.... I do understand that this might be sound like an excuse but I am more than ready to take responsibility for it . I will definitely make sure that I will never put myself in this situation again. I would appreciate a chance to explain though and not be treated like an I haven't slept or eaten anything since this happened. I fell like I want to just sit in my room and never come out of it again. I feel so ashamed and so mistreated at the same time. Now my concern are the letters. I leave in a flat but the whole building shares a mailbox. If the envelope mentions their firm, that would be extremely embarrassing.I do not even see how they are allowed to do this, especially when it concerns alleged and unproven allegations. I have learned from what happened but I actually feel like a criminal now and this feeling is much worse than any fine. I would hate to see my life ruined because of this. Thanks for any help
  10. I was in TK Maxx on friday and i saw a 3 pack of Nike socks (£5) that i needed for basketball. i removed the paper packaging (around the socks) and stuffed the socks into my trousers. I made it out the store but i was then stopped by 3 guards who brought me back into the store and into a room. they took a picture of me, noted my address, name and school. Then they made me sign a sheet saying i was banned for 12 months and said that I was going to be fined. no police were called. I've read other threads saying i should absolutely not pay the fine so I probably wont. The issue is that I don't want my mum to find out. so, Will the letters be addressed to me or my mum? Will my school find out? How much letters will they send after the first? Also, I was told that someone would come to my house if I didn't pay, thats not true right? Thanks
  11. Hi, 4 days ago I were detained for "an offence of theft". I left the store (a TKMAXX NOT in London) with a small object in my pocket. I'm a ********, I know, but I did it, I can't deny. 2 mans was outside and brought me inside a small room. They asked my ID (I'm not english, I'm from another country in EU), compiled any papers, and asked my address. I said them a wrong address (same street but another number). They didn't call the police. I have no excuses for what I did but I'm worried and I don't want to destroy my life in UK. So, I have any questions: 1) is better to go back and said them my right address? (police could find me reading my back account) 2) will they give my details to police? 3) could I have any problems to return in UK in the future? 4) could I have any problems with a job? 5) the value was £10, how much could be? if it isn't too much I could pay and close the case (so I punish myself for what I did) Thanks and sorry for my english
  12. Refund fraud mistaken return tk maxx, bought lots of items in august, returned new jacket/jeans from my wardrobe which tk maxx claim is not theirs. Seen cctv and i have returned an item with a tag from another. I have been under a period of stress with baby/uncertain job/family member advanced cancer. It was an innocent mistake as i thought the tags belonged to those items. in actual fact, there is no distinction on the label between a jacket and another jacket. and this is the case i put forward at 'police chat' with solicitor, it was strange debating wether TK M sold 'Superdry' stuff. I left without caution. What happens after police interview? Office mentioned he will call tk maxx and have a chat. Any ideas??
  13. Hi, I was in TK Maxx a few months ago and a button came off a shirt that I was looking at. I kept the button with me forgetting that I had it. On my way out the security guy stopped me and took me into another room. He said I'd done it on purpose and that I'd be banned from the store (on paper, but he said that I wasn't 'really' banned). I offered to pay for the shirt which was 15 but he said no. The guy never took my ID just asked for my name and address and banned me from the store (even though I had just spent over 100 on products), no police were involved. Now, I keep getting letters from RLP saying that I owe them 69.99 for damages and that it was criminal damage. On the letters they have spelled my first name wrong. Question - what do I do about these letters? I feel like it is completely out of order as I didn't actually do anything wrong apart from pick up a fault shirt.
  14. Hi guys, I think i made return incorrectly by returning wrong bag I realised this just know reading forums that i might get charged I did it not on purpose my partner told me to return and it seemed i returned wrong one and price tag was off so i didnt realised it was wrong. what should i do know? and there might be more occasions i just realise in the past as i didnt bother to much but know i know this is offence what should i do??? Please help as i am stressed should i go back and tell tk maxx of this or what should i do? Thank you
  15. Hi there, a couple days ago I was caught shoplifting from TK Maxx, stupid I know, not sure why I did it, but for some reason I did (I'm 17). After I was caught I was taken to a room in the back where I was asked a few questions, name, d.o.b, etc. Once they had taken down my details I signed a 12 month banning notice and was told that I would be 'fined', I was not expecting it to be very pricey as the item only cost £9.99, but after reading some of the stories on here I starting to think otherwise. What I am partially worried about is that there was a police officer already in the room when I entered, later on I was told that the officer wanted to arrest me but what I'm to assume are TK Maxx security, convinced him not to, I noticed that he still decided to take my details down ? along with the other bloke. When I left I was given a notice of intended civil recovery, at the bottom of this sheet it says that my 'persona data may be stored and use by prospective employers within client companies to make employment decisions and for the purposes of crime prevention' this is quite worrying as I am currently looking for a job and thought that it may appear on an extensive CRB check. I have read a couple threads on RLP but I'm still not sure on what action to take, I really just want to forget about this whole thing and am considering paying, but I'm concerned that this may lead to them asking for more money and I guessing as soon as I pay this means they can hold me liable. But if I don't pay they say that they can take it too court. My knowledge on this area is extremely limited, so I must sound quite idiotic, could anybody help me please ? Many thanks.
  16. Hi All. I also am in a similar situation where TK Maxx have accused me of ticket-switching on 3 occasions in order to profit. The police were called and I was arrested and charged with obtaining goods by deception but after being interviewed at the station no further action was taken. There was no theft however and the security staff said that all items involved were from TK Maxx. it was a genuine mistake after wearing items at home I then returned them - all their tags are very non-specific so its hard to tell which tags are for which garments. I now have RLP chasing me. After their first letter I (perhaps stupidly) replied and told them it was an error and I had not profited - basically what I had told the police. Now they have sent another letter quoting Aerospace Publishing v Thames Water Utilities (2007) as a precedent and citing security staff costs and 'disruption to their business' as a basis for their demand. They state that witness statement evidence demonstrating how my actions have have resulted in significant disruption to their client's business will be prepared once court proceedings are initiated. What should I do? Thanks in advance
  17. hello, im so glad i have discovered this forum as im at a complete loss to what my rights are. i used to work for tk. unfortunately i got myself into abit of desperation and ended up stealing from there over a period of time, im ashamed of what i did, it was XXX pounds in cash. they found out, did an investigation and called the police, which terrified me as i suffer from a severe anxiety disorder. i had to go to court and i was convicted and i am now paying back the money on a monthly basis coming out of my job seekers allowance. have been doing this since court in NOVEMBER. i have now only JUST recieved a letter from RLP, demanding the money i am already paying back and another £XXX on top of that!! i dont understand, they called the police, i went to court, they cant have it both ways ??!! obviously there is no way i will have to pay the XXX.XX to rlp, as i am already paying that back through the courts, THE LEGAL WAY. how in gods name am i supposed to afford more money though, i have no job. i really am fed up of this, i just want to get on with my life, yet months down the line, im recieving ridiculous letters from RLP. i swear convicted murderers dont get this much hassle!
  18. Hello all, I'd like advice on my situation if you'd be so kind as to indulge me. Forgive me, I've written an awful lot! Last Wednesday (20th Feb), after work I went casually browsing for bargains in TK Maxx, which I do about once a month. At the time I was also distracted with organising an event via my phone. I found some pants I liked the look of so picked them up and off the hangers before making my way over to the shoes. Upon looking through and seeing something I liked, I absent mindedly put the pants in my bag to have my hands free to investigate (which is something I've started doing since the introduction of bag charges in Wales. I then exit via the till, and so negating the need for a bag). On this occasion though, I completely forgot to pay for the items and walked out, whilst still fiddling about on my phone. A security guard followed me out, got my attention and promptly 'arrested' me for shop lifting. My response was utter shock and my first re-action was to get my wallet and the pants out and wander over to the till to pay. The guard said 'It's too late for that love' and escorted me to the rear of the shop whilst in constant communication with other guards (saying he didn't require further assistance) via his wallkie talkie, which was very loud and totally embarrassing in front of the other shoppers. He then sat me down in a back room, accompanied by I'm assuming one of the girls from the till, and asked if I stole those items. I explained that it was an accident and I'd forgotten to pay (which sounded totally stupid as soon as the words came out of my mouth), to which he said 'you need to admit that you've stolen those items or I have to phone the police'. At this point I completely panicked as I've never been in this situation before and my mind flashed to being made redundant for the third time in two years (last one in, first one out policy both times before - the burden of the freshly employed graduates of today), to which I replied 'I guess I have no choice but to admit to this then'. He then asked to see photo ID, which I showed him (driving licence) and asked for my address, telephone number, national security number. I wrote down my address as best I could (I was shaking like a leaf). He then said he didn't believe my story, which I found so belittling; as I'd been watched via CCTV removing pants from hangers and stuffing them into my bag, acting shifty and walking out. He passed me a banning form which I was to sign, and told me to expect an unknown figure regarding civil recovery...'probably twice the value of the pants' (£40) and said 'you'd better not try and come back in as I work in all the shops within the south Wales region and you will be caught and arrested' I had the presence of mind to ask what I was to do regarding items I already owned, which needed refunding; to which he looked at his colleague and didn't know what to say. He eventually passed me the stores number in order for me to arrange a time to come by when I'd be allowed to enter the shop under supervision. I did not have the presence of mind to ask to see aforementioned CCTV footage. Before signing this form, I tried to explain again that this was an accident due to me being distracted with the phone and whilst shopping I'd quite often put items in my bag before taking them out at the till and paying. He agreed that he did see me utilising the phone like I'd said, but at this point; the till girl piped up with 'so you pinch things quite often then?'. Responding to her contempt, I just replied with 'well, when you put it like that, I guess I do'. I'd already realised it was pointless telling the truth to these people, they had already made up their minds. I was still in blind panic and just wanted to get out. Upon further pondering once I had calmed down and had discussed it with close friends, I thought it would be wise to ask to speak to the store manager to explain the situation; as by now I felt terrible for what happened (ultimately, I was totally in the wrong for being stupid and walking out of the shop, therefore stealing), embarrassed that I was banned from all TK Maxx and scared of the prospect of an unknown figured fine. I also thought that if I could speak to them, they would see it was a genuine mistake and accident. I rang on the Friday (22nd) to arrange a time to come in, for my refund and to speak to them. She (Miss X) couldn't tell me when she was working until the Monday. When I rang her again on the Monday (25th), it was agreed that I'd be able to come in and speak with her. I took a friend in with me as so far I've found this to be a horrific ordeal. I explained the situation to Miss X, apologised for my stupid mistake and asked if I could have my ban removed and fine revoked. She appeared to believe me, but said it was outside of her jurisdictional. She spoke to her area manager - who happened to be upstairs, who gave me the number of Miss Y and I was to ring her to see if there was anything she could do. Wednesday (27th) I rang Miss Y, found she didn't answer in the office, rang the number back and was then put through to her mobile. Upon speaking with her, I found she wasn't in work, and so i've arranged to ring her again tomorrow (Friday 01st) after 10am to discuss things further. Upon arriving home this evening (28th), my doorstep has been darkened by a lovely letter (dated the 25th) from RLP, saying I've won a prize, but to claim it I need to pay £147.50...So, after reading a good few other threads on here with similar tales of woe, that seems to be a familiar figure. My current plan is to see what Miss Y says to me tomorrow, if there's a magic wand she can wave; or any way I can take this further and get some sort of written letter from TK Maxx absolving my sins, that I can bat back to RLP and close the case. My question to you... is this a futile gesture? Am I just wasting my time? In reality, I am in a position to pay this sh1tty ' fine' and have it out of my hair; it would just mean that I struggle for a few months for my idiocy. A price I'm willing to pay for my sanity and lack of stress. Anyhoo, your wise words of wisdom are eagerly awaited.
  19. When i was 14 years old, i got caught shop lifting from tk maxx. They took me into a back room and took down my name, address and other details. The police well called and dropped me outside of my home with a document explaining what had happened. Then i got a letter in the post for a £40 fine, i paid it and nothing else has happened. A couple of years later ( now ) i was thinking will this be on my record and stop me from getting a job ?
  20. A week ago my 16 year old son and 17 year old nephew made a very silly mistake, egging each other on they went into TK Maxx and tried to steal a £26 watch, they were caught and police were called. As my son had the item on him when he tried to leave the shop got an £80 police fine and obviously the shop had the watch back. We thought that was the end. Then this morning they each received a letter from RLP asking for £188.75. It says they don't care which one of them pays the fine but it must be paid within 21 day. I tried to call but they would only speak with my son so we did not call back. Both my son and nephew attend college and have no income. I have read a few other items on the net about this. Am I right in thinking we should just ignore the letters?
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