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  1. Hi sorry Just found out the landlord my mum bought the house from has gone into liquidation so she can't even speak with anyone from there. Is there anything else she can do now?
  2. As far as I'm aware the local council don't have any information on the land. I will tell her to get some legal.advice about it. Thanks for your advice it's much appreciated
  3. Hi not sure if I'm posting in the right place here so apologies if I'm not. I don't know if anyone can help but my mum has been living in her house since 1997 and there is a piece of land that she has used and looked after since moving in there. she was a tenant in the house until she bought it around 5 years ago. She has recently tried to claim the land through the land registry (possessor title I think) however she had something back from them saying her landlord from when she was renting would be allowed to claim the title for the land or she would have to start her 12 years wait again from when she purchased the property. Is there anyone that can give some.advice on this as I don't see why her previous landlord could.claim the land when they weren't the ones looking after it. Any advice is appreciated. Thankyou
  4. Oh that wasnt what i wanted to hear lol. But thankyou for.your help
  5. Hi i was wondering if someone could help me. I had the letter etc from payday uk to say i would be due some money back in the redress scheme. I did the claim through the portal But as my debt was from 2016 they sent me court papers last year which i am currently paying. As they are doing the redress scheme i was just wondering will the ccj be remives from my credit file at any point and shoukd i keep paying it?
  6. I applied for a loan through the 'loan-centre' and they have took £69.50 off my bank card.i wasnt aware they were going to do this and when i asked for this to be credited back to my card they said i had been passed to a lender even though i was refused they apparantly still did their job and it costs 69.50 for a mopnths membership so i read the terms and conditions and it says you have 14 days to cancel so why wont they give me it back.i cant afford to lose this much money
  7. thankyou to everyone for your advice.i will continue to send the payment to the bailiffs then hopefully they will send the debt back to the council.or is it the council i make the payment to
  8. I sent a letter to equita bailiffs refusing entry etc to my house and made an offer of repayment of £20 which i also enclosed the first payment.they cashed the payment and i recieved a leter from them today refusing my offer of repayment and telling me i have to ring with a reasonable offer.do i keep sending them the £20 a month or do i just put it aside for the council as stated in the leter
  9. hi i was wondring if someone could help me.i went t kfc on monday and was eating what was supposed to be a chicken fillet only when i was eating it i found a bone in it which has smahed my tooth.as i had to pay for a private dentist is there anyway i could claim anything from kfc.for this
  10. she has been emplyed for about 4 years i think.she does pay national insurance and her baby is due 10th sept
  11. hi im hoping some one can help me.my sister gave her notice to her employer for her maternity leave and it should be her last day tomorrow,but her boss asked her to do an extra 3 wks and she doesnt really want to but her boss has told her if she doesnt he will not keep her job open for her when she wishes to return to work.is there anything she cn do as she does not have a contract she was never given one to sign when she started but she is on the payroll.
  12. hi thanks ive been to the solicitors and have got an injunction out to keep him away and are beginning with divorce proceedings.the solicitor wrote to him and told him he would have to have supervised access when it has gone to court and he has now said he would rather have no contact with the children at all now.
  13. hi thanks for your replies i managed to find the car and get it ack so im going to try and sell it.he came to the house last night and had my kids in tears trying to kick the door in i rang the police and they told him to go and now my son wants to move so that his dad doesnt come banging on the door again he has got them terrified.so i am going to have to go and see a solicitor asap i think.
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