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  1. Good afternoon, I haven’t yet received my banding as we have moved into a new build in June. The street is HA Built and res ted, consisting of a mixture of 2 bed 2 storey, 3 Bed 2 Storey and there’s four 3 bed 3 storey - which is one of the ones we are in. ive noticed on the website that all the street are B except one of the 3 storey which has been designated a C banding. The other three 3 storey are not yet banded. I will assume that they will be automatically assigned as a C also. my query is how are the bandings derived as such. As our houses are the same
  2. Was 269 as part of the sale. Im just waiting for them to send the email with the software
  3. Hi All, Our TV has been power cycling form this morning. When it turns back on it is fine unless we press somehting on the remote or cause an interaction to take place - i.e another remote changing volume. TV was purchased from Tesco Black Friday 2018 so its 15 months old now, its been well looked after so its annoying that its failing. I have left it unplugged all day and came home to find the same issue. Spoke to Tesco who quickly diverted me away to Toshiba/Vestel. To be honest the company dealing with it for me on behalf of Tosh/Vest have
  4. Hi all, been a a while since I been here, I am curious as to what is thought as a new customer offer. Technically - could you actually keep switching the account between a couple in the household who are not married, As wouldn’t the spouse in effect be a new customer? tried looking for info but can’t find anything - our broadband deal is up soon and wouldn’t mind some of the new customer offers floating around. thanks
  5. Right, struggled where to post this, i had tried looking about but couldn't really find anything that said it worked. So basically 2 questions really So i'm curious - New customer offers, can your partner sign up and be treated as a new customer? If you already have an account with them youself. Also if it is possible, would you then be able to link a cashback site to that a new customer offer. Wasn't sure if they count the household as a customer. Its just our internet deal is due to run out end of this month. Thanks
  6. Resolution - Wrote an email to the CEO's team, at first it looked like it was going the same way. However logged in yesterday morning and saw gift card balance now 0, then recieved a call on the afternoon to advise they are refunding my bank card! I now just need passmyparcel to hurry the other console back so i get my refund on that too!
  7. See thinking about it, I got in touch the next day when I posted it to confirm it’s been posed. So I’m wondering if the first agent Sakruth, had infact set it up to go on my bank card and then the next person who confirmed it had been posted to go back then did it to the Gift Card. I agree I have seen some great agents but also had some not as good
  8. Well SGT Bush i think the dialogue i had with them confirms what i said. Especially as earlier on in the conversation they recommended i purchase it off a third party seller due to them having no stock (which i can past). Im sorry that i don't like to beat around the bush and like to resolve things fast. 09:59 PM GMT Flexeh: would my refund have to go back as gift cards or can you refund me the cash? see i want to sort it as soon as possible 09:59 PM GMT Sakruth: I could do any of them for you. 09:59 PM GMT Flexeh: so if i purchase a new console 09:59 PM GMT Sakruth: Would y
  9. No idea either. I think they want to keep it as a separate entity despite it being the same place. Prime now is same day drivers in a 2 hour slot I only made the purchases to speed up. The other refund will go back on my card it’s just that very first purchase I made on my gift card. But had there been the option to exchange I would not have had to do this Surely the person saying they would refund to my card despite me telling them I initially paid on GC surely has to go a long way
  10. All of them online - ironically new one works fine. If I return this then obviously I’ll get my cash back but then I’ve still got the gift card balance stuck there without the option to buy a console from Amazon until they finally start stocking again which may not happen.
  11. Will try to keep it short, as ive spent countless hours on phone and chat. Purchased a Xbox 1 X console in November. I had about 85£ in my gift card, so thought ill just top up my gift card to the total cost of the console and make the purchase. Wednesday 7th Console went faulty. Spoke to Microsoft who troubleshooted and confirmed fault. Their returns was too long so advised i deal with amazon. Spoke to amazon who were happy to sort it. However they did not have any consoles instock themselves, so they advised they would refund me the money and i could buy from a third party sel
  12. See i cant really go into too much details or what we do as it will flag up immediately and i'm just sourcing information at the moment. But we deal with thousands of people on a daily basis, and Yes we have a name badge on our persons and sometimes an id card with our image. But some of the people we have to deal with daily are individuals which cause anti social behavior and also criminal acts. We are not police or security but we are a large part of the local community. There's been instances where certain ... let em call them "Scrotes" have been on site trying to obtain the name
  13. Im going to look in the contract and policies and procedures now. It was just the general attitude when i said i dont want me image being taken and displayed. - "I'll take it from the ID card, and the public can see your name and staff Id card daily anyway". - yes thats true but they are less than the size of a credit card not a A3/A4 laminated mugshot! The union rep i would rather go to is on holiday at the mo
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