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  1. He's never lived at that address he's always lived with me but the lad who bought it only knew where his girlfriend lived so had sent it to that address
  2. I'm really sorry to be a pain but I didn't realise the paperwork was sent to his girlfriends address, not our home address do I need to inform them of the wrong address
  3. My son has just had a letter saying someone has applied for the v5 on this car. I didn't realise he had given the full v5c to the lad that bought it without filling it in. obviously the other lad has just applied for the v5. Do we wait and see what happens with the court claim or should he tell dvla straight away he doesn't own the car anymore
  4. The defence form is online. Yes he is involves in it I just came on here to get some advice for him as he is dyslexic and not great with wording or spelling things so thought it would be easier for me to help him.
  5. He was the registered keeper yes he bought it I think in December. He didn't drive it as he put a SORN on it. I didn't see the car so I'm not sure of the condition of the tyres but I assume for them to pass the mot they were at a legal standard. There is no photos showing any cracks in tyres.
  6. There's nothing that let's me see stages. The only thing it says is You have an extra 14 days to respond You must respond before 4pm on 18 March 2024. We’ll email both you and Mr Harvey Benson confirming the additional response time.
  7. This is from the claim history I asked for the extra 14 days to file the defence just to make sure I've got everything I need to reply with. I've never done this before so not sure what I'm doing or how to word it in the defence.
  8. I don't think he has checked it either. If an oil light came on I would assume he would check the level and top it up as that's what I would do
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