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Found 19 results

  1. Hi Quick question. I was looking to buy some parts via a retailers online store. When I went to pay it showed the 2nd class postage charge, at the point of putting in my postcode (Scotland) it went from £1.95 to £3.95. Being as bit surprised it changed I put in a Nottingham postcode and it dropped back to £1.95, so was sure it was a location charge. I emailed the store and they have said Royal mail charge by both size/weight and location. I accept that is true for parcels, but I thought 1st & 2nd class post was by weight/size only? Thanks
  2. Had a note from Royal Mail regarding and item of mail that had unpaid postage by sender .and RM wanted £2 for unpaid postage to deliver. My suspicions were raised as the note used almost my full name, so I sat on it until the 18 day deadline for the item to RTS Had to visit the delivery office this morning to collect a couple of other items , and the postie allowed me sight of the letter awaiting me to shell out £2 for delivery. Surprise Surprise the letter bares all the hallmarks of being from a PPC , window envelope , no return address on the back ,my full name as if li
  3. Hi, I need an advice if it is possible to get a refund and a reimburesement of costs of postage for returning a faulty item to the seller. One week before the end of the warranty (12 months warranty) while having a walk with my baby the buggy broke in serious and dangerous way: the aluminium frame got ripped around the front wheel and the wheel fell off. We had a narrow escape from an accident, as the buggy dangerously tipped. A couple of months earlier I had an email exchange with the retailer when I felt that the pram is visibly leaning to one side and one of the wheels
  4. I bought a £500 graphics card from CCL 15 months ago, it broke, CCL said it has 3 year warranty, but after 12 months you return it to Gigabyte directly. I created an RMA with Gigabyte, they gave 3 options, Pay £15 for a company to deal with the return (at the time I thought this was just to collect the card from me and return it to Gigabyte, as I assumed Gigabyte would pay for the return), Send the card yourself or deliver it in person. I chose option to send it myself as I thought £15 was a lot for a 1 way delivery. I posted the card at the post office, £15.26, grrrr, hindsight!
  5. Hi can anyone tell me who is responsible for the cost of returning a faulty item ?? I bought a watch from an ebay seller that arrived not working. The seller tried to resolve the problem by sending me a new battery but the new battery made no difference the watch is obviously faulty. I have raised a dispute with paypal who have messaged me today saying i am entitled to a refund once the watch is returned using a postal service that is online trackable. Paypal also say i am responsible for the postage costs. I thought the sale of goods act says the seller is responsible ?? Any advice much appre
  6. I recently had a package mailed to me by a third party from overseas. They used my FeEx account number and billed all charges to me. They did not check with me I was happy with the price before sending it, and since the charges were extremely high, I would not have accepted them and asked the package not be mailed to me. According to FedEx's T&Cs just giving my account number is sufficient for me to be charged - the money was directly taken from my credit card - however I feel that since I did not agree to the transaction I should not be liable to pay. I'd like advice on whether if th
  7. Hey guys, I bought an item from Very.co.uk a few months back on 0% interest for 12 months. Everything was fine until i checked my credit score the other day and realised i had a late marker against my name. it turns out i owed them £3.95 for the postage on the item i had ordered. I would have just paid it at checkout as £3.95 isnt a big deal and i generally just use Very for larger purchase and to spread the cost (I always have enough money in my bank to cover the full amount if needs be) it was really unclear on my online statement that the £3.95 was due and im about to
  8. Evening all, first time poster I have an issue in regards to paying postage on an item which is faulty under warrenty, I don't know what my rights are and I'm not sure where i should be looking? Should I have to pay the postage or is it the responsibility of the manufacturer? They have told me it's not their policy to pay for any goods returned regardless of them being faulty or not?
  9. We purchased a TV wall bracket off Amazon and on opening the box found the item to be damaged. Through Amazon we raised an issue and got notification that a refund would be due when the item was returned. We posted back the item at a cost of £6.70 to us. My card has been refunded, but despite providing proof of postage, the company is refusing to refund the postage costs as per their T & Cs. I was not aware that their T & Cs could over ride the Distance selling Regulations as the goods were damaged. I am not that familiar with requesting refund
  10. Hello, I purchased a mobile phone on Tuesday 29th October 2013. Just today the item developed a fault (camera no longer working). I contacted the power/business seller and requested to return the mobile phone so it can fixed/replacement issued. They said since it's past 7 days (currently the 19th day) I would need to pay for the return postage to them as per the sellers terms and conditions. Is this the case? Is there anything per the Distant Seller Regulations that states the seller has to pay to return the product that has a fault? Thanks!
  11. Hi, I sell some items on ebay. I sent an item to a customer and they raised a claim against me. I did send it but couldnt find the proof of posting, however I always send 1st class signed for. i couldnt prove it so ebay refunded the customer for the item including the postage. i have now had the item returned by the post office and it seems that they tried to deliver but the customer wasnt in. They must have left the customer a note but they didnt collect so the item was returned to me. I have contacted ebay and they say that they cant reverse the refund for the postage. Ebay rev
  12. Hi all, my first post here! I recently bought a Desktop PC from a business seller on eBay through a Buy it now listing. The item was described as having 2GB RAM (Memory). However when it arrived and I checked, it did not. I contacted the seller who then offered to send some replacement RAM which I accepted, however, it was wrong type of RAM that wasn't compatible with the PC. After some more communication with the seller, he asked me to return the PC to him, which I have, via courier (with tracking) which cost me £9.50. I have asked the seller whether he will cover the cost
  13. I felt the need to share this information with all buyers from eBay. I recently bought an item that cost £160 from a seller with a good feedback score. I read that the item would be sent by tracked parcel with Royal Mail so I went ahead with the purchase. After a week and the item still not arriving I checked the provided tracking number to find to my surprise that it was reported to have been delivered. I contacted the seller who was very unhelpful and stated that as far as eBay and they were concerned it had been delivered and that was that! He or she did say I should make a c
  14. Hello everyone - I hope somebody out there can help me! I recently ordered a second hand Laptop screen from eBay (Business Seller) at a cost of £40. It was received faulty so they asked be to return it – It cost me £10 in postage. The shop said they would send me a compatible replacement. Unfortunately, the one received could not be fitted properly and it did not fit the description of the original item I ordered. This screen was returned at a further cost of £10 At this point the staff were very helpful and, although I had to wait a couple of weeks, they finally refunded m
  15. Hi, I started my fight with credit cards early in 2008 by unfortunately using an agent who acted on behalf (stupid I know), he has now gone walkabouts so I am carrying on myself. I had an M&S money credit card which was opened in 2006 and during the time the agent was looking after te letters etc a credit agreement never appeared. I started receiving letters from DLC with regards the debt and I sent the a CCA request in which they have now returned a signed copy of the agreement and a statement of transations. Can anybody please advise what I need to do next
  16. Hi, Bought a router through Amazon. Router kept dropping connections after about a couple of hours. Returned the router and obtained a refund for the router cost, however, Amazon refuse to refund the postage costs I incurred. I was under the impression that I should not be out of pocket when returning faulty goods? Any advice/comments would be appreciated
  17. I phoned up my H/A at the start of march to let them know i would like to give notice to leave the property.They informed me that i have to put it in writting.I sent them notice recorded/signed for at the end of march and moved out about 2 weeks later. I heard nothing from them until the 29th of july when i recieved a call asking why i hadnt responded to any letters.I told them that i had left the property and i sent the notice at the end of march unfortunatly i threw away my proof of postage 2 weeks ago and without it they say i am liable for £1404 of unpaid rent. Is there any other
  18. Hi, I am new to the forum and wondered if anyone could kindly give me some advice. I ordered a red pair of shoes through a retailer on Amazon and when they arrived the quality was poor. The vertical join on the inside of the heel was poorly finished off and the white of the inside of the material was showing. I contacted the retailer and they suggested that I returned them for a refund. I did this and when they refunded me they did minus the postage (2.99 to send them and then I paid over £5 to return them first class) leaving me £8 out of pocket. I recontacted the seller aski
  19. I recently contacted a reputable company the day after I received a Juicer to inform them that it was not functioning as described by the video demonstration given on the site. It was squeaking dreadfully!, a really grating and annoying sound. There is no way it made that sound on the Demo. Although I am aware that juicers can be noisy, I was unhappy by the dreadful noise it was making, very unusual in my opinion. I was informed that once it was returned, if the appliance was found by them not to be faulty then I would not get my courier charges back. They were wi
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