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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, I need an advice if it is possible to get a refund and a reimburesement of costs of postage for returning a faulty item to the seller. One week before the end of the warranty (12 months warranty) while having a walk with my baby the buggy broke in serious and dangerous way: the aluminium frame got ripped around the front wheel and the wheel fell off. We had a narrow escape from an accident, as the buggy dangerously tipped. A couple of months earlier I had an email exchange with the retailer when I felt that the pram is visibly leaning to one side and one of the wheels
  2. I was caught stealing at tk maxx today. It was a very foolish thing of me I admit. Something that costed £7.99 and I didn't want to pay for it as I had already purchase worth £70.01 at tk maxx and didn't have enough money for what I wanted. I took of the security plastic tag off the box and put the item in my bag while I got busy with my daughter as she was crying and kicking a fuss. I continued to checkout with all my other items amounting to £70! Then left the premises. A security came running down the stairs and spoke to me saying I believe you have some
  3. Hi. I would like some advice please, what can I do? About a year ago I purchased the Curve Nursery Furniture set from Argos for a lot of money. It was fine and never had any problems until recently when we turned it into a toddler bed. The bed is full of holes where the screws were for the original cot design, if you look at Argos' image (attached) the item is portrayed with no holes at all - obviously a photo shopped image). Also the under bed storage drawer no longer fits under the bed, meaning I have lost a large storage area and have a huge drawer I now have
  4. She appealed to Smart with the same mitigating circumstance and they told her to pay. A complaint to the principle who hired the [problem] gets the charge cancelled.... http://www.itv.com/news/meridian/2015-09-23/mother-fined-70-because-she-stayed-in-asda-car-park-after-doing-her-shopping-to-breastfeed-baby-daughter/?ref=yfp
  5. I have just received a notice of default from vanquis , the balance outstanding was 1900 , i used to pay via direct debit, but lost my job , and have not been able to afford payment in the last 2 months, the default now says my balance is 2464.59. about 500.00 extra charges!! and now gone even overlimit, I have also moved addresses, don't know how they discovered my new address, i don't remember signing any agreement, and i have paid them a lot over the years in interest via repayment. Vanquis is not on my experian credit file at all, i've checked..... can they give me a bad credit ? CC
  6. Hi all Need some info on emergency etc just got home and the house is freezing, we have two children one who is almost 2, and a new born who is less than 5 weeks old. we havent got a emergency contact number for our letting agent, so looks like we will have to go without heating tonight and hot water which to be honest the house is a old terraced house with a cellar and gets bad at night people have said call our gas supplier however they aint going to be able to help as far as i know they dont cover our boiler. so any ideas? if we have to wait till tomorrow should they get
  7. A stunned mum was ordered to put her six-month-old BABY on the phone to speak to a telephone banking operator. Jenny Nicholls, 31, had called the Halifax to talk to customer services about an error on her baby son's savings account. But the operator insisted he could only deal with the account holder – in this case, six-month-old Harry. "We waited in the queue and entered all the account security information then the man came on the line and said 'Is that Mr Harry Nicholls?'," Jenny told the Mirror. "I said no. He asked if he could talk to Harry but I said he's a baby, he can'
  8. Good evening everyone, Not a major issue but wondered what the position is.... Niece is 4 weeks old and had a professional baby photo shoot of 8 photos which were paid for by the parents. The photographer posted ALL of the pictures on her public page and tagged the parents in them, so they contacted her and said and her response which was quote grumpy " . Is that correct?! My understanding was that for someone under 18 they would have to have authority from the parents to widely publicise photos? Can anyone clarify? NB the parents are only annoyed really becaus
  9. Good news just before Christmas and a nice way for the Queen to end Jubilee year, but I am not sure i can stand months of media coverage of the pregnancy from what she should be eating to what it will be called.
  10. Hi, I went into Tesco yesterday and purchased a 6 pack of Ella's kitchen Fromage frais for my little girl who is 7 months. This morning i went to open them and thank god i looked at the packaging again as it said the use by date was the 16/9/2012. I purchased them yesterday at 12.14 so they were 2 days past this then. I feel sick given its dairy and how little my young one is, if i hadnt of noticed i could have made her very ill. The store is 11 miles away and i dont have the car so have made contact by email and sent them pictures of the item as well as my reciept. But can
  11. Dear All, We would like some advice on a situtation we have just been through. We would like to know if you think there is a negligence claim, and if so what steps and advice. Our Baby Boy XXXXX was born on the 28th Feb 2011 by emergency C-section, as a blood sample from his head showed slight signs of distress. The doctor decided to operate immediately and within 20 minutes XXXXX was born. XXXXX was a healthy weight of 7lb 7oz and the doctors in theatre said everything is ok. As a precaution both XXXXX and my Wife were taken to a recovery room to be monitored. In recovery XXXXX man
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