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Found 3 results

  1. Maxxer if you are found to have mismatching labels once will the security go back through your previous returns? I have done it once in error and it has been picked up but could have done it before as I buy a lot, remove labels and the sometimes reattach and return. Really worried reading this there will be a knock on my door.
  2. Hi, New to the forum so excuse my first fluffy post! I am currently on a standard tariff from EDF with an economy 7 meter which was installed at the property when we moved in. I think that I have been billed with the day night readings switched for at least the last 2 years. This has only been apparent in the last 12 months when I realised that our night readings of energy usage have sky rocketed whilst hardly ever using energy at night. This coincides with our installation of solar panels I have been using appliances during the day when the sun is shining which would explain the high usage. In the last year, our readings have been roughly 2800 of day use and 7350 during the night. Obviously if this has been billed the wrong way around we are in for a hefty one to correct it. The last meter reading was done by myself and the previous one by the meter man in Oct last year. I wasn't sure of which reading was which so I imputed figures that corresponded to the previous bill. I am looking to change supplier and possibly to also go back to a normal meter. Just would love some advice of how I sort this out with the new supplier and whether I need to inform them or EDF about the fault. Also advice as to which electricity tariff/meter would be best for getting the best value from solar panel usage. Thanks!
  3. really need some help. I have just moved in to a property with British Gas. There was some delay in getting electric connected so I complained. I am being told the Property has two mpans and British Gas don t support that. The property has a heat wise economy 10 meter. ( Even though british gas have supplied electric since 2009 they say they cant calculate ) I am also advised that they want to send back the supply to the previous supplier as an erogenous transfer to NPOWER ( i think ) from 2009 who do support Economy 10 with dual MPANS. The Meter has 5 Rates. THERE IS ANOTHER BIG PROBLEM The two MPANS have got crossed over. MPAN 1 Has R1,2,3 and MPAN 2 has R1,2. Rates 4 and 5 have not been taken in to account but i suspect should have been on one of the MPAN's. Theyt are going to try and bill for the same usage OMG ! British gas advise they cant bill this situation. Its been a month and i was told to get an electrician to check the MPANS. Is it really my responsibility. In addition if the MPANS have crossed over where do i stand. Id like a new meter as it scares me whats next. I used to live in the property a few years before ( long story ) and i was only on one MPAN ( Two Rates ) and the last resident a different MPAN. ( Three Rates ) and i can prove that R1 and R2 are the same on both MPANS ( Rate 3 does not move and R4 and R5 are well away from the sequence. In addition British gas supplied and billed me at this time so how can they now say they cant bill me as they have done for me previously and the last resident. I have been told old bills will be reworked and invoiced and cant stay with British gas. I thought dual MPAN with 1 meter was a logical thing no need for an electrician to check it. Ie there is not two physical supplies just a meter that has multi rates. Where do i stand and what can i do.....I would like British Gas to put in a new economy 7 meter i think. Ive spent hours on the phone and feel like i am getting no where. Also looks like they want to bill for the same electric. PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP ME TACKLE THE CORPORATE COMPANY
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