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  1. Hi all, been a a while since I been here, I am curious as to what is thought as a new customer offer. Technically - could you actually keep switching the account between a couple in the household who are not married, As wouldn’t the spouse in effect be a new customer? tried looking for info but can’t find anything - our broadband deal is up soon and wouldn’t mind some of the new customer offers floating around. thanks
  2. Right, struggled where to post this, i had tried looking about but couldn't really find anything that said it worked. So basically 2 questions really So i'm curious - New customer offers, can your partner sign up and be treated as a new customer? If you already have an account with them youself. Also if it is possible, would you then be able to link a cashback site to that a new customer offer. Wasn't sure if they count the household as a customer. Its just our internet deal is due to run out end of this month. Thanks
  3. Resolution - Wrote an email to the CEO's team, at first it looked like it was going the same way. However logged in yesterday morning and saw gift card balance now 0, then recieved a call on the afternoon to advise they are refunding my bank card! I now just need passmyparcel to hurry the other console back so i get my refund on that too!
  4. See thinking about it, I got in touch the next day when I posted it to confirm it’s been posed. So I’m wondering if the first agent Sakruth, had infact set it up to go on my bank card and then the next person who confirmed it had been posted to go back then did it to the Gift Card. I agree I have seen some great agents but also had some not as good
  5. Well SGT Bush i think the dialogue i had with them confirms what i said. Especially as earlier on in the conversation they recommended i purchase it off a third party seller due to them having no stock (which i can past). Im sorry that i don't like to beat around the bush and like to resolve things fast. 09:59 PM GMT Flexeh: would my refund have to go back as gift cards or can you refund me the cash? see i want to sort it as soon as possible 09:59 PM GMT Sakruth: I could do any of them for you. 09:59 PM GMT Flexeh: so if i purchase a new console 09:59 PM GMT Sakruth: Would you like the refund to payment card or gift card balance? 09:59 PM GMT Flexeh: it would be payment card - you see i paid in gift cards thats why im curious 10:00 PM GMT Sakruth: No worries. i could refund to your payment card, so that you could convert it into cash. Would that be fine? 10:01 PM GMT Flexeh: yes do u need me to get microsoft to confirm with you its faulty im on live chat with them also 10:01 PM GMT Sakruth: Not required Steven. We trust you. I have processed the refund to your payment card and would send you an email confirming the same. 10:15 PM GMT Sakruth: I have initiated refund for you an also created return label, so that you could return the console. With regards to insurance refund, I request you to contact the seller of the insurance, as they would be the one who could take action on it. 10:15 PM GMT Flexeh: ok can you confirm how much and when and where the refund is going etc 10:17 PM GMT Sakruth: I have initiated a refund of £449.95 to your payment card. 10:17 PM GMT Flexeh: thanks. ending in 9003? 10:18 PM GMT Sakruth: Yes, that is the card to which refund is going. As i told them i have a stored payment card (my bank card, i even confirmed the last 4 digits) Had they said it is going on a GC i would not have then made the purchase.
  6. No idea either. I think they want to keep it as a separate entity despite it being the same place. Prime now is same day drivers in a 2 hour slot I only made the purchases to speed up. The other refund will go back on my card it’s just that very first purchase I made on my gift card. But had there been the option to exchange I would not have had to do this Surely the person saying they would refund to my card despite me telling them I initially paid on GC surely has to go a long way
  7. All of them online - ironically new one works fine. If I return this then obviously I’ll get my cash back but then I’ve still got the gift card balance stuck there without the option to buy a console from Amazon until they finally start stocking again which may not happen.
  8. Will try to keep it short, as ive spent countless hours on phone and chat. Purchased a Xbox 1 X console in November. I had about 85£ in my gift card, so thought ill just top up my gift card to the total cost of the console and make the purchase. Wednesday 7th Console went faulty. Spoke to Microsoft who troubleshooted and confirmed fault. Their returns was too long so advised i deal with amazon. Spoke to amazon who were happy to sort it. However they did not have any consoles instock themselves, so they advised they would refund me the money and i could buy from a third party seller from their site. I explained i had paid by gift card, and the agent told me that it was fine and they would refund me to my bank card to allow me to purchase the console, especially as i only really wanted to exchange. I thought to move things on quickly, ill purchase a new console by my bank card and then when i post the old back the refund will then top up my account. Didn't want a third party seller, so noticed Prime now had stocks of the console so made the purchase. Replacement console form Amazon came, i got home and it didn't work! spoke to MS who tried troubleshoting and again confirmed fault. MS advised to speak to Amazon. Again amazon (prime now) happy to replace, but again would not receive refund till console had been returned.As i had money in my account still, i thought right will purchase another then get the refund when it gets back to top my account back up. Received replacement console today (havent yet tested) and confirmed with amazon that old one is with courier. They advise that i will have to wait because this one is with passmyparcel. previous return was Royal mail. As im about to leave chat i notice that my gift card balance has been credited for the original. Spoke to them and was told that as i made the purchase on the gift card thats where its gone back to. I explained that i topped up the card solely for the purchase etc, and that i have the chat logs of the agent telling me that they were refunding to my bank card even confirming the digits of the card. Sorry Mr XXX unable to help. Ended up speaking to my bank asking them to withhold payment at the moment until its resolved. Bank will not help or instigate charge back as they said I've been refunded albeit to a gift card. Told them that thats incorrect and should be to my bank account as what the correspondence states. Bank will not help and Amazon will not help.
  9. See i cant really go into too much details or what we do as it will flag up immediately and i'm just sourcing information at the moment. But we deal with thousands of people on a daily basis, and Yes we have a name badge on our persons and sometimes an id card with our image. But some of the people we have to deal with daily are individuals which cause anti social behavior and also criminal acts. We are not police or security but we are a large part of the local community. There's been instances where certain ... let em call them "Scrotes" have been on site trying to obtain the name of staff members etc. I ensured that the name badges only contained the first name for that reason to protect peoples right to privacy. Certain individuals since i raised this have took the attitude that - oh we will get it from your staff id cards then, or, How is your picture displayed different to someone taking a photo of you. Well the way i see it is, if i see someone trying to take my photo i can turn away, tell them to stop and also delete that image. How can you police your photo on a wall? The photo wouldn't be there all the time, only when your on shift, but that isn't the point in my opinion. I'm surprised of the initial reactions of "we will take it off the id card then" Ive also told one manager that as there has been no consultation with staff, you cannot just use their image as i think it would be a breach of there personal data (this was before i saw the post above) Previously my image was added to my outlook, so that when i email anyone it shows what i look like. I wasnt a fan of this as well, but i can live with that more as people i email generally i have to have a form of relationship with them. However i dont with members of the public. So far i've asked 6 people within my team for their image - Ive approached it as i should in my position, Ive asked them to provide it to me and havent said its up to them, as i cant be accused of trying to influence their decision. They have actually questioned why and out the 6 only 2 have agreed they are happy with their picture displayed.
  10. Im going to look in the contract and policies and procedures now. It was just the general attitude when i said i dont want me image being taken and displayed. - "I'll take it from the ID card, and the public can see your name and staff Id card daily anyway". - yes thats true but they are less than the size of a credit card not a A3/A4 laminated mugshot! The union rep i would rather go to is on holiday at the mo
  11. one of the manager has just phoned and mentioned this and i said myself and a few others dont really want their photos displayed. The initial reaction was - Ill just take it from your ID card photo then. Surely if i refuse then this becomes a data protection issue? as i dont want an image of me broadcast. they mentioned its broadcast to people within the organisation, so i said yes but thats controlled. Whos stopping someone taking a photo of a photo displayed on the wall! Even though i represent my company in a public facing job, surely i should be able to refuse my image being displayed publicly
  12. its basically one of those, Welcome to XXXXX your manager is XXXXX with an image, and the staff member on site today is XXXXX with an image
  13. Hi All, Just got a quick question, my company is looking at introducing one of those staff boards that publicly shows your photo and your name. Im not very keen on this as i do not like my picture taken, but also i dont want my details shown on multiple sites i cover. Obviously I had had my picture taken previously for staff ID etc, but that was for internal things only and not fully public facing. Can they try to force me into this?
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